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  1. Our netflix always look better than prime but most things we watch on prime are older Our HBO flys. Our Paramount is slow to loud but the picture is great
  2. I had the ability to watch jt for free and passed. We both have a strong film collection. You chose poorly
  3. You were doing so well until Pennies.... One last thing in 1984 one of Hollywood's greatest film musical moments Anything Goes. It is perfection. Its seemingly straight forward until its not. The composition, the cinematography, the singing and dancing, the art decorating and the directing are all aces. Too bad the dumbass director hates the film.
  4. I had a spat with a spaz who insisted the Halloween theme was more iconic, more memorable, and more well known than Jaws. You watched it I knew better. Joe 1 alex 0
  5. Count me out. Im about as excited about Morgan in this as I was Morgan in a Jaws remake.
  6. Lala Land is one of the decades most abhorrent films. Ugh. I see SS hearing his name twice as a winner in next winters Oscar. Nobody sings Somewhere better than Barbra. Its like butta. My favorite musical has remained unchanged in nearly 40 years. Victor/Victoria.
  7. Like VVitch and Hereditary And badabook or babadook or whatever the hell that hell was.
  8. The only reason I will watch dune is because its on Hbomax and to see how magnificently awful it will be. Epic sy fy crap.
  9. Malignant was entertaining as hell. Of course its way over the top ending was a joy for me. Harks back to Stephen King's The Dark Side. I can't decide should I tell my best friend and co-worker to watch this. She shares a commonality with the protagonist.
  10. I seriously doubt few here could write 10 pages let alone and 100. But your thought while interesting are incorrect. Jurrasic Shark did you see the films released last year? You questioning anyones tastes is simply the act of a fool. 😜
  11. Answering yes is the cowards answer. Movies are an ever evolving craft. They don't necessarily speak to all of us but they speak to those its meant too. The overtly cynical JWFans here will say yes but they are incorrect. None of us here see 99% of all films, hell none of us see more than probably 10 % of the films released each year.
  12. I will give the guy a chance. Seriously can he be any worse than Hanz Zimmer or Michael Giacchino.
  13. He was just bad. I agree with rod serling, he takes you out of the story
  14. Dennis Hopper was a terrible horrible actor.
  15. The Wich films are exposition on the go. Explanation for events will be given but not necessarily soon. I look forward to #4.
  16. Chaplewaite. It is the adaptation of Jerusalem's Lot which is the precursor to 'Salem's Lot. So far it has a slow burn. I love the cast.
  17. I'd still enjoy watching a machine driven film than ever see blue velvet again.
  18. He has plenty of overrated films. He's a good actor though.
  19. Except Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness says bad stuff continues
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