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  1. They are A24 Horror films. Both intrigue me. Pearl is a character in X and the star of her own film pearl.
  2. Not when you have every JW score going back to the 60's. That just makes you an obsessive John Williams fan not necessarily a score fan
  3. Alex did you like X and have you or will you see Pearl?
  4. Ok but its still a terrible score. And the film makes Superman a murderer.
  5. No one was gay in 1937, except Toddy aka not Senór Gomez from Barcelona.
  6. I'd rather not stand in line or a queue to see the dead. I can see that in my mind's eye.
  7. My last HOLY GRAIL gets a Blu.Ray release in a little over a week. When Worlds Collide. I will double dip.
  8. Have you seen her in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button? She is terrible. She is unable to gain any chemistry.
  9. A winnie the pooh i might finally like.
  10. In the US and UK Saturday September 3rd is National Cinema Day, all tickets all formats $3.00 or £3.00 Its a bad day for me since college football starts but I may sneak out after 9 and see Jaws in Imax or something new.
  11. I haven't bought anything yet in recent memory. I will get a dvd of a universal B horror film for my birthday. And I am always on the search for 1930's b horror films the Secret of the Blue Room, which apparently my husband has already found
  12. It features hit or more likely miss Cate Blanchet. She is lovely to look at but not necessarily watch
  13. And now with digital sales nothing is a fair comparison.
  14. Gladiator sold 540000 units in the US so I don't think it is in a top 20 list
  15. I am taking a Horner journey. He is the second or third best film composer of my lifetime.
  16. I see it as Least Crusade. Its a mistake. I can watch jt. The father son dynamic is great but the production values are, for a SS, very mediocre. Yes I am picky and unforgiving. Between the modern machine work on the cup to the lazy script, the keystone cop/nazi, I felt let down. I have at least 31 reason why its the least, or is it 21. The score for LC is the weakest of the 4 scores to me.
  17. The Never Ending Story. Worst movie ever
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