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  1. They say its the new Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. I hear the score reminds folks of Howard Shore's work
  2. If you people think any of M Night Shamalan's films are among the worst movies ever made then clearly your film going experience is very very limited.
  3. I romanticized all those old films as a child. Land of the Pharaohs fascinated me. My first experience with Egypt that didn't involve a vengeful mummy. I was about 4 or 5 when we say it at the drive in. My favorite Egyptian was Edward G Robinson sshheee
  4. Love is a strong word. While there are a lot of 5 star audience reviews there are a lot of single star and half star reviews. Going to grab the Green Knight and probably Escape Room Tournament or Night House.
  5. For those afraid to be in public I Suppose
  6. But that doesn't change the fact that Giacchino is barely mediocre as a composer. his range is...limited is inadequate a word to describe his ability
  7. Im sorry but no ones home theatre is anywhere close to the theatre. Not possible.
  8. Immersive being the key word. Would you like a dinner mint?
  9. Imagine this scenario. Disney tells Cameron his Avatar sequels, and. The original can only be seen at Disney plus. Discuss amongst yourelves.
  10. That sounds like a recipe for projectile vomiting. Alex keep an open mind that there are cinemas with perfect projection. Keep hoping it will get better.
  11. I put the diamond in the coat, i put the coat on her.
  12. Maybe shaky cam makes him puke. It gets me close.
  13. Salter often worked as part of a committee with other composers for Universal's Horror and Mystery films. He helped elevate B films
  14. Its not my language. I speak English, some french, and some Spanish. I understand your posts most if the time so maybe i understand Norwegian
  15. He isn't real and time and interpretation have little commonality. The real problem here is Giacchino is so limited in his ability to respond adequately to this new interpretation.
  16. Thats because they are the worst things a horror film can be. Boring and not frightening. You don't know horror.
  17. Yes I do. Its wonderful. Seriously. I don't eat nachos at the movies, their chips are ....yuck.
  18. What a sad set. I understand Alex is agoraphobic but the rest of you? I cannot remember a bad film projection experience in years . I don't see films with rude audiences and I don't LIE and pretend my tv begins to compare to the big screen. Frankly movie theatre popcorn is pretty damned awesome too especially with a cheese cup and sliced Jalapenos My last bad film projection experience was Hardy's Mad Max. They moved us go a different theatre plus gave us back our money and gave us free passes.
  19. But why not have both. It must be a sad pathetic life to think the netflix experience beats the movie theatre experience. Also HBO Max is no Netflix.
  20. Then quote away or at least spit like a man. That's a 6.667 meterer, 8.333 and 2.7216 metric tons
  21. That throws Alex ridiculous comments aside. Horror movies are for everyone. But I think anyone who gets out and about in the real world realizes that.
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