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  1. Very few actually. Criminal Minds tended to focus mostly on serial killers/spree killers/mass killers. Most other shows do no.
  2. Stefan pointed at that former UCLA star quarterback Mark Harmon has left NCIS. After 19 seasons that's his right. I do not remember ever watching the show other than when flipping channels. I did/do watch CSI, and Criminal Minds. Criminal Minds is my all time favorite serial killer show. Great Ensemble cast.
  3. Halloween2018 was better than I remember but the savagery of the murders could have been implied rather than shown
  4. Not in any universe. Scream 2 was terrible, reminded me of how awful Friday the 13th part 2 and Nightmare 2 were. Scream 3 was a slight improvement 4 was much better but all three sequels were smoke 10 minutes after leaving the theatre
  5. It was way too long. I disagree Chen, Bond got a noble death standing in the face of fire. To bad the movie is so mediocre.
  6. On a scale of 10 Die gets a 6. The score is atrocious. i kept waiting for Batman of the Joker to step on screen.
  7. Halloween. Still fantastic. Its never really scary but it is intense. It teaches a valuable lesson. When being attacked by a murderous boogyman overkill does not exist.
  8. The ultimate correct choice. She got off the plane.
  9. Emily was a b****. The writers enjoyed tormenting Ross
  10. Really? So women bleed out of their vajajas and getting telekinesis is normal in your experience.
  11. Comparing Carrie to the Fury is odd. Its like comparing MNS The Sixth Sense to The Happening. When you realize the director has lost what he had.
  12. You've used more words than should ever be used for this waste of film.
  13. I guess you missed all the little moments of creepiness. The fact that the movie ooens when Carrie is having her first period is something no movie had ever shown, nor has it shown since. Not even the remakes go there. Brilliant film with superb acting. Don't let yourself stop. The ending is superb. Its inssne
  14. This franchise is not worth watching. It was doa with the first
  15. His music and my singing, guaranteed to make your ears bleed. I can only imagine the Horror that Zims no time to die score will be.
  16. Several of us are going to see Carrie on its 45 Anniversary. As old as I am I was not old enough to see Carrie in the theatre without my parents. I have never seen it on the big screen. Grest movie with a great score.
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