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  1. Alice - we played better, now - tits or gtfo!!
  2. Right result...GREAT match...and Quint - you're preaching to the choir about Walcott... Right then Alice....Alice? ...who the fuck is Alice???
  3. Whoever wins, this is the best game of the Euros so far...now STICK IN THERE, England!!
  4. Who are the 8? Gerrard and Terry have nothing to prove. No, they don't. A few of the others do though...Sweden coming out firing...good stuff!
  5. In fact, I would go as far as to say: Credibility-wise, the next 45 minutes could be absolutely vital to Hodgson and about 8 of the men in the dark shirts.
  6. Oh the game is far from over...Sweden will turn the heat on big-style in second half...but we have, at least, turned up
  7. I'm on my third...tell you what though - a year ago this Swedish team would have shat all over us.
  8. Ukraine did OK...France had something to prove, so a win was inevitable however you slice it. Right then England, let's see if you show up, and see if you can carry on winning back some reputation...bit by bit...small steps...but it must be a win tonight. 2-0.
  9. Put a shell-suit on him and he'd fit right in with the local Gloucester morlocks
  10. France vs. Ukraine 0 - 3 Downpour You ain't kidding!! Glad they got re-started, but that storm was something else!! Not sure if the video will still be up later, but for the time being it's here - http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/17875390
  11. My bets are on for tonight: France 2 - 1 Ukraine England 2 - 0 Sweden Let's go! PS - Steef - has Robben stopped crying yet?
  12. How right you were! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-18456812
  13. Germany/Netherlands was cracking game - and, incidentally, the only time so far in this tournament that I have actually guessed the result correctly! Even got the scoreline right....I should have taken a punt! As for tomorrow....England all the way...we will eat the Swedes like....erm....swede. I like eating swedes.
  14. Greg1138


    Have seen both films many, many times - two of the top films in their respective genres. And that's where my problem with this question lies - which is better out of two films that belong to different genres. Tough call, really tough, and it's one of those where my opinion might change next week - but for the time being I'm going with "Alien". For the record - the original cut too.
  15. Maltin's been unreliable over the last ten years because he plays it too safe and gives almost anything three stars. Everything from Batman Begins, Superman Returns, The Simpsons Movie, KOTCS, ROTS - all three stars, whether they deserved it or not. Yet he gives The Dark Knight only two. All of those films deserve that rating. And if you think he "plays it safe" and gives almost anything three stars, maybe its time to read a few more of the reviews in his book
  16. Looks like a cracking release for the Grusin fans (of which there are plenty), but not one for me this time round
  17. It could have been....but a steady start for both teams. Some of England's play - dare I say - surprised me a little...some of the passing was actually a bit speedy!
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