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  1. How can Lucas do this? In the liner notes to the releases he practically wets himself with praise over how brilliant JW's score is and then goes and hacks it to pieces in the final cut. It is especially astonishing when the score was the one thing about the first film that exceeded his expectations and he says that he wouldn't have it any other way. I just don't understand it.
  2. Murphy did give the Star Wars scores a certain sound. He sounds fantastic on the clips I have heard from Revenge of the Sith, by the way.
  3. I believe Murphy did play on Episodes I and II. I envy him as a trumpeter and a fan of John Williams.
  4. Princess Leia's theme has some nice oboe and English horn lines. I personally prefer the English horn to the oboe; there is a lovely E.H. solo in Dvorak's Ninth Symphony and some nice E.H. writing in both the Star Wars "Tatooine music" and in early portions of Raiders of the Lost Ark, where it plays the medallion theme.
  5. I thought it had been established that the AOTC version was really the same as TPM. Which is not to say that Williams didn't re-record it for AOTC, just that Lucas for whatever reason may have decided to stick with the 1999 recording.
  6. Philip Jones and Elgar Howarth were not playing with the section on the Star Wars films according to moviebrass.com. Maurice Murphy was principal at that time. I do agree with you on the issue of The Phantom Menace lacking any real power, which is odd because there is some fine trumpetplaying later on in the score. I personally feel that the main title on Return of the Jedi is the weakest. The trumpets sound odd to me and there is a nasty frack at one point. You can't miss it.
  7. What exactly is Shmi's theme? Do you have track titles and track times where I can listen to this?
  8. I realize the date difference. Maybe I am just a snob; the idea of comparing what I think is Williams' greatest achievement to a Broadway musical is a little detracting to Williams. Mind you, I am not saying Webber has no talent, but I think Williams is the more gifted composer of the two.
  9. One night recently my 15 year old brother and I were going to the movies. I had ESB playing in the car stereo. It was on the cue "Jedi Master Revealed/Mynock Cave." Anyway, there is trombone phrase in the latter half of the track. The response I got from my brother was one I don't quite know how to take-he said it was something Andrew Lloyd Webber could have written. He has recently discovered The Phantom of the Opera and says Webber is his favorite composer, albeit the only composer he really knows. So I was wondering-what do you guys think of this? I still don't quite know how to handle it.
  10. Oops. My mistake; I thought I had read somewhere that he did it with the BSO.
  11. This is a theme from Masterpiece Theater. I believe he recorded it in the fall of 2001 with members of the Boston Symphony Orchestra.
  12. I am sitting here listening to this theme (the one on By Request). I am convinced that there is a saxophone in the beginning of the piece where the woodwinds first state the theme (around 20-30 seconds in). Has anyone else heard this?
  13. You should definitely get To Kill a Mockingbird (I like the re-recording with the RSNO and Bernstein on Varese) and The Magnificent Seven.
  14. I am listening to this piece right now. Has anyone else noticed a similarity to the end credits of "Family Plot"? There is a melody in the middle section of the work that reminds me of that score.
  15. Why do none of you have Apollo 13 as a favorite James Horner score? I think it is a beautiful work on album and in the film.
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