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  1. He used the word "spectacular"... That makes me think of the Star Wars prequels, Indiana Jones original trilogy, or a Oliver Stone boxset (or at least one of the Oliver Stone scores)! Or it'll be one of the brilliant scores Patrick Williams wrote for Columbo! Actually he was one of the worst. The best was and will always be Dick DeBenedictis.
  2. This is one of the very few JW sets that I bought 3 times! One I gave my girlfriend, one was for myself, and I forgot what I did with the 3rd... I probably still have it somewhere, still sealed. And no, I'm not gonna by this edition now, just because it says 20th Anniversary on the front.
  3. So to sum it up, most people will buy it, although most people don't know the score or haven't listened to it for a long time....
  4. Just rewatched the trailer... I think one problem with this movie is that both Richard Dreyfuss and Holly Hunter somehow seem awfully miscast. They don't strike me as the best choices for a romantic movie. The best thing about this movie, except the score, is definitely Audrey Hepburn!
  5. I walk into a certain store and just buy it. The proprietor always orders a bunch of these hot new releases and puts one aside for me. I have connections. Duh, me too. Although I'm not sure how much I'm gonna listen to it... 😂 Here you go. Watch this video and you'll get a very good idea what this score is all about. Actually it's a very lovely, very emotional score... Kind of underrated. I suspect that in many respects it's on the same level as Sabrina, Angela's Ashes, orThe Book Thief, as far as quality and general appeal go.
  6. Somehow I'm certain this one won't sell out for some time... Maybe in 5-6 years!?
  7. I actually like the Always adaptation found on the Spielberg/Williams Collaboration album! That one's definitely my most listened to track from Always... Don't know the OS album at all, although I probably listened to it once or twice years ago.
  8. I'm excited we're getting a new JW expanded score, sure, but I gotta admit, Always is among my least listened JW scores. Considering that it's a score which was written at the height of JW's career (right between the Indiana Jones trilogy and the new phase which was kicked of by Jurassic Park/Schindler's List), that's rather telling... But I'll definitely get it, one way or another, and look forward to really delve into this score. Oh, I've seen the movie only once, and thought it's nothing to write home about.
  9. Yeah, films like The Post, Bridge of Spies, and Ready Player One! Although The Post still has a great score...
  10. Right! Nice job looking up and going through JW's filmography one by one... 😂 OK, game's over.
  11. He didn't technically star in the movie, anyway. He just lent his voice for a short scene... Kinda like Ben Kingsley in the same movie. Kinda like Morgan Freeman in War of the Worlds.
  12. I like the stringy part at the very beginning that sounds like the beginning of A.I. You know what I mean.
  13. This was just a test and you fell right into it... Dear Lord. 😂 My point was, how much harder and more interesting it is to try to think of a major actor who only starred in one JW-scored movie.
  14. Wow, didn't even know this existed.... Is this really the original orchestral score as written by James Horner and his orchestrators? Or was this transcribed by a third party?
  15. I don't know, but why not ask @mxsch? Anyway, I'm arguing for not throwing it out...
  16. Why throw it out, though? You don't have to listen to it... I mean, would I throw out my wife just because I have a younger, hotter girlfriend?
  17. Well, I know what I asked, but many people who respond apparently don't... Exactly. Apple and orange.
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