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  1. That's mostly because of Spielberg, I'm sure. Although yeah, there is The Book Thief... And yet you ask the world, and 90% will tell you the most warmongering country on this planet is, by far, the USA. The Nazis attacked only Europe. After 28 years you finally are getting around to it? Wth. So you're saying you don't like Babe?
  2. One example. Check out the moment starting at around 8:50. One of the best quieter moments in the film, and also one of the best scored ones. When the familiar theme starts playing (so graceful, soothing, and gorgeous!), I get goosebumps. I mean wow. Spielberg's top-notch direction also helps, needless to say.
  3. Same here. Except for me, it has become one of my all-time favourites. At the beginning I only liked HTTF, but now I've grown to adore pretty much every single cue, especially Omaha Beach, The Last Battle, Normandy, and even Finding Private Ryan. It's really remarkable how indescribably good and listenable this score is, despite what many superficially think. (For me, it even surpasses War Horse, which of course I also like very much.)
  4. You could say WWI vs. WWII. And also tell us why!
  5. Regardless of the opening, this is one of those JW pieces that you can listen to thousands of times without ever getting tired of it...
  6. I suspect there's fraud involved here... I thought so too... But only at first. That's probably because we're so used to it.
  7. So everybody that's ordered their copy, already received it? No more damaged goods?
  8. Sad news. RIP. For me he'll always be Indy's Dad first, then Bond. In honour of his memory....
  9. Darn! This is like a freaking lottery! You place your order, and only the few lucky ones get a flawless copy... The rest, so sorry, maybe next time. What the hell!
  10. Sorry to hear that. Then there seems to be a defective batch indeed! I wonder how this can happen... With these specialty labels, it seems to happen rather often!
  11. Why always you? Weird. I never had problems with any of my JW CDs that I got through the mail. The worst things to happen to me were broken cases, broken teeth, and missing (artwork) teeth... I had only one experience with a brand new but flawed CD, which I couldn't correctly rip no matter how many times I tried. But that was a language learning CD, not a music CD. Well, this may still be (slightly) defective. Unless there was a smudge on it and you wiped it off? Yeah, if it's still available then. Ma
  12. And somebody deliberately put a hole in the condom your dad used...
  13. Obviously this poll is only for people who have already received their copy! Let's find out how widespread this problem really is. Update: Just ripped my copy and listened to the last 10 tracks. No problem with my copy, no scratches whatsoever.
  14. I got it! Here's to hoping my copy is fine. See you on the other side!
  15. This is definitely scarier! This can potentially affect the music itself... Who cares about (artwork of) teeth? 😂
  16. So I haven't read the last couple of pages... How many have gotten the album and how many scratches we got so far?
  17. Yeah, but to make a little easier to choose, I asked for 3 favourite cues or tracks...
  18. Wow, can't wait to get this release! It just occurred to me, "Driving Away from Trouble" sounds kinda underwhelming. Earth is being attacked and enslaved by giant alien machines, and I'm just driving away from this pesky little trouble... 😂
  19. I don't have the Intrada release yet, so mine are from the OST album... 1. "Escape from the City" 2. "The Ferry Scene" 3. "Escape from the Basket" (the last part, especially!) Adore the action cues, rather than the quieter, more subdued pieces.
  20. Sometimes it seems to rip fine, but on close listens, you can sometimes hear faint crackles.... Happened to me once. Don't want to worry people, but just saying!
  21. That's annoying and disappointing. Hopefully mine will be fine... Anybody else here had this problem?
  22. I'm guessing it's in the range of 2000 - 3500. I don't think it's more than that...
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