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  1. We already have a release date for the OS for WotW, but when was the recording session? As opposed to RotS, of which we got almost daily reports, we didn't have any info on the recording session of WotW. Is JW still writing the score, or is it all wrapped up and recorded??? Does anyone know???
  2. You're right, the statement about A.L. Webber may not have been accurate. But I was simply trying to make a point about JW not being famous enough. It's a fact that people watch a LOT less musicals than movies, and JW has been associated with the most popular movies in history. So I'm just curious why so many people know ALW and so few know JW. Maybe, if JW wrote more songs than orchestral music . . . but who knows??? I think it's a bummer that I have to explain everytime who JW is, whenever someone asks me what kind of music I like to listen.
  3. The studios care about profits. Elfman happens to score more films that bring in huge profits. Especially lately. Hence - he costs more. You can't be serious! Elfman has been recently associated with Spiderman -- that's it. JW has been associated lately with the HP franchise and the Star Wars series, as well as Jurassic Park ten years ago. So who scores more films that bring in huge profits??? Now you gave yourself away!!! Williams only did two films in 2004 and zero in 2003. Elfman did two in 2004 and two in 2003. The combined profits of Elfman's projects brought in much more money than the films Williams scored. The past is irrelevant to the studios. Its what they are doing now that determines how much they are paid. I gotta say (and I agree with Sturgis on this), I don't really believe ya. What about the four Williams did in 2002, then??? Are you saying just because Williams took a year off, he earns a couple of millions less now??? You can't be serious. Also, Williams has got 5 Oscars. Elfman has none. That's gotta have SOME impact in terms of payment!!!
  4. The studios care about profits. Elfman happens to score more films that bring in huge profits. Especially lately. Hence - he costs more. You can't be serious! Elfman has been recently associated with Spiderman -- that's it. JW has been associated lately with the HP franchise and the Star Wars series, as well as Jurassic Park ten years ago. So who scores more films that bring in huge profits??? Now you gave yourself away!!!
  5. That's not exactly true. He promoted the OS of Episode I on radio. He did an interview, and I've got the interview on CD. Very surprising indeed.
  6. Isn't he featured on practically every Spielberg DVD released? Neil True, but they are just extras, and they exit primarily to promote the OS, I suppose. Im thinking of his biography (or musical journey, if you will) of his life, either in book form or on DVD. And there are none of those.
  7. I think its a bit early for this poll, since we havent heard the music in the movie yet (I hope). It may depend on how it works in the movie. (I really love the concert piece of DotF, but didnt like the way it was presented in the film, to wit cut up like a ribbon).
  8. I was just wondering. The average person does not know him and sure, thats partly because he writes film music, which not many people are interested in, but considering the wealth of memorable themes he wrote for movies which are virtually known to ANYBODY, it still amazes me that the name John Williams doesnt ring a bell with more people. I think even Andrew Llyod Webber is more well-known than John Williams, although Webbers only wrote two famous songs (Memory and The Phantom of the Opera). Could it be that John Williams is a bit shy when it comes to publicity? Im starting to think he prefers to be the master working in the background. Also, that may explain why there are virtually no books or DVDs or other material on him and his life. What do you think????
  9. This may be the stupidest thing ever posted here, but I just noticed an odd thing about the Star Wars prequels cover designs. Why does it say on the covers 1. Episode I The Phantom Menace 2. Episode II: Attack of the Clones 3. Episode III (dot) Revenge of the Sith ???? Do you notice the difference??? Just wondering. :roll:
  10. Identify yourself, jwb. What does JWB stand for???? LOL LOL LOL
  11. In recent years, what was your most anticpated score? Mine was definitely PoA. Last year, I just couldnt wait for it to come out. I have never -- and I repeat, NEVER -- looked more forward to getting hold of a soundtrack (or any CD, for that matter) in my life. I guess that was because I have listened to the previous two so many times (I think more than the Star Wars scores) and just couldnt wait to listen to his new ideas in the new HP adventure. Of course, right now, I cant wait for the RotS score, but still PoA will always top MY list.
  12. If thats true, then Natalie Portman gets more for her acting (and she must be)??? Why do Elfman and Davis get the same amount as JW??? I just cant believe that!!! But if it IS true, then I hope JW gets 20 million just from the CD sales!!! (Considering George Lucas earned close to 200 million when TPM came out, its a shame JW gets "only" 3 million.)
  13. Tuesday, November 23, 2004 The whole soundtrack is presently budgeted between two and a half and three million dollars. (from The Final Chapter eBook) I guess the key word here is PRESENTLY. I really think JW gets more . . . its a STAR WARS soundtrack, for Gods sake!!! (sorry I lost my apostrophes)
  14. Okay, so we are all hoping that they are gonna come out, but who believes they actually will?
  15. He gets a one-time fee from George Lucas for writing the score in the first place and considering the budget of the entire movie, that fee must be at least 5 mill., I guess. Also, since John Williams is the producer of the soundtrack albums, he gets royalties for every CD sold. Altogether, I figure he must make about 20 mill. on this one movie (but thats just a guess on the conservative side). P.S. And yes, he earned every penny.
  16. Just curious. How much did he get from George Lucas, and how much will he earn just from the CD sales? I can't even think of a ballpark figure, but I'm thinking he received a couple of millions from GL, and will earn a couple of more millions from the CD sales. Anyone have any clue?
  17. In 1994, while watching the Oscars. John Williams won the Oscar for Schindler's List, and I was forever enchanted by the hauntingly beautiful violin music. I did get the CD soon after, although I didn't even have a CD player back then (I was twelve!!!). So the very first CD I bought was the soundtrack of Schindler's List! Soon after, I got a Discman for my birthday, and I actually got to listen to it!!!!
  18. I don't get this. Did John Williams and/or George Lucas strike an exclusive deal with Walmart? And what about those who live OUTSIDE the US? I live in Austria, and we don't have any Walmart here!!! So we don't get to enjoy the bonus track? But I suppose it's like the "On The Conveyor Belt" from AotC -- in the end, everybody who's a bit dedicated gets the bonus track. And "limited time" can mean anything . . . i.e. three years or more.
  19. Does anyone know what JW said in his acceptance speeches when he won the Oscars for Jaws, Star Wars, and E.T.? Better yet, does anyone have these shows on tape (I don't know whether they were broadcast on TV back then, though)? I remember watching him win an Oscar for Schindler's List in 1994 (I was 12 then!!!), but can't really remember what he said there, either.
  20. Now, it's been almost nine years ever since I heard this for the first time, and it still takes my breath away. What is so great about it? some may ask, and I say, Everything. The performance by the Boston Pops Orchestra is top-notch, of course, and John Williams having written this doesn't hurt, either. My favorite part starts at 1:58 with the drum roll, and then this rhythmic brass section, rather low, comes on . . . I have to grin every time I hear it. And then at 2:42, the main melody starts again, this time with the trumpet accompaniment by Tim Morrison. God, I had no idea a trumpet could play this fast . . . the best part then, I think, is the trilly thing (is it a trill? I don't think so, but it's so fast I can't really tell) the trumpet does at the 2:49 and 2:50. This is where JW REALLY outdoes himself.
  21. I like both pieces, naturally, but I think Spielberg (as always) uses the music to greater effect, because you can actually hear most of it. In the case of Jango, it appears as though the sound effects are trying to drown out the music. But I agree with some of you that Jango is probably the more original . . .
  22. I'm referring here to "Jango's Escape" and "Anderton's Great Escape." I think "Jango" is one of the best action pieces JW has written in recent years (although some of you superficial listeners complained that it sounds like JW on auto-pilot), and I just love it!!! Especially the horn/trombone counterpoint to the clarinet from 2:17 to 2:24 is nice -- I think only JW could have written this passage, and then conducted it so it sounds the way you hear it. "Anderton" is, I guess, a close cousin to "Jango", and yet somehow completely different -- both music accompanies action scenes in the future, but if you listen to them often enough, you can't imagine these two being interchangeable. In "Anderton", my favorite part is from 5:14 to 5:23. I can almost imagine JW sitting at the piano, hammering out these notes while the final cut of MR is playing on a big screen TV . . . Outstanding, really outstanding.
  23. TITANIC would be MY first choice, then LORD OF THE RINGS (although I would bet with you that, if Williams had scored those movies, he wouldn't have won a single Oscar). Also, I would have loved it if Williams had written the score to The Color Purple -- the only Spielberg movie NOT scored by JW. Then, of course, GoF. I love seeing what those three brats are up to this time, but I imagine it's going to be only half as much fun without JW's music accompanying them each step of the way.
  24. All jokes aside, I think this is a great picture. I think all three of them are very lucky to have such talented and good colleagues, especially Steven and Mike.
  25. Believe it or not, she thought the short reprise of the Star Wars Main Theme (played by trombones) was the Mickey Mouse theme. LOL It's really funny when you stop to think about it, but in some way I can't really put it words it DOES sort of make a certain amount of sense . . .
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