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  1. Here's a story some of you are probably going to hate me for. Recently a female friend of mine asked me what I was listening to on my Discman. I said John Williams. Naturally, she had no idea who that was and asked me if she could take a listen. Now, at that time I was taking in the End Credits of TPM -- Augie's Great Municipal Band and then the triple trumpet fanfare and the Main Theme -- but didn't tell her what it was. So I rewinded a little and then gave her the headphones, kinda curious whether she'd recognize the main melody . . . after all, even a girl should have watched Star Wars at one point or other in her lifetime. So I was really gladdened when she smiled instantly, nodded, and then said, "Yeah, of course I know what this is!" "Really? You do?" I asked, grinning myself now. "What is it?" And she said, "That's the music from the Mickey Mouse club!!!" The smile slid off my face. "No, it's not," I said. "Are you serious?" "Yeah, I am," she said, and then started doing this stupid little dance, miming (I guess) Mickey Mouse. "I know what I'm talking about!!!!" "No, it's not," I insisted. "Trust me, I know what I'm talking about!" With any other girl I would have been kinda miffed (I guess), but this one was really cute so I laughed along in the end and said resignedly, "Actually it's the music from Star Wars." And she said, "Oh really? Sounds kinda Mickey Mouse-y." And she walked blithely away, leaving me to watch after her. What do you make of this? Does the Main Theme performed in the End Credits of Star Wars (the part played by trombones) sound Mickey Mouse-y??? You may laugh, but ever since that remark, I can't help thinking of Mickey Mouse when I listen to it. Now, I have never heard the music from the Mickey Mouse club in my life, so I have no basis for comparison, but . . . for those of you who DO know both melodies, do they sound similar in any way??? I certainly hope not!!! :roll: !!!!GIRLS!!!! :roll:
  2. What do you think? I'm a big Spielberg fan, naturally, but some of my friends claim that while Spielberg is a great director, his movies of late have been too sentimental/schmaltzy to bear watching. Particularly the endings of A.I. and Minority Report stand out. Both movies have produced some of JW's best scores -- Monica's Theme and Sean's Theme (from AI and MR, respectively) are some of my favorites -- but are those scenes too schmaltzy (not the music, but the scenes)??? :oops:
  3. Actually I DO love all the sneaking around music in PoA. The unreleased cue (in the movie between "Forward to Time Past" and the marimba-section of "Saving Buckbeak") is really most fascinating. See, how the tension continues throughout the scene, and the best part of all -- get this -- is when Hermione throws the two stones through the window, first hitting a vase then Harry in the back of the head. Did anyone else notice that JW accompanies the shots while the stones fly through the window with high flutes/piccolos? I think this is so well done . . . perfect timing, really . . . I didn't notice this the first time, only while later watching it on DVD. Awesome!!!
  4. What does everyone think of that cue (while we're on the subject)? On the CD, I mean specifically the music starting at 2:19. At first I thought it was too soft, too low-key somehow for JW, but the more I listen to it, the more I've come to appreciate it. Ever since JW used marimbas (is that the right word?) in the score to AI, he seems to have fallen in love with the instrument!!! I love the way it starts, in the movie as Hermione sends Harry to get Buckbeak . . . it gives the entire scene such a sense of urgency. Also, I love the way the music swells as it accomapnies the executioner striking the pumpkin!!! Great . . . just great. But could it have been better? What do you think? P.S.: Someone mentioned somewhere that the track Saving Buckbeak on the OS contains the Buckbeak's Flight theme. Is that true? I don't think so, but if it is, I can't find it.
  5. Hey good news, you guys. Check this out. http://www.hpana.com/news.18516.html So Hedwig's Theme AND Harry's Wondrous World will be used!!!! Hey, it's just a rumor but, yay!!! LOL
  6. I agree with you that Doyle is no secondary composer, but I somehow don't think that Doyle gets to decide whether John Williams's Hedwig's Theme should be incorporated or not. If the producers want the theme used, I think Dolye must accede to their wishes. Also, I can remember one of the producers saying that Hedwig's Theme is such an integral part of the entire series -- almost a trademark -- that it would be used no matter what. I certainly hope so . . .
  7. I don't think this thread is in bad taste, but yeah, I agree with some of you that the topic of his death/health is getting tedious. Well, I guess I'm just a bit worried . . . after all, I don't know any other 73-year-old whom I admire so much. I just hope that JW will keep scoring movies till the very end, which will still be in the distant future (I have no doubt about that, since he still seems in pretty good shape). P.S. I think those of you who voted for the first two options ARE tasteless. I don't think you can call yourself a John Williams fan in good conscience. That's the God-honest truth. LOL LOL LOL
  8. I like the third from left. IMHO, she's the cutest. Does anyone know her name??? I don't think she's credited.
  9. 1. oboe, bassoon... flute, oboe, bassoon 2. muted horn, muted trumpet... upper strings 3. muted horn, strings... muted horns 4. upper flutes, muted horn, muted upper trumpet, strings... 5. muted horn, clarinet... Thanks for that. Do you know that for sure, or is it just a guess???
  10. So no one can give a definite answer to my original question??? :roll:
  11. I expect JW to be active for at least ten more years (then he's "only" 83), and if he scored an average of 2 movies per year, that would be at least 20 movies. And JW is sort of immortal . . . he will always be remembered through his music. I don't think he will be forgotten quickly like, say, Beethoven.
  12. Maybe, but I remember someone saying -- I think it was one of the producers -- that the music by John Williams is such an integral part of the Harry Potter series that it would be included no matter what, even if JW himself is no longer involved. Could that be true? I certainly hope so. LOL
  13. I can't find the official Harry Potter thread, so I'm just creating my own thread. Does anyone know whether any of John Williams' themes are used in GoF? Why isn't his name attached to GoF at IMDB --meaning no "Original Themes by John Williams"? Is Patrick Doyle composing all the music, without reusing any of the older JW themes? Does anyone have answers to the these questions? Also, would you like to hear JW music adapated by Patrick Doyle? I'm really looking forward to the movie, but don't know how good it's gonna be without "Hedwig's Theme." But then again, Patrick Doyle might write his own Hedwig's Theme.
  14. Except when the music is composed by John Williams!!!!!
  15. Yeah, YOU are. Do you have problems with the issue of death? There's no denying that we're all gonna die someday. Besides, the question was how many more movies will he score. I don't think there's anything disgusting about this thread. What do you mean cause of death? Am I missing here something?
  16. I don't agree with that. Sure, there's no more Star Wars or Harry Potter, but Steven Spielberg still keeps churning out his blockbusters. I think after 2005, JW will still score different kinds of movies, hopefully also franchises (I think he's best at that).
  17. What do you think? I would say option no. 3, but certainly hope for option no. 4.
  18. Definitely Emma Watson. Beautiful girl, beautiful teen, and she's gonna be a beautiful woman.
  19. Abandoned in the Woods . . . the main melody is repeated like four or five times. Can anyone tell me which instruments play the main melody??? I know the written score is not available, but can anyone tell just by listening to it? What I figure is this (I know it's wrong): 1. clarinet/bassoon? . . . . flute/clarinet 2. brass (horn, trumpet, trombone) . . . . . strings 3. strings . . . . . brass 4. strings . . . . . crash of the pianos 5. muted horn? Thanks.
  20. Then the Academy shouldn't nominate him, if he doesn't win anyway!!!! But more to the point, I think he still has a chance. 8O
  21. My reaction comes a bit late, but I was in bed with the flu for the past three days. So here it comes: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Well, now that that's outta my system, I've gotta say I'm starting to think the Academy's just nominating Williams so they could watch lose him. Since he won for Schindler's List, wasn't this year like the tenth or eleventh nomination? Seriously, this is getting ridiculous. And yes, Williams WAS very disappointed (I think part for that was because Shore won three for his LOTR Trilogy, including the Best Song Oscar, so JW was hoping he would get at least one for the HP series). Sure, when the winner was announced he smiled, but the smile seemed to say "Here we go again . . ." Thomas Newman looked pissed, Howard looked kinda laid-back, maybe not expecting himself to win at all, and John Debney looked happy like a clam at high tide. One other thing that I found strange was that during the montage they showed clips from the Duel of the Fates music video. What's THAT all about? P.S. Oh yeah, I liked Chris Rock, laughed at most of his jokes ("I'm sure that some of you who're just tuning in are going, ' Damn, Whoopi looks good!'"), but I still like Billy Chrystal better. LOL
  22. Then he should outlive YOU by a year and a half!!!! (Are you for real???)
  23. Yeah, I knew there ARE other sports music that I forgot (The Tennis Match). That's why I put in the OTHER option. I have to say, though, I'm surprised no one chose The Early Years from Born on the Fourth of July. While not completely a sports cue, I think this is one of the best John Williams cues heard in ANY film. I love the way it starts sadly (while Ron Kovic watches the Fourth of July parade), then more optimistically (during the fireworks and the first kiss), and then really swells to a magnificent and emotionally charged piece performed surperbly by strings (during the baseball game). The Tim Morrison trumpet solo as the camera pans slowly through the suburban street at sunset is also nostalgic and heart-warming. So, if it weren't for The Quidditch Match, that would have been my first choice. Anyone with me??? LOL
  24. Mine is The Quidditch Match, hands down. Do you know them all??? 8O
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