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  1. I am pretty sure that Por Una Cabeza in Schindlers List was performed by Itzhak Perlman. There is an almost exact same version of it on the Cinema Serenade CD, John Williams conducting and Perlman playing the violin.
  2. Some of you guys keep going on and on about JW being on auto-pilot, but you must realize that there is NO such thing!!! You think that JW watches the movie, sits down at his piano, and the music writes itself? I think you have to give him a little more credit than that. If some cues sound a bit similiar to what it's done before, is it any wonder? For instance, JW wrote AotC, CoS, and Minority Report in one year. There was a scene involving someone attacked on a conveyor belt in a factory in MR as well as in AotC. Not only that, there was a scene involving creepy-crawly spiders chasing after our heroes in MR as well as CoS!!! So is it any wonder that the music sounds a bit similar at times??? Also, you have to understand that JW has been writing film music consistently for nearly 40 years. Some cues sound similar, big deal. But no way he's on autopilot (whatever that word means if we're not talking about aircraft). Writing for film is hard work, as has been mentioned on this site before, and his music always serves the particular scenes wonderfully. That's what matters, don't you think??? Getting back to the topic of AotC, I think the album contains some of the best action pieces ever. Regarding The Arena, I love the brief section of frenetic strings starting at 7:59. I've never heard something like that in a JW score before!!!!
  3. There's a scene in PoA where Hermione throws two stones, first hitting a vase, then Harry in the back of the head. Did you notice that JW accompanies the shots as the rocks fly through the window musically with piccolos/very high flutes? I think this sounds SO cool. Music is in perfect sync with the visuals. Just noticed it yesterday and wanted to let you know. Josh (who believes JW should get an Oscar for this achievement alone).
  4. IMO, there's really no John Williams score that's overrated. But if I had to choose one, it would be PoA. I know many of you seem to ESPECIALLY love this score, but I find SS and CoS just as good. So yes, PoA is overrated. Wait, no, that's actually not true. SS and CoS are UNDERRATED!!! So no, really, there's no score by JW that's overrated. My two cents. P.S. I think Jurassic Park and Hook deserve all the praise they get, and then some!!!
  5. I'm sure the members of the orchestra will sing to him "Happy Birthday." Better yet, play it. Better STILL, have a surprise party for him which they will announce with a crash of the STAR WARS MAIN TITLE!!!! LOL LOL LOL Happy Birthday, greatest composer that ever lived!!!!
  6. LOL Ditto, here. I think we all have a Roald part deep inside us. I agree with you there. While we're on the subject, the trailer for PoA was also done very well, I think. We never actually saw the werewolf or even Buckbeak (except for a brief shot of him flying in the distance). So I was completely baffled when I saw these creatures for the first time in the theater.
  7. I don't really understand what the fuss if about the Main Title not being re-recorded. JW used the same recording of the MainTitle (as well as the opening bit of the End Credits) for TPM and AotC. The sound mix was perhaps done slightly different so they fit better overall, but other than that they seem perfect to me. No need to do something over when they're already perfect. But as someone here mentioned, it would be a completely different thing if JW added chorus to the Main Title. Now THAT would be a killer!!!! LOL
  8. I've been listening to Attack of the Clones again in the last few days, and I realized that it has way more action pieces -- Zam the Assasin, Jango's Escape, Bounty Hunter's Pursuit, The Arena, and The Conveyor Belt -- than TPM, and they're all top-notch (a given with JW). Also, of course there's the hauntingly beautiful Love Theme. No question the score suffered in the movie (because of Lucas' constant tinkering), but the new music as heard on the album is, I think, really underrated. The soundtrack also includes the Main Title (duh!), the Force Theme, the Imperial March, Duel of the Fates, the Droid's March, and Anakin's Theme. I think the OS of AotC is more enjoyable to listen than the OS of TPM. Can't imagine what the album of RotS might contain!!! P.S.: Please don't use this thread to bash AotC.
  9. I wonder whether JW has already started working on WotW . . .???
  10. Well, if that's not negative what is??? Josh (who wishes Neil would give George Lucas the benefit of the doubt).
  11. Don't jump the gun! We haven't even heard a single note from RotS yet!!! LOL
  12. I agree, this is so exciting. You know, with every new score JW produces, my admiration for him grows. I think I'm not the only one who feels that way.
  13. I doubt that. Neil Why do you doubt it? Because they aren't even recording the main title for this. Neil Well, the new recording of the Main Title for all three prequels was done for TPM. I think this doesn't tell us much.
  14. I doubt that. Neil Why do you doubt it? I think it's possible. Music is an integral part of every Star Wars installment, and Lucas must realize that the pieced-together music for Battle of Geonosis sounds horrible. Maybe he wants to fix what he did wrong three years ago. Besides, how else do you explain that the recording sessions take three instead of two weeks??? There certainly can't be much more music than there was for TPM or AotC. BTW, if the orchestra is booked for the entire month, I wonder whether JW will be present at the Oscars to accept his award.
  15. I was shocked to hear this!!! RIP, Emiliy Berstein. You will be missed. :cry:
  16. Hey where is that? How much does it cost to watch the recording sessions? 8O
  17. I think Williams would be pretty sad if he saw this thread. People here don't seem to realize that EVERY melody, regardless of genre, bears a resemblance to SOMETHING that's been done before. It's true that there's nothing new under the sun (and while we're at it, this goes for all things considered "art"). Sure, some of JW's compositions are similiar to classical pieces (the most obvious is probably "Making the Plane" from Home Alone), but I wouldn't use the word "rip-off" even here. It's an hommage. I think we should be glad that JW studies classical music so much and tries to get his inspiration from them. After all, I can't think of any other composer who does it so consistently as he does. Do you really think that JW -- his music is listened by thousands of millions (not because they necessarily buy soundtracks, but because they watch movies) -- would actually blatantly steal from pieces that are generally known? IMO, what makes an artist successful is not what he does to break new ground (although that's part of it, and JW has done his share here, as well) but what he does with what's been done before, so that it appears fresh and imaginative. So we listen to a melody that might be slightly familiar in a completely different context . . . but to great effect -- and sometimes those compositions even surpass the original. And that's what JW does over and over again. I agree with only two posts here 100% (but that's just my opinion, see what you think). P.S. I think the name of this thread should be changed to "Okay. Williams' inspirations. What are they?"
  18. Hey, isn't that the thread from juniperhill.com for the mentally challenged??? LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL
  19. When exactly do the recording sessions start???
  20. But when the army officer and the priest get out of the car and she collapses on the porch, i go misty eyed. A very strong and unusually unsentimental scene for Spielberg. I agree with you guys 100%. Also, I think the music accompanying that scene, especially the little clarinet solo as we see the mother going toward the door to see who's paying her a visit, is one of the best-scored moments of the entire movie. That moment, which can be found on the 3rd track of the OS, gets to me every time, because it is so sad as well so skilfully scrored by JW. Other than that, Over The Moon from E.T. makes me teary-eyed every time (I think that's because associated with the end of the movie).
  21. I've read on filmtracks.com that people tend to be oversensitive to criticism when it comes to film composers. I think that's generally true. That might be because film composers are generally overlooked by the public, even though they are certainly some of the most talented, skillful, and hard-working musicians out there. So, yes, if anyone who doesn't know much about it criticizes JW (or even talks about him in a dismissive way), I'm quick to get annoyed or even angry. I'm like, "What do YOU know about it?" If anyone criticizes Eric Clapton (of whom I'm also a great fan) I hardly ever get upset. That's probably because he has already so many fans, one or two less doesn't really matter.
  22. All right, here's my list: Unforgettable *** Night And Day ***** Swing! **** Joy To The World! **** The Green Album ** The Digital Jukebox **** The Spielberg/Williams Collaboration ***** Williams On Williams ***** The Sound Of Glory **** Encore! **** Does no one here have Night and Day and/or Swing! (with Nancy Wilson)??? Those have some of the best jazz performances of the BPO!!!
  23. I know, but that's one of my all-time favorites. I would also like to own the re-issue of the Raiders CD. That's gonna cost me another $120, I'm afraid!!!
  24. I agree, and think that will hurt Passion's chances of winning. I'm surprised it was even nominated. :roll: The Passion will lose because it is not a particulaly notable film score, and obviously inferior to it's competition. IMO, Lemony Snicket and Finding Neverland are out, The Passion is unlikely, The Village could possibly win, PoA is very like to win. But, of course, with the Academy, you can never tell.
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