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  1. I agree, and think that will hurt Passion's chances of winning. I'm surprised it was even nominated. :roll: The Passion will lose because it is not a particulaly notable film score, and obviously inferior to it's competition. IMO, Lemony Snicket and Finding Neverland are out, The Passion is unlikely, The Village could possibly win, PoA is very like to win. But, of course, with the Academy, you can never tell.
  2. Great! I'm gonna get that as soon as my credit card clears!!! That, and Rosewood, the expanded edition of Home Alone 2, the OS of ToD, and every Boston Pops CD available.
  3. Oh I see. I didn't know there was another recording of the Star Wars music other than the Skywalker Symphony version. I presume it's out of print??? 8O
  4. Welcome to the board!!! Have you already paid your entry fee of 50 Euro??? P.S.: I'm just kidding!!!
  5. I second. Although I also like Star Wars Trilogy very much. This may sound stupid now, but are you actually Hilary Hahn??? Or are you just a big fan of hers??? I agree, The Star Wars Trilogy is one of the best, but this was performed by The Skywalker Symphony.
  6. While we're at it, at the beginning of 1941, you can hear the Theme from Jaws. An obvious parody set up by Spielberg.
  7. I don't really know just how many John Williams & The Boston Pops Orchestra CDs there are out there (probably more than 30), but I've got 12 and I love them all. You guys talk a lot about his soundtracks but hardly ever about the Boston Pops CDs, and I don't mean just the re-recordings of the film music. The ones I really like among them are Night and Day: Celebrating Sinatra, Swing!, and Joy To The World. Also, of course, I like Sound of Glory and Unforgettable. Unfortunately many of them are out of print and very hard to get now. My first CD with the Boston Pops, however, was The Spielberg/Williams Collaboration. Still my favorite, closely followed by Williams On Williams (the second CD with Spielberg music).
  8. I gotta say, though, if JW didn't win, I would love to see JNH get an Oscar. I think he did a superb job on The Village. Also, JNH got beaten out by JW once already, in 1993, when Schindler's List won instead of The Fugitive (although that was sort of a given). The only thing I couldn't stand would be if John Debney won for The Passion. THEN I would REALLY lose the little faith I still got in the Academy. Also, to be honest, I can't even imagine Lemony Snicket winning. Ditto for Finding Neverland. 8O P.S. I thought it was really funny going through the JNH thread. Does anyone know a Thomas Newman thread? Kinda wanna know what they have to say about John Williams!!!
  9. I think if I were a millionaire (and I am not; not yet, anyway) I think I would be willing to pay 400 dollars for that. As I am not, I think I would have paid a maximum of maybe 75 dollars. Just my opinon.
  10. I wish you gyus would stop talking about religion!!! But one concern I might have is that, if PoA got an Oscar for Best Visuals Effects, THEN JW might not win for Best Score. The Academy might think, "Oh well, one Oscar for the latest Potter movie is enough already, lets give one to The Passion, as well, so we satisfy the religious people out there." But that is, I guess, just my paranoia speaking. In truth, I still believe JW wins. Regarding, best visual effects, I think PoA HAS also the best shot at winning. Ive seen all three movies and Spiderman 2 is pretty great, but that Gryffindor is the most amazingly lifelike creature Ive ever seen thats come out of a computer. And those dementors look pretty cool too. So, yeah, I think the Academy will recognize PoA with two Oscars this year.
  11. If that is so then why were TPM and AOTC not even nominated? Star Wars music is a LOT more well known then Harry Potter music will ever be. Believe me, if I had been given free choice, I would have. But part of the reason for that might be because the Star Wars saga already has an Oscar for Best Score. And, like it or not, the Star Wars movies arent simply nominated anymore, as good as they might be. Dont ask me why, but Williams still got recognized for Angelas Ashes and CMIYC, didnt he???
  12. Like I also said earlier, if PoA won the Oscar, it would be in recognition of all three Potter scores, most likely. But believe, most people out there who are HP fans ARE capable of humming Buckbeaks Flight, A Window to the Past, and of course DOUBLE TROUBLE!!!! I know I can!!!
  13. Correct me if i'm wrong, but since when hummebility a deciding factor in deciding if a score is Oscar worthy? I can hum AND whistle Axel F. from Bevely Hills Cop, does that make it a viable Oscar winner? I am not talking about "hummability". I am just saying that the HP music is recognized by everyone, and that the general public has come to love and accept it. If all the kids and adults out there who might or might not be HP fans saw that the music from PoA is nominated and is up against such "generally unknown" music as Passion or Village (as good as they might be), they will certainly root for HP. And if HP should not win, the Academy will look pretty stupid. Dont you think??? (Sorry my computer has lost the apostrophes.)
  14. The Academy will look pretty stupid if JW did not win again this year. If there is one thing the Academy hates, it is to look stupid. After all, everybody knows the music from Harry Potter. Who can hum the music from Passion or the Village? Not me. If JW has won in the past few years, he might not win this year, but it has been over ten years. Its high time for him to win again, and the Academy knows it. Also, like I said earlier, Shore got two for LOTR-trilogy. If Williams got none for the HP music, which is just as popular (if not more so), the Academy will have all the HP fans out there (and there are quite a few) against it. So JW will win this year, in all likelihood.
  15. I think Minority Report looked pretty good, too, but it wasn't the expected box-office hit. I think pictures alone (especially when it's just pictures of Tom Cruise reacting to something sinister) can't tell us a whole lot. But I do believe the movie's gonna be great -- if you consider the other Spielberg-alien movies (CE3K and E.T.) WotW has a lot going for it. But even if the movie turns out to be a flop, I'm sure the score will be a killer.
  16. Hey, this poll was right . . . sorta. Why don't you guys vote more for option no. 1???
  17. Wasn't that the reason they made up a Best Musical or Comedy score" award for a while? K.M. Yeah, but it didn't JW any good, did it? :cry:
  18. Whether he actually wins or not is still in the air, but I really believe that the Academy or the Committee (or whatever they're called) wants John Williams to win this year. It's nice to recognize his achievement year after year by a nomination, no argument there, but hey . . . it's getting ridiculous. I can think of at least five other occasions (actually it's seven) when JW should have won but didn't. Also, I think the fact that JW was honored at the Kennedy Center Honors might have sth to do with this. I have to admit that in 2001, when he was nominated for both AI and HP, I was also hopeful, but this is certainly his best chance in a long time.
  19. I like all the cues mentioned here, but the one brief cue I was thinking of lately is the Dumbledore's Speech from PoA (aka A Word of Caution). I love the way it starts frighteningly as Dumbledore talks about the dangers, and then suddenly, as Dumbledore raises his two fingers, comes one of the best uses of the Double Trouble theme. All the actions -- especially the lighting of the candle -- is musically accompanied to great effect . . . also, the subsequent Double Trouble Theme as the students leave the great hall is really inspiring . . . LOL
  20. It just occurred to me that part of the reason JW didn't reuse any of the older HP-material was because he wanted the score to be eligible for an Oscar nomination. And it worked!!! As good as the other scores are, I really believe that JW will win this year. There are several reasons I can think of: 1. The most obvious is of course PoA IS the best score of the five. 2. As several of you mentioned, the sympathy vote applies here. Since he won the statuette for Schindler's List in 1993, he's been nominated so many times that he deserves an Oscar again this year. Also, If JW gets this Oscar, it would not be just for PoA but for his entire work on the Harry Potter series. 3. Shore got two for the LOTR-trilogy, which was obviously a bad mistake (why else was his Aviator score declared uneligible other than for the stated reason?). It would look stupid if JW got none for his HP soundtracks, which were almost just as popular, not to mention more enjoyable to listen. 4. They won't dismiss it as a kid's movie. After all, what's E.T. then??? Besides, of the bunch Lemony Snicket is the kid's movie.
  21. How about giving some lip service to the $600 million-Harry Potter franchise???
  22. Yeah, a shame. Probably Spielberg won't even be there to congratulate JW on his 6th Oscar!!!! Does anyone know the score to Lemony Snicket by Thomas Newman? Any chance of winning???
  23. Yeah true, but in which other categories might PoA have been nominated? Maybe Art Direction, but other than that . . . I don't think Emma Watson's ever gonna be nominated Best Actress (as much as I like her).
  24. I was also saddened to see that The Terminal wasn't nominated, even for Art Direction!!! What's that all about? The let's-give-Spielberg-the-snub phase starts again???
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