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  1. The mysterious ways of the Academy aside, of the five nominations PoA has the best score. Anyone think otherwise???
  2. I don't know the other scores, but it's very likely that JW will get an Oscar this year. Possibly Passion of the Christ, but I honestly don't think so. I can't wait!!!!! LOL
  3. John Williams is generally regarded as the best and most respected composer in Hollywood, right? So what amazes me is the fact that JW has received four Oscars (for original compositions) during a span of 18 years. Alan Menken, on the other hand, has received just as many in a span of just seven years. Something is seriously out of whack, right? And what's more, Jerry Goldsmith had only one, James Horner has one, Hans Zimmer ditto, Danny Elfman has none . . .
  4. The toughest score he as ever worked in is always the one he is writting at the moment. He says that all the time. Oh, I see. Well, that means he's always giving 120% on whatever he's working on, right? On the other hand, he might have meant this literally. After all, it IS the final installment of Star Wars and expectations are almost as high as they were for TPM. I'm sure he wants to end the saga on a high note.
  5. Thanks to starwarsinsider for this great opportunity!!! Things I would like to ask/tell John Williams: 1. In your opinion, what makes the score to RotS so special? 2. You said in an earlier interview that the toughest thing you ever worked on was the score to RotS. Why was it so tough? How do you feel now that the final score for the Star Wars saga is finished? 3. Do you ever have "composer's block"? 4. Are you in any way involved with GoF? Are you gonna give Patrick Doyle any tips? Are any of your themes (esp. Hedwig's Theme) used in GoF? 5. What would you like to tell your fans all over the world? 6. Wish you good luck at the Oscars 2005!!! (Only if he's nominated and if the interview takes place before the Oscars 2005.) An afterthought: What exactly now was the involvement of William Ross in CoS?
  6. Some time ago I heard Danny Elfman's commentary on Edward Scissorhands. The movie was good, the score was brilliant (arguably one of Elfman's best achievements), and the commentary was interesting. The movie is certainly recommended.
  7. Folks, keep your fingers crossed!!! Tomorrow the nominations are announced. LOL
  8. If you ever run into him, ask him what's up with WotW and MoG!!!
  9. Really? I already corrected it. Nothing can clean the stain left on your name. You are banned from this establishment! You, and your children, and your CHILDREN'S CHILDREN!..........for 3 months. I think you've spent too much time in this "establishment".
  10. I think they've got access to view it over the Internet. Not to hear it, though.
  11. When all is said and done, bottom line is, JW's got a real shot at the Oscars this year. I've said it before, but if Shore won 2 Oscars for LOTR and Williams got none for HP, I would lose my faith in the Academy for good. I don't care whether it makes sense to compare those two series, JW deserves one for the Harry Potter-series. Period!!!
  12. Yeah, thanks for the post. I applaud Williams for having already finished the 2 hour-score for the final installment of the greatest saga ever. While we've been here, worrying about WotW and RotS and whatever, he's been working all this time. Way to go, JW!!! I get goosebumps just thinking what new themes and action cues he might have written.
  13. Then it's served its purpose!!!
  14. I know Jerry Goldsmith did it (i.e. Hollow Man), so did Danny Elfman (i.e. Edward Scissorhands). John Williams never did it. Does anyone have DVDs with audio-commentaries done by composers??? Which are any good? Which are not? I have a CD at home with a John Williams interview done shortly before the premiere of TPM, and I just love listening to him talk about his compositions. You can sense the enthusiasm and the love of the music. For which movie would you like to see JW doing an audio-commentary??? My answer is simple: for every movie he ever worked on (although Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Indiana Jones would top the list)!!!
  15. I agree that the choral music starting at 3.45 of "Middle Passage" is one of the most powerful moments of the entire score (and thus the entire movie), but in the poll I only wanted actual songs, with lyrics. JW utilizies choirs a lot, of course, and to great effect (i.e. Theme From Jurassic Park), but quite often it's just humming or ahhh-ing or ohhh-ing. That's why I didn't include Hymn To The Fallen from Saving Private Ryan, either. Also, I only wanted songs written specifically for movies, that's why I didn't include Call of the Champions. I have to say that, unfortunately, I have never seen the movie or even heard the score. And I'm sad about that!!!
  16. Jaws 2 is a pretty good movie, I think -- of course not a classic like the first Jaws, but still a decent effort. I was actually surprised at how good it was. The score is also good, of course, and some think it's more enjoyable to listen than the first. This might be true, although IMO nothing beats the original. Jaws 3-D is really a waste of time. The only thing I liked about it is Lea Thompson (when I was about 12 or so I had a major crush on her after I saw her in Back To The Future). Also, I like the fact that JW got credited at the beginning: ORIGINAL THEMES BY JOHN WILLIAMS. The shark looks SO stupid in this movie, it's really an insult. Of course, at that time, anything done by a computer -- no matter how ridiculous -- was worth watching.
  17. I agree, the Main Theme is arguably the best track on the CD. I'm especially fond of the moment when at about 3.08 the piano returns, this time accompanied by oboe. And then, IMO, comes the best part of the entire soundtrack: the Main Theme starts again at 3.35, this time accompanied by a single flute . . . I think this sounds so good, I can't express it in words. Just so playful and soft, like a gentle breeze in Paris . . . (I didn't know I was a poet!!! LOL) Yeah, my favorite Party Sequence music is When Joanna Loved Me. The trombone solo by Dick Nash throughout the song is second-to-none . . .
  18. Do movies have to be successful for the score to succeed? I think that's generally true. That's why the score to Far and Away and Sabrina are so underrated. I think especially Sabrina is one of the best efforts by Williams in the mid-nineties. Unfortunately, the Sydney Pollack movie wasn't all that great, so hardly anyone thinks much of the score, either. I just love the Theme From Sabrina (and, to a lesser degree, Moonlight as performed by Sting). It makes me feel like I'm in Paris in spring, in love, going to fancy parties . . . in other words, exactly what the music should evoke in us. Does anyone have a better understanding of how music can be associated with such specific situations as John Williams? I think not. Sabrina is a score that manages to be energetic, breezy, mysterious, and exotic at the same time. I think it's just plain lovely. P.S.: Does anyone else feel the same away about Sabrina?
  19. What do you mean avoid death? Is anyone attempting his life? That's in poor taste. :?
  20. Still five days!!! I can't wait . . . According to the poll, JW will be nominated for PoA. Let's hope for the best!!!
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