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  1. Still five days!!! I can't wait . . . According to the poll, JW will be nominated for PoA. Let's hope for the best!!!
  2. It is, but the Raiders of the Lost Ark soundtrack rocks, man!!! LOL
  3. I disagree. If Cruise had a choice between John Williams and Hans Zimmer, he'd gor for JW. BELIEVE me. Arguably, Zimmer would be his second choice. Has he ever said that? He could have hired him for the last samurai, im sure he has the money. But he did not... It's not a question of money (God knows, both Tom Cruise and JW have enough already). It's just that JW has reached a point in his career where he can choose projects which really interest him. Like Alan Parker, the director of Angela's Ashes, pointed out, having John Williams get on board is akin to winning the lottery. I'm not sure on this, but maybe JW did get asked (for those of you who don't know it, JW was also James Cameron's first choice for Titanic; JW declined because he was busy with The Lost World). Also, it's just that 2003 was his deserved year off. Yes, Cruise did indeed say something to that effect. Right after Far and Away came out, he praised JW for the music of Far and Away and BOTFOJ. And that wasn't just talk.
  4. Its a bootleg, not official , though it has good sound. Its not worth that money specially if you own the 1995 re-release. Its just 15 minutes of new music... No, actually I DID mean the 1995 re-release. I just never had a chance to get a hold of it and now it's out of print. I generally don't like bootlegs, so I'm not interested in that, even if it has a few minutes of new material . . .
  5. I disagree. If Cruise had a choice between John Williams and Hans Zimmer, he'd gor for JW. BELIEVE me. Arguably, Zimmer would be his second choice.
  6. I think you meant possible.........and yes Cruise shouldn't choose Zimmer! Yeah, sorry, I meant possible. I already corrected it.
  7. Angela's Prayer and Angels Never Cough (Angela's Ashes) Seven Years In Tibet (Seven Years In Tibet) Dry Your Tears, Afrika (Amistad) All of them thoughtful, introspective, and ultimately uplifting.
  8. You do, if you're Tom Cruise. Besides, Tom Cruise's production company Cruise/Wagner is involved in making the film. For Minority Report, Spielberg even admitted that it was Cruise who hired HIM, not the other way around. So, technically, it IS possible, I think, although I doubt seriously that Cruise would choose Zimmer or anyone else over John Williams.
  9. It would have to be the Ultimate Edition of TPM, for which I paid, I think, 33 Euros. But for the UE of Home Alone 2, the OS of Temple of Doom, and the OS of Jaws2 I'm willing to pay up to 50 Euros each. Yes, that's right. (Unfortunately, I don't have a credit card right now, so I can't get anything off eBay. Oh I forgot, for the Complete Edition of Raiders of the Lost Ark, I'm willing to pay up to 100 Euros!!!
  10. Roald, why don't you even entertain the IDEA that JW can write a score in just two months, even if it is for such a huge Spielberg-blockbuster??? Like I said, there IS enough time. Movie composers are used to working under a lot of pressure with deadlines looming ahead of them. I've read somewhere that Jerry Goldsmith wrote the score to Air Force One in just two WEEKS, James Hormer wrote the score to Alien (I forgot which part) in just a week (possibly two). So what makes you think JW can't write a score -- again, even if it is for such a mega-blockbuster -- in two MONTHS??? Believe me, JW WILL score WotW!!!!
  11. Thanks for the responses. Get this. The first time I tried, it didn't work. The second time, for some reason I don't know, it DID work. I think I didn't wait long enough the first time. I'm really glad it did work out in the end. (Now I've got close to 25 JW-CDs on my iPod, including AotC!!!)
  12. Does anyone else listen to JW on his/her iPod? I got my first iPod mini just yesterday and was about to transfer all my JW CDs onto my computer so I can transfer those onto my ipod. Everything went fine at first until I came to AotC. That CD is not playable on PC or Mac!!! Which means I CANNOT listen to AotC on my iPod!!! This is so annoying. Now I've got almost 30 JW CDs in this tiny thing except for AotC!!!!! :cry: Does anyone know a way around this? How can I listen to the music to AotC on my MP3 player, anyway? It can't be impossible!!! Please help. 8O P.S. This question has maybe (probably) been asked before and if so, I apologize, I just didn't feel like going through all the threads right now. Thanks.
  13. Amen to that. 8O IF JW is no longer associated with the project (note the capital IF), it's because he lost interest or because the movie isn't as good as everyone keeps hoping. However, I still think we shouldn't get too worked up just because of IMDB and some Spanish site. Let's sit tight and await the first JW score of the year -- RotS. I'm sure JW will score both WotW AND Memoirs of a Geisha (if not, then GoF -- maybe Patrick Doyle isn't ready to score such a mega-blockbuster yet, after all). Anything's possible.
  14. No, WOTW opens June 29. One month makes a lot of difference when it comes to scoring. Yeah, sorry, that was my mistake -- it's June 29th. But like everyone else pointed out, JW still got March, April, and May to work on WotW. He's still got time to record the music, because recording sessions for movies take usually no longer than a week (except in the case of Star Wars, which might take 2). I've said it once before and I'll say it again: It'll be a snowy day in hell before Spielberg goes to Zimmer, especially when it comes to such a mega blockbuster sci-fi movie. LOL
  15. Roald, John Williams will have completed the entire 2 hour score for RotS by February (this we know because the recording sessions are in February). Opening of WotW is July 29, so that gives him at least three months to write and record the music for WotW. Remember, JW wrote Jurassic Park in only two months. Even if George Lucas keeps re-editing and tinkering with his movie until the last minute (whether JW will be available to make changes at that point is another question entirely) the bulk of the RotS score is finished come February. So, to my mind, although it IS a tight schedule (I think no one's doubting that), JW will still have enough time to fully devote himself to the new Spielberg blockbuster. P.S. And who even says that JW can't work on two movies at once? Maybe, even as we speak, he's sketching out the themes for WotW. After all, he IS John Williams!!!!
  16. I don't agree. 2002 was just too much for Williams. He had four mayor motion pictures lined up (AotC, MR, CoS, and CMIYC), plus 2002 was also the year of the re-release of E.T and the Winter Olympics (for which he wrote Call of the Champions). I really love the score to CoS and Minority Report, even if some of you don't think much of them. For me, 2002 was one of the greatest JW years so far.
  17. I'm not asking which is the best, just which do you like most. To my mind, they're all so good I can't choose one. Note that I haven't included Hymn to the Fallen (Saving Private Ryan).
  18. You think? I was thinking of Vangelis in his early years!!!
  19. So anyone knows anything about Dick DeBenedictis??? I was really impressed with his work on Columbo (the new specials). I'd love to see him work on movies sometime.
  20. No, seriously, who is that??? He seems SO familiar!!! LOL
  21. I agree with that 100%. Also, I like the fact that Spielberg seems to truly appreciate John Williams's talent. There's always a short featurette or interview to be found on his DVDs. Kudos to Spielberg!!!
  22. Lee Holdridge: Moonlighting. One of the best!!!
  23. I know Thomas Newman is the son of Alfred Newman. But are David Newman, Randy Newman, and Joey Newman related to them in any way? Why are so many composers named Newman??? Just coincidence???
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