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  1. Yeah, well, I was only half-kidding.
  2. Goldsmith was a master, granted, but to my mind he can't be a match for John Williams. How many Oscar nominations did Jerry Goldsmith get in his lifetime? 10? 15? John Williams has 42 nominations and he received only 5. He received as many Oscars as John Barry did, and that is, to my mind, a travesty. I've come around to believe that JW probably will NOT receive an honorary Oscar, but he certainly deserves one for the Harry Potter series (I still can't fathom that he didn't get one for the Indiana Jones-trilogy). How many did Alfred Newman and Max Steiner get throughout their careers? 10? 12? And JW, the absolute greatest film composer ever, has only 5. Now, if that's not what you'd call a bit OFF, I don't know what is.
  3. Great! Thanks, HornPlayer! Now, could you do the same for Sleepers, Seven Years in Tibet, and Sabrina?
  4. Actually I don't think Williams will use YoYoMa again in Memois of a Geisha. That would be too much like Seven Years in Tibet. But maybe he'll use another famous soloist . . . perhaps Vanessa Mae. Isn't she Chinese? Then again, she might be too wild for such a quiet, introspective movie.
  5. According to IMDB, it's Memoirs of a Geisha.
  6. Because of Spielberg, JW has won 4 Oscars . . . for his own films Jaws, E.T., and Schindler's list, and also for Star Wars, because Spielberg introduced JW to George Lucas in the seventies. Happy 58th birthday!!!
  7. Then let's hope that day never comes. On the other hand, if Spielberg is an exception, then Williams should be too.
  8. Are you sure? Steven Spielberg got an Honorary Oscar in 1987.
  9. After 42 Oscar nominations and 5 wins, I think it's high time. But then again, has any film composer EVER received an Honorary Oscar? If not JW should be the first ever. Maybe next year, when he wraps up the new Star Wars-trilogy, War of the Worlds, and Memoirs of a Geisha (which should be, to my mind, the perfect candidate for Best Picture as well as Best Score).
  10. In one year yes. Virtually at the same time; I doubt it. Both films require a huge, detailed scoring job and since Williams, unlike other composers who compose 5 or 6 scores over a 10 month period, has always avoided conflicting schedules. Roald Not necessarily. The scoring sessions for RotS are in February, so by that time JW has already completed the entire 2 hour score. That gives him at least two months to write the score for WotW, which will open in June 29. It's a really right schedule, admitted, but if anyone can pull it off, it's JW. I just can't believe that Spielberg will not go to his long-time collaborator and friend JW for his big-budget sci-fi movie, after doing E.T. and CE3K with him. Let's hope for the best.
  11. Could it be that JW hasn't officially agreed to score WotW yet? Or maybe -- because of the tight schedule -- he's only planning to co-write the score . . . like he writes the major themes and someone else (i.e James Newton Howard or Alan Silvestri) the underscore. Just a thought. But on the other hand, I really DO believe JW will write the entire score. Maybe he's already sketching out the themes for WotW while working on RotS . . . If anyone's capable of scoring two of the biggest sci-fi movies ever in one year, then it's JW.
  12. :roll: Based on what, exactly? Williams' lack of involvement? No, that's not narrow-minded at ALL. No, I think there's some truth to that, though. Williams's participation usually enhances the overall quality of a movie (because of his status as well as his musical ingenuity) and his absence from the GoF project will be greatly felt, I think. I look forward to the movie, of course, but not as much as I would if it had been scored by JW.
  13. Some great song writers off the top of my head: Diane Warren Babyface Andrew Lloyd Webber John Williams John Lennon All great musicians of the century, all great songwriters.
  14. Like I said, they're all brilliant, but after much thought I decided to cast my vote for "Harry's Wondrous World." For me, right now, the Quidditch Fanfare -- and the following Hogwart's Theme -- is so triumphant and uplifting and ingenious, it's beyond description. It's the joy of the game and pride of Gryffindor expressed with music. Absolutely magnificent. (I think this is also part of the reason SS got nominated for an Oscar. When the nominations for Best Score were announced at the Academy Awards, they showed a brief clip of Harry and his team flying out on their broomsticks to start the game . . . the precise moment the Quidditch Fanfare sets in.)
  15. Oh yeah. The guy who wrote the music for Alias and The Incredibles. Is he that good?
  16. Never heard of him. Who the heck is that? An Italian composer?
  17. Just wondering . . . Although they're all good, I think I would like for Steven Spielberg to not collaborate with one specific composer, but to choose a different one every time depending on the movie. I think none of the above is as versatile as JW, nor will they ever be. I think James Horner comes closest, but then again, for every hit, he produces three stinkers.
  18. You mean the Journey to the Island-theme? "Welcome to Jurassic Park" is just the "Theme from Jurassic Park" played by the piano.
  19. I can't decide. To my mind, they're all the work of a genius.
  20. I think there's an interview with Stone regarding JW on the Enhanced CD of the Nixon-soundtrack. I'm not sure whether it always works, though.
  21. It does not strike me as classic in any way, by far the weakest of the 4 songs. I don't think so. I think "Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas" is on a par with "We Wish You A Merry Christmas," which is, of course, a classic Christmas Song. I love all 4 Home Alone X'Mas songs equally, perhaps "Star of Bethlehem" slightly more than the others. Merry Christmas!!!
  22. JW CREATED many new themes (i.e. for Sirius Black and Harry's parents), but I don't think he DISCARDED any of his older themes. It's just that in PoA neither Fawkes nor Dobby nor Moaning Myrtle makes an appearance. If JW were to score GoF, I'm sure those themes would get a reprisal. I have to admit, though, I'm curious as to what Doyle would come up with for Fawkes the Phoenix. (Not that he would ever be a match for JW.)
  23. I'm 23. No, I have never seen the original movie, but I'm considering reading the book by H.G. Wells now. I agree completely. I think 2002 was a major year for JW, having produced 2 of my all-time favorite scores, namely AoTC and Minority Report (actually 4, counting CoS and Catch Me). I don't think either score suffered because of the tight schedule, and I think that, as JW grows older, he is capable of working at a faster rate. I truly admire him for that. Just because AoTC was a bit of a dud, that doesn't mean the score was bad. In fact, I think Across the Stars is one of the best tracks ever in the Star Wars saga, on the par with Princess Leia's Theme or Imperial March. I think 2005 will be (hopefully) a reprise of that year, with 3 scores by JW -- RoTS, WoTW, and Memoirs of a Geisha.
  24. . . . for her Golden Globes nomination for her performance in "Closer."
  25. Maybe (probably) this has been discussed before on this site, but do you think Patrick Doyle will reuse any of the JW-material in GoF??? Even if it is just the Hedwig's Theme, it would be nice . . . then JW gets a credit like in JP3 or Jaws 3 -- "Original Themes by John Williams." I think to hear a reprise of Dobby's Theme or Fawkes the Phoenix or Moaning Myrtle in GoF is too much to hope for . . .
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