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  1. Any word yet of when it's gonna happen? LucasFilm is now holding back the expanded releases of the Indiana Jones-films as well as the REALLY ultimate editions of TPM and AoTC. Shame on you Mr. Lucas!!! (Let's hope he will come to his senses after the release of RoTS)!
  2. King Mark, I really hate your picture. JW should be applauded for not scoring GoF. I think the British crew of HP wasn't particularly nice to JW . . .
  3. I'm constantly listening to it right now, I think it's one of the best pieces JW wrote in recent years!!! It's so funny, ingenious, and uplifting! (If you ask me JW deserves an Oscar just for this waltz, along with Double Trouble). Has JW ever written a classical waltz like this before? Nothing comes immediately to mind . . . LOL
  4. RoTS opens May 19th, WotW on June 29th. It's a really tight schedule, especially if WotW requires an almost-two-hour score (like I assume). I wonder whether JW has already started making sketches for WotW. . . Also, has anyone seen the original WotW? Who wrote the music for that movie? I don't think JW will reuse any of the old material, but it would be interesting to compare the two of them.
  5. I would have to vote for option 1, because I'd really love to see the soundtrack of the Indiana Jones trilogy . . . with all the concert versions, alternate cues, and album versions. Kinda like with the original Star Wars trilogy or the expanded Superman release. An isolated score is okay, but only when there are decent soundtracks to go with the movies . . .
  6. Does anyone have the re-release of Missouri Breaks? Is it any good?
  7. What have you got against "Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas", Morlock???
  8. Yeah, you're right . . . but with much imagination. Just listening to that track to get myself into a Christmassy mood. You know, it's working pretty well.
  9. If it is, the kids're pronouncing CANDLES way differently . . .
  10. I agree with most of what you said, but I don't think he just "happens" to do what he does better than anyone else. I think he's someone who is EXTREMELY ambitious, who is constantly trying to become better at what he loves to do. And that shows. He's now reached the pinnacle of his career, he's the most talented and influential (not to mention successful) film composer ever, and that's what makes him to his fans god-like. But, to my mind, he is still a person . . . and thank God he is.
  11. Thanks, ChrisAfonso!!! I always thought it's "Candles in the window," too, but on the OS it sounds way different!!! It's SOMETHING in the window, but it sure as hell isn't candles. Is it shadows? What is it??? :?
  12. Does anyone know when will the nominations be announced???
  13. I think JW is healthy and he will continue working for quite some time. He looks pretty good to me, too, so what's this discussion about his health, anyway (being thin is not a sign of illness, by the way)??? And, by the by, I don't really think JW will ever retire, he will continue scoring until the very end . . . which will be in about twenty years (at least).
  14. Does anyone have the lyrics to Somewhere In My Memory??? :roll:
  15. The 25 best for me (in no particular order, it's impossible for me to rank them, they're all so good): Star Wars Main Theme Force Theme Imperial March Duel of the Fates Across the Stars Hedwig's Theme Harry's Wondrous World Fawkes the Phoenix Double Trouble Raiders March AI: Abandoned in the Woods Monica's Theme E.T. (Flying Theme) Over the Moon Jurassic Park (Main Theme) Schindler's List (Theme) Jaws (Main Title) Somewhere in my Memory Superman (Theme) Far and Away (Love Theme) Hymn to the Fallen Angela's Prayer Born on the Fourth of July (Theme) Hook (Peter's Theme) Dry Your Tears Afrika Boy, and that's just the best of the best!!!! P.S. Try to play each one in your mind as you go through the list!!!
  16. I REALLY love AoTC. Across the Stars is one of the best love themes by JW, Chase through Coruscant and On the Conveyor Belt are some of the best action pieces . . . AoTC is certainly one of the best JW has produced in recent years . . . but then again, which score by JW isn't?
  17. I think the best unreleased cues of PoA after watching the movie on DVD are (names by John Takis): Grave Danger A Word of Caution (one of the best uses of Double Trouble) Winter Comes Meddling With Time Sirius Black's Escape (Buckbeak's Theme once again) Also, I have new appreciation for the cues: The Snowball Fight (I love it the way it starts all of a sudden) The Werewolf Scene (the Best action cue of the film) Saving Buckbeack (the way it starts as Harry is sent by Hermione to save Buckbeak -- perfection!!!)
  18. I'm 23, my first CD was Schindler's List when I was 12. I've got now about 60 JW CDs (about 40 soundtracks and 20 with the Boston Pops and other compilations) and 40 movies scored by JW on DVD. Collection is still growing . . . yay!!!
  19. Morlock, why don't you post this at illayarajafan.net??? If there IS such a thing. Just who the heck is this guy? How could he be the best film composer if no one's ever heard of him???
  20. Wish I lived in the US, if only to hear JW on the news.
  21. I think it WAS limited in Europe, only there were so many copies it might as well have been NOT limited. Because now I see more and more copies WITHOUT the bonus track . . . So no one knows HOW MANY COPIES exactly . . .? P.S: I REALLY love "On the Conveyor Belt". Most bonus tracks (not necessarily from JW) are unremarkable, but this one is arguably one of the best cues JW wrote for the film (a shame Lucas didn't include it in the final cut) . . . a short section thereof can also be found on the Across the Stars-music video, which was how I came to love it in the first place.
  22. When the AotC Sountrack came out, it was a limited edition with a bonus track ("On the Conveyor Belt"). Does anyone know to how many copies it was limited? I think the CD now available is WITHOUT the great bonus track, which is a pity. : :spiny:
  23. What's all this s*** bashing Natalie Portman? You should be ashamed of yourselves!!!
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