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  1. Thanks for the advice. I think I'll get them both when my paycheck comes in.
  2. Who's talking about being aroused?
  3. Has anyone seen the movie ONLY YOU, scored by Rachel Portman??? I've heard the music is really great -- I'm considering buying either that or The Witches of Eastwick (scored by JW) on DVD. What do you think?
  4. Well . . . she looks ESPECIALLY hot on this one.
  5. Yep. That pretty much sums it up. Oh well.
  6. Where can I find it? Was the DVD commercially released? Do YOU have that?
  7. I think Natalie Portman looks really hot on this site. Another reason to look forward to RotS.
  8. Figues. It's like with Catch me if you can. Wish I could see JW conducting the orchestra for an entire cue just once!!!
  9. Do we need to discuss this? Rachel Portman is the greatest film composer!!! P.S.: Right after JW. HEHE.
  10. For anyone who's got the Terminal-DVD . . . how long is the JW featurette? And does it contain prolonged footage of JW conducting the orchestra? Thanks.
  11. So? That's not a reason why he shouldn't get more. He certainly deserves one for the HP series.
  12. Also, John Williams had already five Oscars in his pocket when he did TPM, Horner won his first for Titanic . . . that's gotta mean something!!! And I think the percentage of what Williams and Horner earn from album sales is different . . . Even though TITANIC was a monster hit, that doesn't necessarily mean that Horner got the lion's share of the money.
  13. I agree that Horner got a lot for Titanic, but I have an idea too strong to deny that JW earned even more on TPM. For one thing, SONY paid a small fortune just for the RIGHTS to release the albums, and for another STAR WARS remains, after all, the most successful franchise in movie history . . . (Plus, there was no Celine Dion to split the royalties with.)
  14. I've listened to JW all my life because my favorite movie ever since I can remember has been ET, closely followed by Jaws, without realizing that the scores to both movies were composed by one man. Then in 1994, I heard the music to Schindler's List on TV (it was the Oscars) and John Williams won!!! Someone told me that he's also written the music for Indiana Jones, Star Wars, E.T., and so on . . . and I was hooked for life!!! I think the soundtrack to Schindler's List was the very first CD I ever bought!!!
  15. But I imagine Horner got to split the money with Celine Dion . . .
  16. But that was just ONE album. Imagine what JW earned with 5 (so far) Star Wars movies and the 3 Harry Potter installments. Horner had only ONE comparable hit, to wit Titanic. But then again (to give Horner some credit) he's a few years younger than JW.
  17. Shore gets 2 Oscars for LoTR, Williams gets none for HP? IT'S SO UNFAIR!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Wonder what he'd be like as a film composer . . .
  19. Well, if it's USUALLY 5% of the whole budget, I have an idea that John Williams gets more . . . perhaps even as much as 10%.
  20. I'm truly sorry for your loss. Josh. :cry:
  21. Here's the source (dunno if it's true, though).
  22. Do you think salary is dependent on length of the score? Like (I dunno) maybe 10,000 $ per minute of score heard in the film? That would mean JW got the same salary for Saving Private Ryan as for TPM, which seems quite ludicrous. Just a thought. Oh, by the way, if Alan Silvestri makes 1 mil. on CAST AWAY and Elfman makes 3 mil. on HULK, I could easily imagine JW making 20 mil. on a HARRY POTTER installment.
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