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  1. 51 minutes ago, crumbs said:

    But I've heard it probably hundreds of times since the LLL came out and I'm used to it now.


    Yeah, same here. 


    54 minutes ago, Jay said:


    I mean the entire previously unreleased section sounds different to me, and I don't think it's only because I was used to the album version for 19 years before hearing the full thing.  To me it sounds like the new section is mastered differently than the parts that were on the album or something.  The "air" seems different and so does the sound of the horns.


    I used to feel that way about the different beginning of "The Lost World" (Main Title), too, but not anymore. After listening to it many, many times, I don't hear the difference in sound quality or whatever it is anymore. Maybe my ears have just gotten used to it, I don't know. 

  2. 18 hours ago, Jay said:


    The only bummer I find with the longer version is that for some reason, the previously unreleased section has a noticeable change in sound quality when it begins.  I don't know why that would be. 


    Honestly, I don't hear it. Change in sound quality? 


    Are you talking about the point at 2:14 when the long drawn-out brass note starts, before it opens up at around 2:17? It seems to me that this is the way it's intended to sound.... 


    Unless you mean a different moment? 

  3. 3 hours ago, Drew said:

    I prefer the OST mix to the LLL. The remastering sounds too forced, like they made each section too crisp and then mixed it back together.


    You know, I initially felt that way too. I also felt that way when LLL released the expanded A.I. But that was just at the beginning. I think that sometimes happens because we're so darn used to the old versions, a slightly different version (even if improved) may sound a bit jarring and odd to our ears... 

  4. I think condensing a 2 hour score into a 74-minute album is sort of an art. Some people just complain about the fact that the music is not complete... But that's really not the point. The fact that the composer, the creator of the music himself, put in the effort to assemble the album makes me value it more (it'd be a whole different story, if Shawn Murphy, Ken Wannberg, or even Spielberg himself was doing it!). This shows me what he himself deemed important or not, what he wanted to "show off" to his audience, how he would have told the story in a musical way, freed from the constraints of the movie format... 


    So I would never haughtily look down on the decisions made by the creator himself, even if I may not always wholeheartedly agree with them. 

  5. 5 minutes ago, Datameister said:

    I can't remember the last time I listened to the OST version. There are omissions that help album listening experiences...but this ain't one of them for me.


    The full version is better, no question. I think we all agree on this.


    But my point is, the shortened version is still very listenable, it hasn't been ruined by its omission. In fact, when I first listened to this track on the soundtrack album I didn't even realise anything was missing.... 

  6. Very rarely, but I still do. After all, this is the version I grew up with, the version I've known for over 20 years. Let's just say, I haven't completely written it off. But needless to say, I very much prefer the expanded (full) version. Kinda like with "Summon the Heroes," come to think of it. 


    One of John Williams's most accomplished and breathtaking action cues of his career... The one where the percussionists almost threw in the towel (according to legend). :D



  7. 34 minutes ago, TSMefford said:

    Here's hoping! Maybe someone else should buy the others to increase our chances. Lol.



    If you really want the booklet, you need to go on the auction sites like ebay and try to get the actual Japanese releases from back then... If necessary contacting the seller and asking them about the additional booklet. Otherwise chances are pretty slim, I'd say. 





    6 minutes ago, Jay said:

    Here's what I don't understand.  When you realized your CD is scratched and wanted to buy a replacement, why did you throw away the packaging and booklet too?


    Already explained that... 


    10 hours ago, Josh500 said:


    I wish I still had that booklet, but I lost it many years ago, of course. Hell, that was almost a quarter of a century ago, I was in my early teens! 



  8. 44 minutes ago, Jurassic Shark said:

    Yeah, seriously. I suspect all copies that have a yellow obi are the original Japanese release and come with the booklet.


    I'm quite familiar with Japanese CD release practices, having been in Japan many times. It's got nothing to do with the packaging. It's just that they used to include these additional Japanese-only booklets for major blockbuster releases, for their first few print runs.... They've gotten pretty rare, but they still sometimes do that, for example for Star Wars and the like.


    But they won't keep doing that for movies that are 25 years old! 

  9. 39 minutes ago, Jurassic Shark said:

    I've got a Japanese edition, but it's a reprint and with a black obi instead of a yellow one. And there's no Japanese booklet.




    Well, that's what I suspected. If one really wants that old booklet, one has to go on these auction sites and actually buy the old release from 1997 or thereabouts.... It'd definitely be not an easy undertaking. Like hunting down the First Edition of a classic novel or something. 

  10. 1 minute ago, Smeltington said:


    You better not find it now. That would be a terrible way to repay TSMefford for his sacrifice!


    I hope it's not like, just one really vague sentence about the scoring sessions that comes out weirdly translated.


    TSMefford's Noble End  :nopity:


    Like I said, I doubt there's much more than that. If there was something else noteworthy, I'm pretty certain I'd remember it! It was just a little booklet that was added to the Japanese edition, probably because it was felt there that the original version was a bit too meager and lacking.... 


    But there's another issue. I'm not even sure this little booklet is still included today. That's what they did in 1997, back when it was just released.


    But I don't wanna be negative, I guess anything is possible! 

  11. 38 minutes ago, Jay said:



    If you can find your copy and post pictures of that japanese booklet, that'd be great!  We should be able to automatically translate it with OCR


    Nah, I definitely don't have it anymore. I actually had to rebuy most of my earliest JW CDs because they were so badly scratched (I didn't know how to take care of my stuff back then!).... And TLW was one of them. The replacement was most definitely not the Japanese version. 


    Just now, TSMefford said:


    Still is cool to have and would be nice to have the whole booklet translated


    That's for sure! 

  12. On 5/15/2021 at 12:19 AM, Amer said:

    At the Oscars they had a dance troupe perform the cue to a medley of other nominated scores by some choreographer lady called Debbie Allen.






    I know. I remember I actually saw that live (this was back when I still cared about the Oscars). I thought the performance was... interesting. 😂 

  13. 3 minutes ago, TownerFan said:


    Spielberg is not directing Indy 5, he's only exec producing. James Mangold is the attached director.




    Well, I can't say I'm very excited about this project, but the only consolation is, Indy V can't possibly be worse than Indy IV... That's just not feasible. 

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