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  1. Great! Thanks for the thorough and insightful answer. As for me, I find all 3 concert pieces stunningly beautiful, listenable, and well-written! I'm talking about these pieces in their own right, not necessarily the individual themes as integrated in the film. Each in their own way, they grab you, hold your attention, and mesmerise you. But I chose "The Chamber of the Secrets" too. Arguably the most powerful and electrifying of the bunch, with "Fawkes the Phoenix" being a close second.
  2. Well, that's you - like I said, I feel differently. Besides, my home is large enough to accommodate all of my CD collection...
  3. This looks like a poll I would do... Anyway, I voted Harry Potter! But they're all pretty much on the same level for me.
  4. Well, for me, it's about the collector's value (plus a dose of nostalgia). If you own the first edition of your favourite book (let's say Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings or whatever), would you throw it away because a newer version came out with better, more legible print, with a new introduction and afterword, new illustrations, updated cover art etc.? Well, for me, that's a big no. The first edition will always hold a very special place in my heart. But that's just me. You're welcome to have your own take on things.
  5. For a second I was like, Again, another Jurassic Park release? 😂 Then I saw this is an old thread from 2016. It will never go extinct, apparently...
  6. Sad news. A reminder that we're all mortal. RIP.
  7. I was just about to do this very poll, but then you beat me to it! Damn you!
  8. No, there was a terrorist attack, and over a hundred people were injured... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Centennial_Olympic_Park_bombing#:~:text=The Centennial Olympic Park bombing,died of a heart attack.
  9. Nice! John Williams was definitely the best thing about the 1996 Atlanta games, which was otherwise a terrible event... Seems like everybody wants to forget it.
  10. How many corners does your collection have? I mean, I consider cornerstones in my JW collection, among others, Jurassic Park, Star Wars, Jaws, Indiana Jones, A.I., E.T., Harry Potter, the 3 Oliver Stone collaborations etc. The jazzy, urgent main title of Earthquake is quite catchy too!
  11. For me it definitely was! SPR is one of my all-time favourites, although at the same time one of the all-time underrated scores among JW fans...
  12. Minority Report and Saving Private Ryan. These are 2 LLL releases I'm very happy about... After the blockbuster Jurassic Park and Harry Potter boxsets, these seem kind of minor (no pun intended), but they're really solid, top-notch scores in their own right.
  13. And the Poseidon Adventure? I happen to think that out of the 3, this one has the best main theme... Good answer! This makes me wanna get it after all...
  14. The Disaster Boxset. But I'm still debating... Although I'm tending toward skipping this one altogether.
  15. Yes, and that's why I know better now. Even back then I had doubts, but I gave in. I don't exactly regret it, but I'm wondering even more today, what for...?
  16. I always buy it for the music, of course. John Williams because I know JW's music has always quality and longevity, and which I personally like very much, and Matessino because he always knows how to best present it. Yeah, 100 bucks total (including shipping) is just a bit steep, even for my taste. Especially for an album which I'm pretty sure I'll hardly ever listen to...
  17. Exactly! ____ I'm actually surprised at seeing how many actually didn't get this. At least so far. I thought I'm in the minority. Turns out I'm in the majority...
  18. This sounds a little odd, gotta be honest... It's like collecting books without ever reading them. Or collecting cars without having a driver's licence.
  19. Still? Oh man, that sucks. Yes, that's right, and I hardly ever listen to that! What with the HP boxset, the JP boxset, the new Star Wars, the expanded Minority Report, etc. I don't find the time to listen to the Disaster scores... That's true.
  20. Well? Believe it or not, I'm still wondering whether to get the set myself, considering I already have all 3 OST albums... Any helpful advice would be appreciated.
  21. If it's heard at least two times it could be classified as a theme, I think. The key word is "could." It can be, but doesnt necessarily have to be.... Anyway, this isn't an exact science! It's just a matter of interpretation. In the case of "Blowing Off Steam", I would definitely call it a theme or leitmotiv.
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