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  1. I find myself unexpectedly loving "Oklahoma Territory"! Yes, this was on the OST album, but I just rediscovered it. Love the playful Western-like tone... And the beginning reminds me of Always!
  2. It's not OOP yet, though. It's just temporarily out of stock, so it'll soon be available again... Hopefully.
  3. Oh, right, the above list is the complete cue list... I thought these were the cues that were recorded and included on this set.
  4. It'd be interesting to listen to the two version of "The Horseshoe"... This cue wasn't on the OST album, right?
  5. Angela's Ashes and Far and Away! I'll spend the whole time listening to these two scores. They remind me of an easier, happier, more carefree time... Although the characters in these movies go through some serious struggles, of course.
  6. This reminds me... I actually had the tape cassette of Jurassic Park! But a few titles were missing.
  7. The person who gets it first, post some close-up pics please!
  8. Well, if you remember, a large portion of BTTF Part II takes place in 2015...
  9. I actually saw it in a CD store. I was like what the hell is this? I didn't buy it. I hate bootlegs.
  10. What's the difference? You either have it now or not. Or you intend to have it soon. Those are the three options!
  11. So at this point, among those who voted, it's 26-18... Meaning slightly over half the people bought it.
  12. Every single cue is so good, it's hard to choose one. However, if I had to, it's probably gonna be "Indy's Very First Adventure." When that comes on, you know the adventure is just about to start....
  13. Now that's something I personally would never do. I might consider not buying a John Williams expanded release that I know I'll hardly ever listen to, but I'd never sell a John Williams CD that I already own. I've never done that in 25 years of collecting JW!
  14. Same here. I already own the OST albums, all 3. And I hardly ever listen to them. That's why I hesitated. But who are we kidding. I'll get it, of course... Eventually! Just for completeness' sake!
  15. Easy question. Just vote. I haven't gotten it yet, but I'm considering ordering it now...
  16. Nice! Does anybody happen to know how much music was missing on the OST album?
  17. Never heard of her. She looks like Sabrina the Teenage Witch on that cover! Anyway good for her. I doubt I'll get this album, though.
  18. I think generally his best decades were the 80's, 90's, and 00's.
  19. I'm not even sure about that. Are approvals needed by the main actor? I'd say generally no, but in the case of Cruise, that's certainly a possibility, because many of his movies are (co-) produced by his own production company...
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