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  1. Wow! Thanks governor! On musipolis.com we can even hear the complete music trailer in the section "Classic Scores / Orchestral 04" of the "Audio/Video" page. http://www.musipolis.com/FLASHMX/ORCH/JXBORCH.html
  2. So John Williams has written the music for these teaser. Thanks for your replies!
  3. Thanks for the link! However, it appears that they have no information for the teaser. I listened to the music they list for the tv spot and the theatrical trailer, and none of them correspond. The teaser I'm thinking about is this one ->
  4. Hi everybody! I recently discovered the very first teaser trailer of Jurassic Park. Does anyone know what is the music they used? I wondered if it has been written especially by John Williams since it fits very well, or if it comes from another film soundtrack. Anyone has an idea?
  5. Thanks! Unfortunately, I am not a Mac user, nor do I know how to program on Mac, so there won't be a Mac version. (but maybe you can use Digital Performer if you need to use streamers on Mac?)
  6. Hi everybody! I'm not sure I presented myself a few years ago when I joined this forum, so to made it brief, I'm French, I love film music (you guess which composer in particular, I suppose ;-)), I play the cello, the piano, and of course I compose music. Studying film scoring on my own, I discovered the various ways to record the music with accurate timing, and which method to choose in one particular cue. But, beeing a PC user, and not wanting to adopt a Mac or have them both, after some research, I realized that punches and streamers were not easy to produce without high-priced hardware and software equipment, that is to say that it's not ideal for study purposes. I know that's pretty possible to do so with a video editing software, but it's a very time-consuming task, so I decided to write my own piece of (free) software to assist me in the timing job. The project is titled "Punches & Streamers Studio", and the main functionnality is the ability to open an avi file, browse through it, and then define key points. Each key point can be configured to be a flutter, or a punch and streamer, with highly customizable appearence. You can create, edit, save and import appearence templates to quick reuse, and save your project with linked video and key points. But the main goal of the software is to go far beyhond than that, and become a more powerful timing assistant software, with features such as "clicks to tempo", the possibility to select some of the key points and search for all possible tempos (with many customization settings, such as margins, number of missed points allowed, tempo decimals, and so on), create a tempo map, and so forth. When you have finished, you can export (or preview) a video with your punches and streamers, and use it for any purposes : study film music for cues you like, or before the composing process to know where you want hit points if you use Finale or Sibelius, or any other of your needs. Since I write this software on my free time, it is not complete yet nor released in full version, but if you are interested, please feel free to visit this web page to know more about it, because I realize that it would be a bit stupid of my part to be the only user of it, if some people can find useful such a software. I will update the site whenever the features will be implemented and the software takes shape. However, it must be clear that this software will never replace Auricle and Co, and if you are a film music professional, I strongly advise you to prefer them, it's only my little contribution to the world of film music enthusiastics. And for those who have some experience in film scoring, I would be very interested to know which synchronization method you prefer, and why? I hope I posted in the good section. Take care!
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