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  1. Why post this thread here? 1. I am a JW fan myself. 2. I thought people visiting this site ( this being a film music forum) would be interested in exploring film music, even when they do not belong to familiar territory. I guess I erred on the second point. I never thought JW fans would be so parochial.
  2. Sad to see so many pointless messages... But if anyone is serious about knowing a bit about this composer, have a look at a good biography of him here: http://www.filmchamber.com/tmpl.asp?it=prmwilaya
  3. Hi Adam, I just referred to fusion album as an introduction to his music. This is just one of the genres where he has delved into. To give you a background, the man has composed music for an incredible 750 films. His music spans a variety of genres that include - Indian classical music, Indian folk music, Minimalism, European Classical music. Unforunately, unlike Hollywood movies, Indian Movie industry do not release soundtrack albums. But a few enthusiasts have recorded his scores directly from his films. They lack in recording quality, but you can have a feel in the following pieces: http:/
  4. Have any of you heard of a film music composer by name Illayaraja? Chances are that most of you have not. Its a pity that such a genius remains largely unknown to the western world - largely because he comes from an obscure place ( A state called TamilNadu, in Southern India ). Having heard film music of all the major composers from the world including John Williams, I consider Illayaraja to be the greatest film music composer ever - Period. If you want to know about his music, a good place to start will be an instrumental fusion ( fusion between Bach's music and South Indian classical musi
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