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  1. Why post this thread here? 1. I am a JW fan myself. 2. I thought people visiting this site ( this being a film music forum) would be interested in exploring film music, even when they do not belong to familiar territory. I guess I erred on the second point. I never thought JW fans would be so parochial.
  2. Sad to see so many pointless messages... But if anyone is serious about knowing a bit about this composer, have a look at a good biography of him here: http://www.filmchamber.com/tmpl.asp?it=prmwilaya
  3. Hi Adam, I just referred to fusion album as an introduction to his music. This is just one of the genres where he has delved into. To give you a background, the man has composed music for an incredible 750 films. His music spans a variety of genres that include - Indian classical music, Indian folk music, Minimalism, European Classical music. Unforunately, unlike Hollywood movies, Indian Movie industry do not release soundtrack albums. But a few enthusiasts have recorded his scores directly from his films. They lack in recording quality, but you can have a feel in the following pieces: http://www.iespana.es/i2fs/MounaRaagamBGM.rm http://www.raajangahm.com/real/bgmscores/m...iyum/track1.ram http://www.raajangahm.com/real/bgmscores/m...rai/track01.ram http://www.raajangahm.com/real/bgmscores/a...li/anjali03.ram
  4. Have any of you heard of a film music composer by name Illayaraja? Chances are that most of you have not. Its a pity that such a genius remains largely unknown to the western world - largely because he comes from an obscure place ( A state called TamilNadu, in Southern India ). Having heard film music of all the major composers from the world including John Williams, I consider Illayaraja to be the greatest film music composer ever - Period. If you want to know about his music, a good place to start will be an instrumental fusion ( fusion between Bach's music and South Indian classical music) album named "How To Name It?". Yo can read review of the same here: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detai...800845?v=glance You can hear the pieces here: http://www.nixline.com/Illayaraaja.htm I feel sad that such a composer remains largely obscure and this thread is a small attempt from my side, to expose him to film music lovers all over the world. If any of you want to know more the man's music, please let me know. Thanks.
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