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  1. I found that there was quite a bit of inconsistency in the leveling of both the FYC and the OST. A lot of the FYC was quieter than the same parts on the OST, but much of it was pretty much the same. In some cases, the FYC has parts that were louder than the OST. Very odd. Anyway, I found that some of the FYC needed more bass boost than the rest, and once I applied such, they sounded almost exactly the same. Another interesting thing I found is that, between the two, there were sections of tracks that seemed to be alternate takes. Also, the editing was inconsistent. A longer section of an OST track would be clearly edited down (I assume for time), but that section on the FYC would be longer, and, I presume, whole. But then, another section of the same track would be whole on the OST but edited on the FYC. It's really interesting how all over the place they are. So, it was a bit of a puzzle building my final ULTIMATE! edit that includes ALL (unedited) parts from each production edited in a way that makes them sound whole. I think there were only a couple of short parts for which I couldn't find acceptable locations. But they tended to be similar to parts that I had included and so I don't really miss them. What a great soundtrack! I have personal edits of all the Star Wars soundtracks (and lots of other films), and I can't wait for the BR to come out so I can begin a film version edit.
  2. It seems like the OST has much more bass in it than the FYC. I'll mess around with it. I like to try to get disparate sounding mixes of the same recordings to match.
  3. This is great stuff! Thanks, Jay and everyone! Can't wait to get the movie on disc. How are you all dealing with the annoying fact that the FYC is so much quieter than the OST? I am going to mess with the FYC in Sound Forge's graphic equalizer and see if I can get it close to OST levels.
  4. Ooops! I meant 1978, not 76. :oops:
  5. I need to see him conduct live before the guy stops traveling!
  6. I was reading the profile thread and I was suprised to see so many fans under the age of 25! I figured only old nerds like me who got to see the first major films John Williams scored in the theaters were the only people who would be interested in his work. Also, I was suprised to see so many from countries other than the US. Very cool! How did you become interested in JW's music? My mom bought me the Star Wars 2 record album back in 1976 after the Star Wars fever began. I was 10 years old. After that, I was hooked.
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