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  1. Yes, the "next Harry Potter" label given to Twilight is ridiculous, not only because those books appeal vastly only to teenage females, but especially now because the last one was recieved with lukewarm sentiments from what I've heard. That just didn't happen with Harry Potter.
  2. Yeah I don't know why people are saying this is a strictly winter franchise. It was at first, but since PoA it has varied, and now it's split directly in half between summer and winter releases, and if DH stays on schedule, it will remain so (winter '10, summer '11), although that's a little weird since technically those last two are same movie.
  3. Wow, that really sucks. Two years?! This is the longest span yet between two Potter films. I was looking forward to the winter release since the last one was in the summer. However, the Potter films that I consider to be the best were both released in the summer, so maybe it's a good sign. ~Sturgis, who knows it really has no bearing on the quality of the film... but is overall still irked
  4. My thoughts, as well. But an attack on the Burrow at Christmas?! What's this? Who attacks? And is that where Harry is running through the woods and Ginny's wand spins out of her hand? I never heard about that, but I suppose it would help the pacing of the film, seeing as how there is very little action, like you said.
  5. So... has anyone seen the new trailer? I'm talking about it here, so don't read on until you've seen it! I like it a lot. It's concise yet enticing, and gets me pumped for the film. It's probably the best teaser for a Potter film aside from the "Double Trouble" PoA one (which of course will never be equalled). I love the moment when Dumbledore sets the cabinet on fire and Tom's face is intrigued. And I'm officially scared of young Tom Riddle. ~Sturgis, remembering the horrible first trailer for GoF, and pleased that this is much better
  6. Prince Caspian the movie did have the one bear that shouted "For Aslan!" That was a strange moment, and really kinda inappropriate. I'm guessing he had some scenes that were cut out, because he just comes out of nowhere. And then he's standing there all during Peter's fight with Miraz; occasionally you see him make a little "oh!" with his mouth and then put his hands over it, as if to keep the word in. Hilarious. Not sure it was meant that way, but it's fine by me in any case. Yes, I laughed at that silly dramatic bear both times I saw it...random silliness! About "The Battle" from the o
  7. I agree about the battles in this movie, and overall I thought they were pretty great. I just considered the battle of the first movie to be a near-virtuoso pairing of imagery and music, and it gives me goosebumps every time I see it. But yeah, in Prince Caspian, there were several definate badass moments: Peter jumping off the rock at the beginning of his duel with Miraz, Edmund powning that guard with a flashlight, and pulling a 180 in madair to tear that wolf thing a new one in Aslan's how, and Susan chucking arrows through the air. All of these moments had me going "Damn!" ~Sturgis
  8. My review is in the Last Film You Watched thread. ~Sturgis, who watched the first again last weekend...ah, the battle scene is simply amazing!
  9. Prince Caspian Not perhaps as enchanting as the first, but then again it isn't meant to be. I thought it was a little slow towards the beginning and the Telmarine politics were hard to follow, but once the kids meet up with Caspian I think it really picks up. This is a darker, grittier sequel, and it does a good job conveying the disenchantment of the heroes. The battles are extremely well-done, and I found the raid on the castle to be a brilliant sequence, both fun and emotional. All the kids are pretty much badasses, and it's great fun to watch. Although this film lacks a brilliant villa
  10. If one doesn't like anything but traditional JW scores, then one doesna't like Narnia. But I think the way it was done has given the franchise its own feel...moody, beautiful, and infused with synth for magical purposes. And from the sounds of the clips on Amazon, PC expands on this feel more, and I look forward to it. ~Sturgis
  11. Yeah, he's very good, with the fur and stuff, it looked quite real. I still think Jurasic Park has better effects, though. With King Kong, they look very good, but something about it just makes it obvious that you're seeing CG. I think Speilberg's films masterfully incorporate CG into their movies, which few other directors' do. Minority Report and War of the Worlds are other examples. I never noticed many effects problems in Lord of the Rings, but I feel there was something missing in the way they were incorporated into the film in King Kong. The New York CG looks amazing for the most
  12. Iron Man It was really really good. Not only cool, but a really well-made, funny, entertaining movie. Robert Downey Jr. is hilarious and a very good actor. A ~Sturgis
  13. This will be my first Indy theater experience too, and I can't wait! I'm seeing Iron Man tonight, and so I hope to see the new trailer as well. I heard there was supposed to be a new Dark Knight trailer for Iron Man, too, but I dunno. ~Sturgis
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