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  1. I took advantage of a 25% off sale by Chandos of its film music titles (valid until the end of July) to buy three ?ç'D!"'s2 I had been meaning to get for a while.  I am reasonably familiar with the music of Malcolm Arnold and William Alwyn, but know very little of Mischa Spoliansky.


    I love Chandos's film music series.  There are some great discoveries in there from mostly (although by no means all) British composers and films from back in the day.







  2. On 6/24/2020 at 4:42 PM, TownerFan said:




    Hope you'll like it, guys. It's quite a long and insightful conversation.


    Cheers Maurizio, that was a very interesting interview!  I have been to a number of live to projection concerts conducted by Ben as well as several of those with the Orchestra of St. Paul's / Covent Garden Sinfonia and you can tell instantly that he has a real affinity with the music of John Williams and film music in general.

  3. 23 hours ago, Tom Guernsey said:

    I think this was the first John Williams concert I ever went to. My parents had to “negotiate” with school to let me leave half an hour early to catch the flight to London! Glad they did as it was a great evening. I have a feeling it was the first ever public performance of Summon the Heroes. Sure it was an eternity waiting for the album to be released! I think it was broadcast on Radio 3 as I’m sure I have an off air recording of it on tape... somewhere. Will have to see if it’s in my endless piles of crap!


    I am fairly certain that Summon the Heroes received its world premiere live performance at the LSO concert on 26th June 1996.  I was at one of the concerts too so it was the first time I had seen John Williams in the flesh.  In those pre-internet (for me) days I remember just going up to the Barbican and buying the tickets at the box office a few weeks beforehand when I read about the concerts in a magazine.


    As for the release date of the CD, the answer is in the programme if you still have it.  There is a full page advert from Sony Classical stating that the CD would be released in the UK on 15th July that year but was available to buy at the Barbican in advance at the three concerts.  I remember because that is when and where I bought my copy!


    16 hours ago, Tom Guernsey said:


    On a semi related note, I seem to recall reading that Summon the Heroes wasn’t actually performed live at the opening ceremony... I certainly recall thinking it sounded eerily like the cd version...


    You are probably not wrong as that is a fairly commonplace practice at such open-air events.  The LSO mimed their performances at the London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony, for example; the string players were given cheap / fake instruments to use in case it rained.

  4. On 7/20/2019 at 5:21 PM, mrbellamy said:

    Ah 20 minutes instead of 10 now. Getting ambitious.


    I picked up a copy of the free Metro newspaper on my way to work on Friday (not many others doing likewise - can't think why) and it looks like she is now angling for a 30 minute slot with old Johnny!


    Sixty Seconds with Edith Bowman



    I have a massive wish list and top of that is Mr John Williams — he soundtracked my childhood. There’s not a week that goes by when I don’t email his team and say hi. Before lockdown I was like, ‘I’m going to jump on a plane [to the USA] this afternoon’ if it means I’m going to get half an hour with him. I would drop everything to have some time with John, he’s the reason why I connect with music and film — your ETs, your Star Wars, all those things.


  5. 4 hours ago, Gruesome Son of a Bitch said:



    I saw the Royal Scottish National Orchestra play music from Always at a concert of John Williams's music at Usher Hall in Edinburgh in 2017.  Williams had loaned the score to conductor and friend Richard Kaufman from his personal library.  It was honestly one of the highlights of an excellent concert and should be programmed more often.


    The concert also featured some other Williams rarities such as Jim's New Life from Empire of the Sun and Flight and Technology from The Unfinished Journey.  The concert was discussed here.

  6. One of the things that make this score so enjoyable for me is the wonderful guitar playing from the legendary session musician Tommy Tedesco (1930-1997), who played on several John Williams scores including Jaws, The Eiger Sanction, Earthquake and others.


    I do not know if this very funny 1996 seminar with Tommy has ever been posted here, but I thoroughly recommend it.  He suffered a stroke in the early 90s but even from the little snippets he plays you can recognise that unmistakable playing style.  He relates anecdotes about several film composers including Lalo Schifrin, Jerry Goldsmith, Dimitri Tiomkin and Leith Stevens.  He also discusses his contribution to The River and cites an unnamed John Williams piece as the hardest thing he had ever been given to play!


    The whole thing is great but if you are only interested in John Williams, skip to about 43 minutes in.



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