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  1. There is a chance Steven and the Maestro may have been talking about George Lucas. The reason I say this is that they whispered something between them and I remember Steven shrugging as is to say "I don't know". Then a short pause and then they both kind of looked out over the crowd, squinting their eyes. The first thing that occurred to me was that they were looking for George Lucas. Of course it is possible they were looking for someone else. I looked around a bit during the performance and did not see the Maker anywhere. Perhaps he was backstage. Good thing too. I might have passed
  2. Michael Tilson Thomas introduced John Williams to start the concert, and then Williams introduced Spielberg after Jaws.
  3. I was fortunate enough to attend this concert. I've seen Williams around ten times and Spielberg introducing him twice, but the last time was at the 2006 Boston concerts, so it's been a number of years. Two things were particularly exciting about the program - inclusion of music from new films in the past couple years, and seeing Spielberg in a relatively intimate space. I've only previously seen him at Tanglewood, which is a giant venue compared to Davies Hall. This intimate atmosphere turned out to be phenomenal in the second half. Williams walked onto the stage to an immediate standing ov
  4. This is a longshot, but I figure with such a musical group this is my best chance. I'm looking for a specific pop/techno remix that is a medley of staple pieces in classical music. It's old enough to have been an LP. I think the first piece is Tchaikovsky's 1st piano concerto. Others include Flight of the Bumblebee and Beethoven's 9th. I recall it transitions to another piece every 5-10 seconds and there's a techno beat behind everything. Unfortunately I have no idea what it's called. Can anyone help? Update: Unbelievably, I just found it with google by searching for "classical medley pop" and
  5. Yeah I did, that was kind of nice. I thought they'd change the tail slate for the Pixar luxo animation to be the one with Wall-E in it, but they didn't. Strange. I just finished another listen of the soundtrack and I remembered that the end credits visual style was disappointing for me. I wanted to see beautiful renderings or some interesting 2d visual style, not pixellated computer icons...
  6. Saw Wall-E last night and will probably see it a couple more times in the theater with different people so my thoughts may change. I had gigantic expectations being a Pixar fanboy and all that, and I thought it was really good overall. The interactions between Wall-E and Eve were out of this world amazing. I was near tears during several of their scenes and I was clutching my face agape for most of the movie. While the entire first half was drop dead gorgeous, I thought the second half was weak in comparison. The human storyline wasn't that convincing for me and kind of the combination of what
  7. I thought I'd get the discussion going on Wall-E, which opens Friday. I just listened to the soundtrack by Thomas Newman and it was for sure an interesting listening experience. On the whole, he kind of takes his usual dissonant style and adds in some electronics to suggest both outer space as well as the robots themselves. There are snippets of electronic robot dialogue, which plays a large role in the film. It's a really interesting score, and I'm not quite sure what to make of it yet. People who don't like the action underscore he does (like the chase scenes in Nemo) that are kind of all ov
  8. They're a bit similar. It may just be the case that the opening motif (inverted in Williams' case) just sounds innately wizardly. Plus, like someone mentioned before, Williams' use of the diminished fifth makes it even more otherwordly than the Dukas theme. I really like this comparison.
  9. this poll is pretty obvipants... indifferent about most of everything zimmer has done, whereas i can't stand the amistad or rosewood scores.
  10. I got this because I really liked the first score. Pretty much done listening now, and I'm not that impressed. Probably my biggest gripe is that a lot of the action music is repeated with little to no variation from the first film. Sure it's fine to reuse themes, but so many passages just seem to regurgitate them without doing something new. This is particularly true in "Battle at Aslan's How." I liked the first couple tracks the best, but after that it just seemed like I was still listening to the first score. I didn't even recognize any new thematic material. Perhaps a lot of this was cut, b
  11. I've really enjoyed reading people's reactions to the samples, it sounds like this score is really special. I haven't listened to the samples yet, because I want to either listen to the album in its entirety or hear the music for the first time in the theater, without a tainted experience, though I haven't decided which one yet. I wanted to do the latter for Revenge of the Sith, but I caved a few minutes after the full tracks were leaked last time, hopefully I can resist this time around. I've waited three years for the next John Williams score, so I'm ok with waiting a few more days at least
  12. I have been there many times it's a very nice theater. Also, unless the movie you are seeing in on the one screen they have on the first floor, once they take your ticket as you go up to the second floor, you could wander around there all day long seeing any movies you wanted with incredible ease. Agreed, this was our theater of choice when I was a student and it's a great venue with at least 2 digital screens. I'm really excited after seeing all the trailers, but a part of me wishes I hadn't seen anything. There are shots that are clearly from the final sequences of escaping whatever temp
  13. being released by koch lerber films http://www.apple.com/trailers/independent/...2parts/trailer/
  14. Every previous year for a long time they actually had the clips of Trudeau and Lian Hanson talking. Is that not available this year? I can't find this, it seems like all they have are the snippets from the actual scores. This is really disappointing if it's true.
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