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  1. Thanks a lot for all your reactions ! We got the exam with congratulations . I don't know exactly what would be the equivalent level in US, but in France it is one of the last exam of the conservatory (only before the "price" of chamber music, the topest exam for this domain in the conservatory). The arrangement was a part of our program because we also played a 2 pianos transcription by Debussy, of the Studies Op.56 composed by Schuman (originaly for organ). You can find here the midi file: http://www.yousendit.com/transfer.php?acti...2F3C77D235239DF For the score, I'm still hesitating to upload it, I have a friend who upload some years ago on his site his own transcription made by ear of John Williams musics (he wrote many sketchs of Star Wars) but he got trouble because it was illegal... I fear already that sharing the music would not be authorized, so I don't want to have problems because of my score. Hopefully for me, I didn't have to transcribe all this music by ear. I have the chance to have the Signature Edition of the Harry Potter movies, that's the reason why the transcription seems more accurate. I did this transcription in october and I had different objectives: I wanted first, do the entire music rather than the theme only and do it with the most realism possible. Then I wanted to make the 2 pianos parts interesting, I mean that I didn't want to put all the technical difficulties in only one piano, or all the themes for one piano and the accompagnement to the other. During the piece we are often alternating between the main part and the accompagnement, in that case the score is interesting to play for both... The last important point for me was to respect the orchestration of the original score, that's why I was glad to hear that you recognized the timbres of the various instruments Datameister. I mean that we often play the same instruments during all the piece: for exemple, the piano one played always the celesta part, and the second piano the trumpet part for exemple... sure there are exceptions, but I found more logic to do it with this initial idea. I agree. It would be certainly different and more difficult to play, but many parts will be deleted. I already transcribed the Prologue for piano solo and that's sure that all the arpeggios in triplets at the beginning are really "easier" when you have two hands free All your comments on our interpretation are really interesting for me and my colleague. Effectively, we had the idea to re-record it with a better sound quality and in that case, we'll try to correct our "mistakes"... that's not sure for the moment but it would be interesting to do. In all case, that's interesting that several people find the end fast and the sound a bit dry.
  2. Hi to all, I'm glad to share with you a transcription I have done of the theme from Harry Potter, for 2 pianos. I'm playing this piece with a friend for a chamber music exam in my conservatory, and a recording has been done during this one. The recording is available here thanks to the help of Markus, admin of the site http://www.mahawa.jw-music.net/ I hope you'll enjoy it, at least as we enjoyed playing it. I'm waiting for your impressions with impatience.
  3. not sure of that :roll: It depends on each Signature Edition, I'm pretty sure that HP3 SE was re-arranged in order to be played in live.
  4. Same for me ! Chris, I really enjoy your piano arrangements ! Your friends transcriptions are really impressive !! It's totally amazing I was wondering if by chance, he has done other complete arrangement like this (maybe HP3) ? I was also wondering who did this Buckbeack flight version piano reduction : http://musicby.jw-music.net/midi/buckbeaknoepiano.mid available on Music by JW fan site ? ..sounds pretty interesting and challenging to play !
  5. Make it harder ??? lol But the problem is that it's impossible to play all the bass pizz. with the violins motifs and horn theme : measure 116 for exemple, it's impossible to play all those notes with only 2 hands !! A solution would be to play as Friedrich Lühl did, I mean with alternate hands, between bass and horn theme, and right hand doing the violin motif all the time ?
  6. Excellent work Damo ! I love piano arrangement of JW works (especially Star Wars) I was just wondering how can be played the Duel of the Fates passage (measure 109) ??
  7. Excellent !! I hate also those midi sound, I never tried to do a good midifiles, only a clean sheet. You seem good with samples, I didn't send it in the YSI link, but maybe would you prefer the Finale file for doing a better audio Blumenkhol (you can PM me if you want it) ? In all case, that's not my first piano arrangement of Star Wars, I'm seriously thinking about recording all my piano arrangement myself and share it on the internet... I fear only some copyrights problems
  8. Thanks for your compliment about my transcription Definitively, those arrangements : http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/1...product-details were the best published !
  9. I love Across the Stars music too. I'm sure that almost all musics can be reduced for the piano, above all lyrics musics like John Williams verry famous themes. I did a reduction of Across the Stars (for those who are interested, I have put it there : http://s46.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=1UZCFEU...SD0O8S9SF51U8HM My main goal was to reduce all the musics (even the middle part), not part of it like the published arrangements. I hope some other pianists would like to try my version
  10. I have often thought that the part. B of March from Superman and Main Title from Star Wars are extremly similar :roll:
  11. Does it mean that there is Buckbeaks Flight in "Witches, Wands And Wizards" ? That's verry weird it hasn't been edited in this SE
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