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  1. Your enthusiasm for Sleepers was what got me listening to it years ago.
  2. It's his best of the 90's! The Football Game is what the Sunday Night Football theme should have been.
  3. The Sun Also Rises -- Hugo Friedhofer (Gerhardt's recording of this on the Captain Blood disc is superb!) There's also a great sunrise cue in his score for The Best Years of Our Lives.
  4. Actually, he wrote the intro/end credits music for season 1 of TZ, and then it was replaced for the second season with the more familiar, quirky piece of library music that is usually remembered as the TZ theme. It's one of Herrmann's most sublime themes. And it fits the show like an eerie and foreboding glove.
  5. They're not actually, Ol' FishChip may have taken down the link from the homepage, but you can still access the old MM messageboard. E.g.: http://www.moviemusic.com/mb/Forum1/HTML/012530.html Navigating through them and finding specific posts could be tedious, but they are there.
  6. I quite like Bernstein's own stereo recording for Return of the Magnificent Seven; basically an abridged re-recording of the original. Lively recording.
  7. Knights of The Round Table/The King's Thief -- Rozsa Wolf Totem -- Horner Symphonies 1-8 -- Vaughan Williams (Boult, Mono recordings)
  8. Hyperbole, of course. The first two Hobbit scores are fine, indeed. (BOTFA might be, too, but who can tell through that awful mix?) I'll still take SUN though. And History of Violence, which I like to call "More Music From The Two Towers and Return of the King". When Worlds Collide -- Leith Stevens
  9. Soul of the Ultimate Nation Skip the Hobbit crap! This is the only follow-up to Shore's Ring Trilogy that you need.
  10. Taras Bulba -- Waxman About to crank up The Ride to Dubno!! Better cover your ears, Inky!
  11. 1. The Artist Who Did Not Want To Paint 2. The Wind and the Lion 3. Night Crossing 4. Star Trek: The Motion Picture 5. Planet of the Apes 6. Capricorn One 7. The Blue Max 8. The Final Conflict 9. Star Trek: The Final Frontier 10. 100 Rifles
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