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  1. What about the bassclarinet in the beginning of "The Knight Bus"...
  2. Me too!!! I used WinZip, WinRar and Stuffit - but nothing worked!!!
  3. Is it possible, to get the suite from Der Rosenkavalier alone, without downloading the whole disc 3? Thanks
  4. here is a report fom the concert: http://www.theforce.net/holonet/story/will...ewood_78975.asp
  5. Hi! There is a bootleg recording of John Williams performance in Tanglewood in 1999. But this is only the second part of the concert! Is there also a recording of the first part? Thanks
  6. I like the theme very much, but it has similarities to "General Grievious" from RotS!!
  7. It's a wonderful theme and a very romantic love theme! But this arrangement on youtube is very very bad - too lush, too slow and the vocalist can't sing!! This is my interpretation of this concert version!
  8. V for Vendetta (with a wonderful and pretty good looking Natalie Portman)
  9. Ok, sorry!!! So, if anyone wants to help me, please PM me! Thanks
  10. Hi! I have a request! Is it possible that anyone of you could make a midi file from a disney music! here is the link for the track: link removed I really want to have sheet music from this short medley. I searched the whole internet, but found nothing!! Please could you help me! Please Thanks in advance muehlopwer
  11. It's also one of my favourite scores by John Williams! But where could find the 'Suite from Angela's Ashes, for piano, cello, harp, narrator and orchestra'??
  12. The Passion Of the Christ!!! It's a wonderful and shocking movie!! Mel Gibson has done a great job!!
  13. I have more than 5 movies, which are my favourite and which my friends should see!!! Here are some: V for Vendett Life Is Beautiful The Passion Of The Christ Munich Good Will Hunting The Sixth Sense The Piano Amelie The Lord Of The Rings Amistad A.I. Artificial Intelligence and many many more!!!
  14. Hi! I have a question: Does anyone know, why Alan Menken didn't compose the scores to the Aladdin sequels "The Return of Jafar" "The King Of Thieves"?? Thanks
  15. What about Jurassic Park - The End Titles!! Beautiful rendition of the main theme on piano!
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