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  1. Well I mean the ET's the SPR's are all moving but recently Fawlkes Reborn really Makes me sad and teary Eye'd...FOr some reason It makes me think of my mom and the afterlife. Weird. KrossTJ
  2. I think it also really depends on what "TYPE" of music you like...BOOMBASICAAAAAAAA, williams has not been lately, he's drawn more to the underscore as my good friend.Jeshopk has refered too. Personally, Yes I'd be lying if I said Williams has lost a little bloom in his rose, but Williams is also very booked for his age and frankly is getting older. His HP score is beautiful and I think it has some very nice Thematic moments, and some wonderful Underscore. At the same time, I am not a fan of his latest work, ROTS. I think there is alot of catalog music with inconsistent Texture around his old themes. I also think this has to do with how booked he is. I know alot of people are looking forward to all his scores comming out. But I seriously quetion even a 45 year old composer in his prime, doing all these scores well. I think age, and being over-booked and not to mention the man has written a baziiiilioooon scores in in life equate to him not being able to produced anything like the so called "GOLDEN AGE" of Williams music. Give the guy a break, he's given so much already. I know we all want to be moved again by an amazing Williams score, but if it does not happend and he dies the way Goldsmith did, I'm fine with that. I cherish what he has given me already. A career, a life and a hobby. Thanks J DOG for all you have done KrossTJ-Who thinks if WIlliams Composed G,Bb,D,F in every song it will still rule LOL
  3. Are they gonna re-run it? Cause I missed it
  4. For one we agree!!! YIPPIE!!! Batman "Bat outa Hell III, The final At Bat" Music by Jim Stienman.
  5. I'm hoping for Batman Be Gone.... Or Batman Bat out a hell III, the final at Bat......
  6. 420 with out bonus, GOOOO ME! then it was 280...hmmm I suck.
  7. good interview, love the end..."Any Regrets" "none at all" and he should have none... Even if we think some of his stuff is sub-par at times..How many of us can say that we have no regrets in what we do and mean it, cause I truely believe he means it, and that just makes me an even bigger fan.
  8. AHAAHHAHAHA, CAUGHT in the act, I love you Neil....I still think that the IPOD (NOT COMPUTER) is too pricey, and over-hyped. However, I'm a slave to the machine and I'll download some FF songs to my Ipod....
  10. Williams Use of the Bassoon better them most Modern Composers ...Take alisten, its good stuff. Even the Bass Clarinet.
  11. This argument gets old...I can't tell you how many times I've sat down at my piano and went EUREKA (SP?) I've got a great theme. Then I remember that I was listening to..>I don't know some CD and I was "LIFTING THE CUE" I mean so much music is stored in your sub con (i'll spare you my bad spelling) that you really can't blame these guys sometimes.....
  12. HAHAHAHAHA! Joe have you done that? Knowing your affinity for Joking I can see you doing that. Well actually I can't, cause I have no idea what you look like. YES JAWS RULES THEM ALL, in a certain way.
  13. Still disagree about Schindler's List. How about Classical Music fans....and Just because there music fans does not mean it does not have a certian impact. I do have clarity with I.J. and E.T. and J.P. Yes, they were Impactful at the moment. Still don't hold the same Impace 2 decades later ala SW.
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