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  1. Well I mean the ET's the SPR's are all moving but recently Fawlkes Reborn really Makes me sad and teary Eye'd...FOr some reason It makes me think of my mom and the afterlife. Weird. KrossTJ
  2. I think it also really depends on what "TYPE" of music you like...BOOMBASICAAAAAAAA, williams has not been lately, he's drawn more to the underscore as my good friend.Jeshopk has refered too. Personally, Yes I'd be lying if I said Williams has lost a little bloom in his rose, but Williams is also very booked for his age and frankly is getting older. His HP score is beautiful and I think it has some very nice Thematic moments, and some wonderful Underscore. At the same time, I am not a fan of his latest work, ROTS. I think there is alot of catalog music with inconsistent Texture around his
  3. Are they gonna re-run it? Cause I missed it
  4. For one we agree!!! YIPPIE!!! Batman "Bat outa Hell III, The final At Bat" Music by Jim Stienman.
  5. I'm hoping for Batman Be Gone.... Or Batman Bat out a hell III, the final at Bat......
  6. 420 with out bonus, GOOOO ME! then it was 280...hmmm I suck.
  7. Anyone remember the first episode of Voltron, GOD THAT WAS SOOOO GOOD, or THUNDERCATS? Thunda, thunda, thunda, tundacats ROAR!
  8. I was flipping around one day and I saw this on the cartoon network, it was all CGI, I think it was probably done in the late 90's or early 2000-2001. Either way it lost the appeal of the original in my eyes. Of course the original was when I was a bit younger LOL, so who knows
  9. VOLTRON!!!!! My god that was good stuff. Always interests me as to how I feel Voltron is a great cartoon, do kids nowadays think that Power Puff girls are good? (bad choice but you get my drift, maybe power rangers...which is a rip of VOLTRON).
  10. It's what you haven't been doing for me lately, ENDER!
  11. good interview, love the end..."Any Regrets" "none at all" and he should have none... Even if we think some of his stuff is sub-par at times..How many of us can say that we have no regrets in what we do and mean it, cause I truely believe he means it, and that just makes me an even bigger fan.
  12. Well I don't know about him, but I was very much alive when those first aired, how sad....
  13. Nah, I don't hate it, but it's an over-hyped, under untilized piece of expensive hardware.
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