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  1. Great edits, nice mix, some lovely bonus tracks on disk 3 - it's a winner! Thanks a lot.
  2. The Quidditch Match. It has the coherence and thematic complexity of a true Williams classic; I suppose it is a little like The Ultimate War, although with less themes and more pounding action-driving music.
  3. I would go, but given that there will likely be a minimal amount of JW music and a maximal number of screaming children (and I am in Oxford that day anyway) I will pass.
  4. He already has written the best score I have ever heard. It is a sequel called ESB.
  5. Excellent trailer - looks like the most emotionally complex Bond film for a long time. Oh, and the action looks pretty good too.
  6. I think the moment in AOTC when Anakin and Padme go out into the arena is underated, particularly with the music. It is genuinely one of the most emotional moments in the whole saga.
  7. The new CBS theme? Meh, it's OK. The ABC theme? Should be a kids' programme. The NBC theme? Crap sample, but what a theme!
  8. Superman Returns: Ottman is no Williams, but he comes pretty darn close at certain points in the score.
  9. It was overall enjoyable, and the visuals and music together was nice. Some of the choices of music were... interesting to say the least. There were also some less than elegant transitions from piece-to-piece. But overall, a nice tribute to some very good music!
  10. I am so glad that Sondheim's Sweeney Todd is finally coming to film. I performed in it a few years back, and it is honestly one of the most emotionally complex and musically beautiful musicals ever written - a true, though often forgotten, masterpiece. "A Little Priest" is surely one of the best "showstoppers" ever. I just hope to god that Depp can sing...
  11. Auschwitz always makes me feel cold and unhappy, although perhaps not scared.
  12. The music is, from my POV, among the best in any Disney music. The soundtrack is well worth a look, for the first track alone.
  13. I have always felt that Luka and Leia is one of JW's hidden masterpieces; harmonically complex, beautifully orchestrated and criminally underused.
  14. Agreed that Debney's re-recorded Superman is nice - I think his Main Titles is the best recording ever.
  15. Some of the percussion in The Chess Match in HP:PS is nice.
  16. The many playings of the "maths theme" in A Beautiful Mind have some nice piano work. Same with The Hours.
  17. To be honest, most people will only ever watch one Region, and hence will not notice the differences.
  18. The prequels are not the worst abuses of film music ever. They are just bad examples of it.
  19. The Battle is thoroughly enjoyable, if musically a bit of a mess. Works terrifically in the film, though.
  20. A sad day for all of us when Zimmer/Badelt/the ghostwriters' crap displaces real pirate music.
  21. *sigh* They say deja vu is a glitch in the Matrix, so I am expecting the door to be blocked when I finish typing this response. Goldsmith is different but slightly inferior to Williams. Williams' music is film music to an extent that Goldsmith's never was or will be.
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