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  1. This topic makes me so sad, that I just had to come back just to reply to it. You are right: United States of America ('America' alone is not a country, but a whole continent) doesn't have the best education system in the world. If fact, it is pretty bad, considering the resources and the power it has as a country. For that SAME REASON, people like yourself "can't think of any unbelievable talented person who is not american", since you haven't seen them on TV, or study them at school. If you truly admire talent, you'll have to compensate the subpar education you have received with a lot of reading and researching. You will be impressed to find that your list of unbelievable talented americans, which include, amazingly, people such as Mr. Copperfield, is quickly replaced by a lot of far more talented people from all around the world. It is also a bit worrisome to hear that some people think most talented people are from USA, because this type of ignorance could easily degenerate into nationalistic fanatism that will make it easy for people's conscience to discard the importance of other countries and make it easier to invade them for USA's profit (since they are just lame and untalented) Also, I would like to bring to your attention that the people in your list are only people from the entertaintment industry and since USA is undoubtely the first country in terms of this particular industry, it is just natural that this list is dominated by residents of this country, but you'll have to agree with me that entertaintment alone is not the only legacy to mankind. Since you are one of the few privileged ones that can understand complex orchestral music such as Williams' I have hopes that in a few years you'll think about this topic in a way totally different from today. -Charles
  2. Well, I told you before, and is a great piece... next time, invite me to the recording sessions
  3. I was wondering how long it would take until a thread with this topic name will start having political connotations. Without discussing about politics, have any of you guys seen then republican party opening earlier this year when they used Goldsmith's end credits for "Rudy" when George and brother Jebb made a choreographed entrance? George shaked hands in fake slow motion when the emotive Rudy theme played and Jebb stood at the podium in synch with the final chord. Hilariously manipulative . I assume they had to pay Goldsmith to play it on National TV or he donated the royalties. Or is it the studio who owns this music?
  4. Actually I just made the same suggestion to a person in chat: to restore Yared's rejected Troy and use it in Alexander. Of course is not possible. What intrigues me is that Oliver Stone should know better about good sounding sountracks... and Williams turning down an epic by Oliver Stone??? I think if he would have asked, Williams would have squeezed it somewhere in his schedule, unless he had had a bad experience with this director, which I'm not aware of. For musicians, this Vangelis track is a big dissappointing because is basic harmony 101, no orchestration, just what it would have come out by improvising at the synths. Vangelis has done much better in the past.
  5. Is crap... sounds like Horner for Dummies
  6. yeah, it is kind of a rude title... people usually don't use the word 'dead' when someone passes away. Anyway, there is the sticky thread for good old Goldsmith...
  7. Damien Omen, Final Conflict, Star Trek TMP, Theme for The Edge.... I would rather vote favorite cues, since there are interesting things all over his works. The Omen trilogy really blow my mind, it's so energetic and organic and he does so many interesting things in strings and choir. I love the unique 'noises' and weird sounds and instruments he incorporates as signature for each score. It's a nice touch. In the documentary Morlock mentions they say it was an insiders joke among Goldsmiths musicians that if during rehearsals some worker made a noise outside the studio, Goldsmith would call him in and make the noise part of the score
  8. I didn't know he was battling with cancer either. It's a sad day in filmmusic. I also find it sad that the actual news title is "Oscar-Winning composer dies", reminding us how unfair the Academy was with this talented man. Rise, Maestro, to the theme of The Edge. Charles
  9. Wow! 57% classical? BTW... I AM offended by stereotypes when I say I like classical and people think of Vivaldi's The Four Seasons violin concerts, Handel's Messiah and Beethoven's Fifth. That's only a diminute part of what classical music is. I burned those when I was 13 years old. I still enjoy them, but what I hear of classical nowadays is much closer to Williams than Vivaldi's. Some of the more recent composers from the 20th century have amazing works of thrilling action and emotion that could be easily be confused with some of Williams best scores. Just check out some Shostakovich's symphonies, Prokofiev, Stravinsky... I just wish more contemporary composers did works for full orchestra, some amazing stuff is coming out with the introduction of computer-assisted composition techniques. And finally, the main reason I admire Williams so much is that the fact he's 'only' scoring a film doesn't stop him from composing authentic works of musical art, and explore and reinvent himself.
  10. I saw Spider Man 2 as well. It was better acted than the first one, Elfman score with choir was better developed, but still no unforgettable theme. It dealt in its mayority with internal and relationships conflicts, a coming out story, you could substitute the word "Spiderman" in "We can't be together ever, because I am Spiderman", with other coming out words, like for instance "gay" and it will make the same effect. It has some plot flaws, like *spoiler Why Doc Octopus needs to go capture Spiderman to get what he wants, he could have forced the guy to give it to him much easier endspoiler* but overall I thought it was better than the first one, although it won't make the same effect in small kids, since is less action driven and addresses more mature issues. Charles
  11. Although "Troy" was more like "The Horner's hacked repeated generic vaguely ethnic wail" :roll:
  12. So preview audiences found Yared unfinished monitor mix score outdated. Could it be just the sound of the low quality monitor mix? Here's a clean copy of Yared's statement http://www.dertrojanischekrieg.de/statement.html Score rejections because of preview audiences first impressions are idiotic anyway. So, what's the solution? Hire a last minute composer that will do a job in like two weeks, put the new score in and send it out to theaters without another preview? Was Horner subject to the same preview audience judgement? Were both scores judged side by side before deciding which one works better? Could it be that the same audience that didn't like Yared's score would have said that Horner's actually sucked, and they preferred Yared's version instead? I haven't found anything as beautiful as Yared's End credits song in Horner, nor the gloriousness of Yared's action and triumphant themes. Horner's score is average, Yared's is exceptional.
  13. I was watching Alien yesterday, and realized that it has to be the greatest monster ever. It sums up so many phobias and fears: 1- It looks like a big insect 2- It looks repugnant 3- It jumps from its egg directly to your face 4- It grows inside you and breaks its way out your stomach 5- It's intelligent and fast and works in flocks and can hide anywhere 6- It you destroy it you'll be burned by its acid blood. In comparison, King Kong is a sweet oversized monkey and a pretty easy target to destroy. Size does not matter. If fact, we feel more scared of little creatures like rats. That poll is ridiculous.
  14. I'm not Hermoine's Crush composer, but I did the rendering of the version you heard. It was made with my newly adquired Garritan's Personal Orchestra libraries. That was one of my first tries in using the library, I could have done it better (the libraries sound especially great when you play the notes, instead of using a notation software). They are a great value and one of my favorite toys. I hope to use them in my own stuff soon
  15. Yeah, where is old Basil? 8O I was watching Les Miserables and he wasn't even nominated for that one.
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