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  1. comparing the track list to the tracks that have been floating around the new cd contains two pieces that weren't in those tracks but the new cd is missing two short cues that were in those tracks. When the monster carries elizabeth into the cave and when henry and pretorius enter the tower.
  2. That's great news. Would love to hear any unreleased music that in the past was riddled with sfx.
  3. for that price they could get the album cover correct and not use a picture from The Birds
  4. You'll be surprise how much music didn't make it into the film. I have a demo tape from 1992 with what was going to be released on the soundtrack but eventually got cut. Theirs a waltz theme that was never in the film a theme for Harker and Mina that was cut from the film.
  5. yes the new podcast has the Water Insert along with The Rope Bridge and the missing beginning of the end credits.
  6. The cues used in H20 that I have figure out are Scream The Cue From Hell Girl Talk Bathroom Tatum's Torture Randy Almost Get's It Scream 2 Cici Gets The Call Cici Gets Killed Gale Bumps Into Cotton Sid Kills The Killer Cops Question Cotton Sidney Is Attacked Gale And Dewey Attacked Sid In The Library
  7. The Cue From Hell is the whole 10 minute track.
  8. Updated Scream indentified cue list Source: MarcoBeltrami.com, Marco Beltrami's Youtube Page 1m0 Dimension Logo 1m1 The Cue From Hell 1m2 The Game Begins 3m1 School Yard 3m4 Sidney's House 4m3 Killer Calls Sid 4m4 Killer Chases Sid 5m3 Interrogation 5m4 Backdoor Gale 5m8 School Yard 2 6m2 Bathroom 7m1 Himbrey Gets It 7m6 Sheriff & Dewey 8m3 Why's She Here 8m4 Tatum's Torture 9m1 Sidney Wants It 9m3 Dewey And Gale 10m1 Prescott's Car 10m2 Killer Stabs Billy 10m6 Gale Crashes Van 11m1 They're Crazy 12m1 Sid Stabs Billy Updated Scream 2 identified cue list Source: Marcobeltrami.com,Marco Beltrami's youtube page 1m4 Phil Scares Maureen 1m6 Phil Gets The Point 1m7 Stab Kill 1m8 Maureen Steals The Show 2m5 Sid And Randy Talk 2m6 Introducing Gale Again 3m1 Sid And Dewey Talk 3m4 Dewey's Theme 4m2 Cici Gets The Call 4m4b Cici Is Killed 5m1 Crime Scene 5m2 Sidney Is Attacked 7m3 Murder In Van 8m1 Sid In Library 9m2 Dewey And Gale Attacked 10m1 Sid Says Goodbye 10m3 Sid Needs A New Roommate 11m3 Showdown 12m1 The Big Showdown 13m1a Sid Fights Killer 13m1b Cotton Kills Killer 13m2 More Lives Than A Cat 14m1 It's Over Sid
  9. I wanted know if anyone has figured out which cues from Scream and Scream 2 where tracked into H20. I have the list of all the music used but for the Scream music it just has the slates and I believe the cue list for Scream and Scream 2 is just a portion of the slates.
  10. So more unreleased music from Temple in the new John Williams Special 32. Unfortunately the film version of the Sanskirt Sacrifice they didn't play they instead played the audio from the film which is a bummer. We now have the film ending to Children In Chains along with Mola Ram's Speech and the first portion of Evil Potion they did not play. The second part where Indy is on the slab having haunting thoughts all the way to the sacrifice continues and the last unreleased track is Willie In The Fryer.
  11. Did anyone notice that in Last Crusade when Indy falls into the Lion cart when he picks up the whip there is a horn that holds longer in the film than the album version. Also the cocktail source heard in Donovan's apartment and briefly when they board the Zeppelin is the Imperial march from Empire Strikes Back. So the only source music that has not been identified is the Venice source heard when Indy and Elsa pop out of the sewer cover.
  12. This is great more music unreleased so we pretty much have all the music up to the Thugee Ceremony. Except for the missing bit from Through Chinatown and the two inserts from Out Of Fuel.
  13. God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman wasn't even in the film. I know that John Williams used the song in Hook.
  14. I've listen to this four times already and the complete score works better. I've own the album for so many years and this is the first time I've listen to this score repeatedly. The album felt like it was missing something but know it feels complete.
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