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  1. It seems in recent years expanded scores always have something missing. Robin Hood, Right after the Tavern Escape and Chase
  2. Does anyone know the order for the Waxworks release of TMNT II The Secret Of The Ooze
  3. I was just listening to The Phantom Train Of Doom and saying to myself how some pieces of music sound like cues from Hook. Theirs one that sounds like The Never Feast
  4. Masbath's Terrible Death film version uses the first portion of the original version then switches to the revised till the end.
  5. The Bells Of Notre Dame also has the first few seconds of Morning In The Bell Tower on the new edition.
  6. The beginning of Frollo's Judgement is missing the chanting that is heard in the film
  7. It's different from what was on the OST. On the OST it's the film version. The Brides is the last track even though it says end credits
  8. I have the demo cassette of what OST was originally suppose to be 1. Dracula The Beginning (Disc 1 track 1) 2. Vampire Hunters (Disc 3 Track 2) 3. Mina/Jonathan (Disc 3 Track 20) 4. The Legacy (Disc 1 Track 4) 5. Mina/Elizabeta (Disc 3 Track 7) 6. Lucy's Party (Disc 3 Track 4) 7. The Fatal Step (Disc 1 Track 21) 8. The Storm (Disc 1 Track 10) 9. Rules Cafe Waltz (Disc 3 Track 18) 10. Love Remembered (Disc 1 Track 12) 11. The Hunt Builds (Disc 1 Track 20) 12. Lucy's Screech (Disc 2 Track 15) 13. The Hunter's Prelude (Disc 3 Track 9) 14. The Green Mist (Disc 3 Track 10) 15. Mina/Dracula (Disc 3 Track 11) 16. Ring Of Fire (Disc 2 Track 4) 17. Race Against The Sunset (Disc 2 Track 5) 18. Love Eternal (Disc 3 Track 13) 19. Ascension (Disc 2 Track 7) 20. End Credits (Disc 3 Track 5)
  9. comparing the track list to the tracks that have been floating around the new cd contains two pieces that weren't in those tracks but the new cd is missing two short cues that were in those tracks. When the monster carries elizabeth into the cave and when henry and pretorius enter the tower.
  10. That's great news. Would love to hear any unreleased music that in the past was riddled with sfx.
  11. for that price they could get the album cover correct and not use a picture from The Birds
  12. You'll be surprise how much music didn't make it into the film. I have a demo tape from 1992 with what was going to be released on the soundtrack but eventually got cut. Theirs a waltz theme that was never in the film a theme for Harker and Mina that was cut from the film.
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