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  1. You’re 100% right!! It’s the first four notes of the AOE theme, played at least twice. Good catch!
  2. Loving this score so far!! It’s very much akin to HGW’s Narnia and Prince of Persia. Decided to make an alternate cover for it...
  3. Apologies in advance if this has been mentioned earlier, but has anyone been able to do an isolated score match-up of the OST version of “The Speeder Chase” with the film? I got so attached to that cue and was absolutely gutted when it was butchered in the film 😩
  4. Almost verbatim what I was going to post! LOL I was so excited to hear this cue in the movie, and now that it wasn't even used and doesn't feature any Star Wars themes, it almost stands completely on its own.
  5. Is anyone else surprised that there wasn't a mutation of the Emperor's theme into Rey's theme, or vice versa? From a story POV, it makes complete sense, and the two themes already share a few notes in common. I'm assuming this wasn't covered in the unreleased material (??). I was hoping for something ala Short Round's theme and Indy's theme at the end of TOD.
  6. I absolutely love the bombastic Debney stuff, especially "Alara Hallucinates / Deserted Ship" at 4:54. I have no issues with the Goldsmith/Horner/Silvestri homages. I still get goosebumps at 6:20, even though it sounds straight out of Predators lol
  7. https://www.facebook.com/john.debney.75/posts/10218295857890507 From last night's episode, "Identity Pt 1" ***possible SPOILERS***
  8. Great news!!! I recently saw Chamber of Secrets performed by the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, and it reminded me why CoS is my favorite Potter score. I think each of these scores will benefit from the expanded/complete treatment and deepen our appreciation for them Great way to end the week!
  9. Has anyone compiled a chronological track-by-track breakdown of this yet, specifically the isolated score?
  10. Audio Downloader Prime is a fantastic Google Chrome extension, just throwing that out there...
  11. Does anyone have a breakdown of what the combined OST + FYC versions of "Main Titles/Escape" would look like?
  12. Gordy posted this on Facebook: #StarWarsBattlefront2 Pro Tip: -Go to options, and navigate to music. - Select “continuous”. - Directly below this, select music volume and turn up an additional 4db. You’re welcome! Sincerely, Composer of aforementioned music.
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