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  1. its ok - i think i figued it out anyway. I know it was quite a while ago, but someone asked for how to edit TND from the isolated score: http://team.commanderbond.net/brett.mcalee...Soundtracks.jpg
  2. If I listen to it I just forget its a Bond score (not too difficult!) and then just.. try...
  3. Can anyone help me to re-sequence Goldeneye? I don't even know if it is out of sequence, except there are bits like the bit where they go to Cuba that is from "We Share The Same Passions". Somebody help me please!
  4. To be completely honest, I hadn't noticed your assembly on this site, and I see what you mean about the track names!
  5. Just in case anyone cares, this is a fairly good assembly for the DAD complete score (the way I first saw it advertisted in eBay) CD 1 1. Gunbarrel / North Korean HQ You may want to do a bit of cross-fading etc. here, but it is basically just the first six cues (Gunbarrel, Surf's Up, On The Beach, Bond Meets Moon, Hovercrafts and How Do You Intend To Kill Me Now, Mr Bond?). 2. Hovercraft Chase 3. Bond to Jail / Die Another Day The song Die Another Day in this version was mixed into the end of Bond to Jail, rather than the fade-out used in the film. It works pretty well. 4. Prisoner Exchange Known as "Some Kind Of Hero" on the soundtrack 5. Kiss of Life / Hong Kong Hotel The cues "Kiss of Life" (available on the David Arnold website) and "Peaceful Fountains of Desire". 6. Hotel to Cuba The cue "Hotel" (a.k.a. Hotel to Cuba) combined with either "Cuba" on the promo score or "Welcome to Cuba" on the soundtrack. I chose the latter for my album. 7. Cuban Car 8. Jinx and James The cues "Jinx Jordan" combined with "Bond and Jinx (a.k.a. Jinx and James, Bond Bonks Jinx, Jinx Bonx Bond Back)". 9. Wheelchair Access 10. Wheelchair Access (Alternate/Original) 11. Jinx, James and Genes 12. London Calling The Clash song. You may want this or you may not - if you do you might need to up the volume a bit for this track. 13. Gustav Graves' Grand Entrance Most of this is unused in the film, and the end is a totally different mix, but nevertheless its still a damn good cue! Known as "Gustav Graves Grand Gravitational Entrance" on the promo. 14. Crossing Swords Combining "Fencing Teacher" or "That Looks Like Madonna" with "Sword Fight". No fading necessary. 15. Cutting Edge Simply combine the cues "Bond Gets The Key", "Virtual Reality" and "The Vanish". This time you may want to get rid of some of the silence between tracks. 16. Bond Goes To Iceland 17. Zao's Arrival Known as "The Explanation" on the promo. 18. Icarus Demonstration You can either just have the "Icarus" track here, or you may want to put the "Party" source music on the front. It's up to you, but I've chosen to include the party track. 19. Ice Spy 20. A Touch of Frost The CD should run about 1 hour ten minutes. CD 2 1. Laser Fight a.k.a. "Laser" 2. It Belong To His Boss 3. Double Agent 4. Whiteout 5. Skidoos 6. Iced, Inc. 7. Ice Palace Car Chase 8. Switchblades 9. Death of Moon 10. Gustav Graves' Grand Exit a.k.a. "Gustav Graves Grand Gravitational Exit" or "Graves Gets It". 11. Going Down Together (Film Version) a.k.a. "Antonov Gets It". NB: THIS IS NOT THE TRACK OF THE SAME NAME FROM THE SOUNDTRACK. 12. Moneypenny a.k.a. "Moneypenny Gets It" 13. A Fitting End a.k.a. "Diamonds", "Jinx Gets It" or, on the soundtrack, "Going Down Together". --- You can put any combination of these tracks on as you like. This is the way I've assembled the "end". 14. Die Another Day (Dirty Vegas Main Mix) 15. Alternate End Credits (David's End Credits) 16. The James Bond Theme (Bond vs. Oakenfold) Hope this helps someone... somewhere... For album art and more informtion, go to http://frwlmusic.tripod.com rob
  6. People always seem to imply that You Only Live Twice is complete. I may just be being stupid, but in this case, where is the music from when Blofeld blows up the volcano near the end? By the way the FRWL gunbarrel isn't from a master, it's just re-edited - the first 8 notes of the guitar bit is from the SECOND occurence of this tune, just slotted in over the part with the gun shot.
  7. additional and alternate cues is assembled like this (see also the daf score list above) 0:00 - 0:30 Wint and Kidd To Mrs Whistler's (place between "Mr Wint and Mr Kidd" and "Bond to Holland" - at 2:30) 0:30 - 1:07 Hotel Muzak 1:07 - 4:32 Dixieland Jazz 4:32 - 5:02 Zambora Appears 5:02 - 7:00 Moon Buggy Chase (Alternate) 7:00 - 9:09 Bond Meets Bambi and Thumper (Alternate) hope this helps
  8. as far as from russia with love is concerned, this site solves a few problems: http://frwlmusic.tripod.com rob
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