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  1. I'm going to try and wait until after seeing the movie, but I'll probably fail.
  2. Unless Kael said it as well, that quote came from John Simon, in his review of The Omen -- "Most annoying, however, is the music of that pretentious hack Jerry Goldsmith, who has cannibalized Stravinsky without crediting him."
  3. Isn't the film version just the same, but shorter (with the start of the End Credits cut off)? Or is there some other difference?
  4. If you don't know the album, it's the scene when Tuco is searching in the graveyard. You can't miss it.
  5. My vote would be somewhere between options 1 and 2. I don't think it's a "masterpiece", but it is outstanding. As much as I like Jurassic Park (the score), I disagree with it being a masterpiece. I don't think either of the scores quite reaches that status, but I'd put The Lost World a lot closer. I find it a much more interesting and enjoyable score (and album) than the original.
  6. I'll rent it if and when it comes out in the UK. I'm interetesed in the new features, but not enough to re-buy.
  7. I nearly watched Die Hard on the BBC a few years ago, but the listings said that it was "edited for violence and swearing". What does that leave?
  8. Ray: agreed 100%. I didn't like Gambon in films 4 and 5, but I thought he was great in PoA. And about the identities of the creators of the Marauder's Map: in what was is that information essential or even relevant to PoA's plot? It could just as easily have been, and probably should have been revealed in one of the later films. I don't see how the lack of that information is a problem with PoA.
  9. Just FYI A Clockwork Orange was also banned from UK cinemas (by Kubrick). He actually had one cinema shut down for having an unauthorised screening of it.
  10. I watched A Man for All Seasons last night, and then this morning read the news that Paul Scofield had died (link). It's a sensational performance, for which he won a well-deserved Oscar, and a really excellent film.
  11. None, obviously, but it would be great if you're unfamiliar with those scores.
  12. The new ending ruins it for me. Partly because I know the original so well... the ending of the original was absolutely perfect. Roger Ebert's review of the re-cut from 2000 summarises a lot of the differences. It's full of spoilers, in case you haven't seen the movie yet. The original cut (or rather, the original cut with one tiny CG-altered shot that was done for the 25th anniversary re-issue in 1998) is available on this out of print (but not too hard to find) SE DVD, which also has a really good documentary, and the same disc is available in this (in-print) box set which also has all the other movies from the series. The only difference between the original-original version and the 1998 re-issue (on the SE) is that If you really want the original-original version, then that's what's on the 1997 original DVD, but that has a rubbish non-anamorphic transfer, inferior sound and no extras. And it's quite hard to find for a reasonable price. I'd go for the 1998 SE or the box set.
  13. Very sad news, and totally unexpected. No details yet, according to wiki, so I'd assume it was some natural cause.
  14. Unlikely, considering what happened to him in Casino Royale.
  15. Agreed. I seem to be in the minority here, but I thought OotP (film and score) were really, really awful.
  16. robthehand

    Shoe size

    I'm size 10.5, presumably that's on a different scale to Miguel and Merkel since I think my feet are about normal size.
  17. I hated Superman Returns too. Not sure if I'll see the new one in the cinema, I'll have to see a trailer first. I've enjoyed some of Singer's other work, though I still think The Usual Suspects is overrated. I'd have more hope for the project if he wasn't involved. Probably because it cost $270 million to make, and I don't think that included the marketing costs. It wasn't exactly a (financial) disaster, but it made MUCH less than the studio hoped and expected.
  18. Don't worry, my Ghostbusters is still in process, and that arrived on time, two years ago.
  19. Actually that's not true at all. Every different country has different censorship rules, it's not just split into "the USA" and "the rest of the world".
  20. Very sad news indeed. R.I.P., Mr. Rosenman. <_< Star Trek IV
  21. About customs charges, I ordered mine from Screen Archives, on the package it was listed as "gift", description: "book", and value "$10-". Postman delivered it along with the other mail.
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