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  1. Very sorry to hear that Joe. I certainly didn't understand it until it happened to me. It does feel terrible.
  2. Screen Archives never put the full value on packages, I didn't even get charged duty on the Elmer Bernstein box, and that was $200.
  3. I really liked the music in the film. It stuck out, but not in a bad way at all. Not sure if I want to buy the album, but I thought the score was just right for the film.
  4. I still don't think the film is great in the DC, but I was just blown away by how much better it was than the theatrical cut. I didn't like the TC at all.
  5. I'm not sure about this set. Not for any snobbish reasons, I'm just not sure whether I'd pay that sort of money for those scores. I already have the great edition of Superman. Even if it's not perfect sound quality, it's more than adequate. I would quite like to own the sequel scores, but there's an awful lot else I could buy for that much. The $120 plus international shipping plus possible import duty could be close to £100 for me.
  6. robthehand


    Indeed. I thought I'd had the flu many times before I actually got it... damn. I hope I never have that again. I had an irritating cold over the New Year, but not for long thankfully.
  7. Between Raiders and Temple for me - "Anything Goes" is great fun, and a marvellous way to open a movie, but Raiders' "Main Title" is a great piece too. The best bit of "Indy's Very First Adventure" isn't the credits part, but the second half of the cue IMO.
  8. It's not blasphemy to not own Jaws, it's just that you're missing out on one of the greatest scores ever written, and if it's the original album, one of the best film score albums ever.
  9. Jaws - "Sea Attack Number One" Close Encounters of the Third Kind - "The Visitors / 'Bye' / End Titles: The Special Edition" The Adventures of Robin Hood - "The Battle - The Duel - The Victory" Raiders of the Lost Ark - "Desert Chase" The Bride of Frankenstein - "The Creation" Superman: The Movie - "The Big Rescue" Star Trek: The Motion Picture - "The Enterprise" Vertigo - "Farewell and The Tower" Star Wars - "The Battle of Yavin" Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan - "Genesis Countdown" Star Trek III: The Search for Spock - "Stealing the Enterprise" Goldfinger - "Dawn Raid on Fort Knox" On Her Majesty's Secret Service - "This Never Happened to the Other Feller" Outland - "Hot Water" (haven't got the CD with me, not sure if this is over 5 minutes) And many others.
  10. And in Goldfinger, the gangsters have a few classic lines - "What's with that trick pool table?" "Hey, what is this, a merry-go-round?" and the best one of all... "I thought we had a private business deal to settle, now I find I'm attending a hood's convention!"
  11. I know the feeling. I have to look after my happily-married uncle's two little brats this evening, while they go out for a meal somwhere. Unvalentine's Day.
  12. I may be imagining it, but the additional tracks seem to be at a lower volume than the ones from the original album. Did you notice that? Doesn't really bother me though, and I still play the album all the time. There's a wonderful bit in "The Trio" that wasn't in the film, from 4:28 to the end. The film version is much faster and without the trumpet. Shame, because that's one of my favourite bits on the album.
  13. Which makes sense, since he hosts a stupid talk show. Which isn't funny. <_<
  14. Agreed. And whatever Alex may think of that performance, it's hardly the role to judge an entire career on. Irons is a great actor, as he's proved many times. The last film of his I saw was The Merchant of Venice, which I had mixed feelings about, but Irons was fantastic as Antonio.
  15. I listened to Goldsmith all day yesterday: The Great Train Robbery Star Trek V: The Final Frontier Chinatown Under Fire Basic Instinct The Wind and the Lion How was Rambo, btw? It's not out here yet.
  16. Very sad news. He was an excellent actor, I remember him best from Jaws and The French Connection, one of which I'm sure I'll watch tonight. R.I.P.
  17. I was planning on watching Alien tonight anyway, I hadn't realised what day it was. The Great Train Robbery
  18. "Darth Williams"? Not that this is the biggest giveaway, but he spelled "favorite" as "favourite" (the British spelling).
  19. I haven't heard that, but I know he liked to make the re-recordings sound different from the originals. As I understand it he wanted to be better accepted as a "real" composer, and so was keen to make sure that his records didn't "sound like film music".
  20. I absolutely love The Lost World score. Possibly one of my top 10 for Williams, if not that then certainly top 15. I like it much more than Jurassic Park, which has never been a favourite of mine. As for the film... I don't know what Mark's big problem with the ending is, since I'm not sure I've ever made it that far. If I have it was 10 years ago, and I don't remember. I've tried to sit through the film a few times since, never managed it.
  21. Happy Birthday! I'll listen to all JW today, it's been a while since I've done that. Jaws 2
  22. What is it? It sounds like an American doing a bad Welsh accent, or vice versa.
  23. Lukas said "another month" on January 23. http://www.filmscoremonthly.com/board/post...;threadID=47252
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