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    Jacck reacted to SteveMc in Masked Dissonance in The Music of John Williams   
    Inspired by @Loert's thread on "The Map Room: Dawn," I wanted to ask if there are any particular examples orchestration being used to kind of mask dissonances in John's music.
    Often, you get the sense that his music is considered very straightforward, even "pop" by many for it's listenability, accessibility, and melodic recognizability, but, when you listen closely, and espeiclly when you hear a piano reduction, for example, the striking harmonic invention and complexity behind this facade, if you will, becomes apparent.  It is almost as if John has achieved the perfect synthesis between romantic traditions and modernist developments in music.
    How big a role does this idea of orchestration used to mask dissonance, which was brought up in the aforementioned thread, play in all of this?    
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    Jacck reacted to mstrox in Men in Black: International (Danny Elfman & Chris Bacon)   
    Elfman's MIB scores are fine.  I'm a big Elfman fan, but for some reason the first one never stuck with me besides the opening titles.  I think each successive MIB score has been better than the previous, though, so I'm still looking forward to this.
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    Jacck reacted to Manakin Skywalker in Men in Black: International (Danny Elfman & Chris Bacon)   
    Anyone else a fan of Danny Elfman's classic MIB scores? I was concerned he wouldn't be back to score the spinoff since it has a new director; I'm glad I was wrong!
    I got the score early, and so far (like 3 tracks in) I like what I'm hearing! Some nice references to the original scores here and there with a "modern" twist.
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    Jacck reacted to Foxfan in Who are John Williams' influences?   
    According to USA Today, Elgar and Stravinsky appear to be his greatest influences:
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    Jacck reacted to Hitch in Who are John Williams' influences?   
    Don't forget Bela Bartok.....listen to Johnny's "Return of the Jedi" (Approaching the Death Star) and Bartok's "Concerto for orchestra" opening movement.
    Then how come you don't know "Row, row, row your boat"? :cool:
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    Jacck reacted to Romão in Who are John Williams' influences?   
    Elgar seems to be a big influence to my ears.
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    Jacck reacted to Morn in What Composer Has the Greatest Influence on John Williams?   
    I think the most significant ones would be:
    Alex North
    Erich Wolfgang Korngold
    Alfred Newman
    I think it's underestimated how much of an influence Alex North has been on both John Williams and Jerry Goldsmith. They are incredibly similar composers who write in leitmotif, and use a mix of jazz, modernistic and neo-romantic styles.
    Alex North:

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    Jacck reacted to Dixon Hill in Favorite John Williams Influence?   
    "The Mecha World" always strikes me as extremely Adams-ish.
    Man, I really love that score.
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    Jacck reacted to indy4 in Favorite John Williams Influence?   
    Some of my favorites:
    Copland--the "Scotch snap" in Americana music and the use of major triads as motifs
    Stravinsky--the famous chord/rhythmic device from Rite of Spring
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    Jacck reacted to crumbs in Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story (2021)   
    Interesting, they're going period rather than contemporary. Didn't expect that!
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    Jacck reacted to JohnnyD in Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story (2021)   
    Normally, I would share that sentiment. However, this is a unique case.
    After revisiting the 1961 film a few times, it feels somewhat dated, and some key Puerto Rican characters were not portrayed by, well, Puerto Rican’s. Don’t get me wrong, George Chakiris did a great job as Bernardo, and Natalie Wood was unforgettable as Maria; I would not change that at all. Nothing will ever take away from the 1961 adaptation; it’s a classic.
    That said, it will be great to see all roles being portrayed by actors that share the same background as the characters being portrayed. In fact, here is a couple of interesting articles which show the effort of accuracy looking to be attested:
    I have confidence in Spielberg and his team. This looks to be a treat. Now that I think about it, I have not seen a really great musical in a long time. The most recent musical I saw was Les Misérable; it was okay, but I had a few issues with it (Russel Crowe autotuned for one thing). The last great musical I saw (not counting Disney animated feature films) was Fiddler On the Roof. I heard La La Land was good, but I have no real interest in seeing it.
    Anyway, I would not call West Side Story a remake. This is more of an adaptation of the original 1957 Broadway musical, and NOT a remake of the 1961 film.
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    Jacck reacted to Jonesy in Gordy Haab's Star Wars: Battlefront (2015)   
    The score is available on Haab's SoundCloud:
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    Jacck reacted to The Great Gonzales in Gordy Haab's Star Wars: Battlefront 2 (2017)   
    Soundtrack is on Haab's SoundCloud:
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    Jacck reacted to crumbs in Mike Matessino: Williams begins work on Episode 9 "this summer"   
    Mike Matessino updates us on John's social life, also Episode IX:
    Does June seem a little late for John to start writing this score, considering the timelines for the last two sequels, the December release, and the score's likely runtime?
    Maybe this is his way of reducing the plethora of rewrites TFA undertook, waiting until the film is properly assembled (sans VFX) rather than writing reel by reel.
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    Jacck reacted to Disco Stu in Why do people hate Rosenman's score for Star Trek IV The Voyage Home.   
    I didn't know people hated it.  It's great fun, a perfect fit for that film.
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    Jacck reacted to JoeinAR in Why do people hate Rosenman's score for Star Trek IV The Voyage Home.   
    Stefan and I are discussing this controversial score off site. I am one of the few who enjoy the score while Stefan is not a fan. I know he and others dislike it very much but I fail to understand why.
    Perhaps some of you can explain.
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    Jacck reacted to SpaceCoyote in NEW Concert work: "Highwood’s Ghost", a fantasia for cello, harp and orchestra for cellist Yo-Yo Ma and harpist Jessica Zhou (Premieres August 19th at Tanglewood)   
    What a great piece! For some related reading, here is an interview with Yo-Yo Ma about Williams that posted today: http://projectorandorchestra.com/yo-yo-ma-on-john-williams-classical-side/. The interview was supposed to be part of a larger story about Williams' concert/classical career but the Washington Post pulled it when the author couldn't get an interview with Williams.
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    Jacck reacted to Disco Stu in NEW Concert work: "Highwood’s Ghost", a fantasia for cello, harp and orchestra for cellist Yo-Yo Ma and harpist Jessica Zhou (Premieres August 19th at Tanglewood)   
    THE GHOST PIECE!  Luv u johnny.
    I absolutely love this little portrait of John hanging out at Tanglewood (also thanks to @Doug Adams for finding that)
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    Jacck reacted to SteveMc in NEW Concert work: "Highwood’s Ghost", a fantasia for cello, harp and orchestra for cellist Yo-Yo Ma and harpist Jessica Zhou (Premieres August 19th at Tanglewood)   
    One of his best concert works, no doubt.  Utterly excellent.  The music takes the listener on such a varied journey, many surprises.  Great virtuosity writing and dynamic range.
    And lovely lyrical writing as well. 
    Structure was strong and John used the orchestra to great effect, integrating things better than in many of his other concerti.
    Well, hopefully @Bespin has a fuller one.
    I thought about making a recording, but didn't set things up on time.
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    Jacck reacted to MrJosh in Harry Potter 7CD Collection - MUSIC discussion   
    I have listened through Chamber of Secrets. 
    It was a great experience! The sound quality is fantastic. Mike's liner notes talking about the mixture of the familiar with the unfamiliar helped me listen to it with a new perspective. 
    I love all statements of Dobby's theme, the Chamber theme, and Fawkes. I love the brass and action writing in The Spiders Attack and Dueling the Basilisk. 
    Hearing 'Harry is a Parselmouth' was so cool to me! As were the alternates! I love the alt ending to Petrified Colin and the Car Drives Off (Alternate)!
    Oh, and the TV commercial tracks at the end are awesome!
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    Jacck reacted to Alex in Harry Potter 7CD Collection - MUSIC discussion   
    The only glitch I found on that cue is that there’s no muffled SFX of the cell door blasting off!
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    Jacck reacted to TSMefford in Harry Potter 7CD Collection - MUSIC discussion   
    Alright. Never ask a music editor this kind of stuff XD @crumbs and @King Mark Ask and ye shall receive
    I lined them up basically perfectly and I wasn't getting any phasing.
    Upon further inspection though. I'd say it's the same recording. However, it is a different mix.
    The waveform ended up being suspiciously different. As in, the channels on the HP3 "Trailer" track seemed perfectly inverted and the left and right channels were swapped. Once I reversed all that, the waves matched much closer, but there are certain areas where certain instruments are louder. So, I'd wager it's the same recording, but a new mix for the trailer. 
    In fact, getting them perfectly in sync reveals where the new mix changes were made. Phasing in certain areas and not in others. See audio below
    Here's a visual representation of the two:

    As you can see. There are areas (once HP3 Trailer is restored to resemble the correct stereo configuration) where the waveforms are identical. However, there are areas where the mix has clearly changed and then of course at the end the Trailer cue was edited for time.
    Audibly, you can really hear it. Note how at 0:10 You can hear a sharp cut in the phasing, then we are in the new mix, however around 0:33 it switches back to the original mix.

    And finally, for good measure. Here are the stereo Spectral Frequency Displays for each overlayed on top of each other. I inverted the colors of the HP3 Trailer track and lowered the opacity by 50%. This way, anything that is basically identical will be cancelled out. As we see, most of the track is "cancelled out". The only distinctions are the gong / cymbal overlay near the beginning and the ending that is off due to the edit:

    SO. In conclusion, HP3's "Trailer" is just a remixed version of "Reunion of Friends" from HP2. It is not a new recording.
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    Jacck reacted to Alex in Harry Potter 7CD Collection - MUSIC discussion   
    I love how throughout The Children’s Suite you can here the instruments (the celeste and bassoon keys) and the musicians breathing. It makes it feel like you’re sat in the middle of the orchestra.
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    Jacck reacted to crocodile in Harry Potter 7CD Collection - MUSIC discussion   
    One more thought about Azkaban. I am actually tempted to insert the source music into the main programme. It's such an eclectic score anyway and I feel it really blurs the line between diegetic and non-diegetic. It feels almost like a theatre play score.
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    Jacck reacted to MrJosh in Harry Potter 7CD Collection - MUSIC discussion   
    I recall being moved to goosebumps when seeing the film at 'a change of season.' The music works perfectly, starts soaring with the Owl and then crescendo as the camera pans up to bright white sky...
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