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  1. Yes, the modality is reminiscent of the Voldemort stuff.
  2. It's highly unlikely that one would hear an audible difference between even a V0 MP3 and a lossless counterpart. But certainly not between 320 Kbps and lossless. This obviously doesn't account for subjective 'placebo' kind of effects though.
  3. I've been wondering if it's 4/4 & 3/8, or 3/4 & 5/8. Hard to tell maybe? One thought I had about the score overall is that Johnny baby seems to demonstrate an almost Mozartian restraint in his own personal way. Everything is just so, y'know? It does what it needs to without too much showing off or over-colouring/texturising (within the scope of SW). Herrmann would be proud!
  4. I really love the quirky action stuff from Follow Me / The Falcon. The 4/4 & 3/8 stuff (or whatever it is). To me, haromically and rhythmically it's markedly Goldsmithian. But with the character and Jazziness that Williams does so well. It feels so fresh and colourful to me. And clever. Also love Rey's Theme and have had it rattling around my head since I first heard it! I'm not a huge fan of Scherzo for X-Wings in the concert cue, but the film presentation kind of opened me up to it. Very exciting. Also super fun to play. No one does those fluent, cool harmonic progressions amidst such kinetic activity quite like Williams manages. *swoon*
  5. Edited: I see. The piano sheet music for the piece is in 3/4, but then the note lengths would probably be better halved with a 6/8 meter, I 'spose. Why, thanks!
  6. I've made a lovely expanded edit of The Force Awakens, which should be as complete as possible given the available material. I used the spreadsheet guide here to help. I've tried to keep the presentation as true to Williams' intentions as I could imagine. Most instances of nasty edits or looping that occur in places on both the FYC and OST editions have been fixed. This edit also features clean intros and outros, which I have mocked up where needed. Where alternate takes of the same material between the FYC/OST occur - I have chosen the take that I personally prefer - and based on the opinions I've gathered from a few others.I've also slightly mastered the FYC elements to give the mix more presence, and match the OST. Obviously the 160 kbps MP3 source isn't perfect, but still sounds good - and will sound even better when/if the lossless source appears.It makes for a decent and coherent listen. Here's the tracklist:01 Main Title and The Attack on the Jakku Village (6:53)02 Kill Them All (1:54)03 The Scavenger (2:28)04 Lunchtime (1:22)05 Rey Meets BB-8 (1:31)06 I Can Fly Anything (4:16)07 Finn's Trek (1:34)08 Follow Me and The Falcon (7:07)09 That Girl with the Staff (1:59)10 The Rathtars! (4:06)11 Snoke (2:08)12 Arrival at Takodana (0:40)13 You Got A Name? (1:32)14 Maz Examines Finn (1:28)15 I'm No Hero (1:05)16 Maz and Rey (1:48)17 The Starkiller (1:52)18 Kylo Ren Arrives at the Battle (2:15)19 The Resistance (1:33)20 The Abduction (2:25)21 Han and Leia and Finn and Poe, United (4:41)22 The Bombing Run (2:05)23 On The Inside (2:54)24 Torn Apart (4:19)25 The Ways of the Force (4:45)26 Farewell and The Trip (4:56)27 The Jedi Steps and Finale (8:52)28 Rey's Theme (3:11)29 March of the Resistance (2:36)30 Snoke (2:03)31 Scherzo for X-Wings (2:32)Total duration: 1:32:49
  7. Oh. I voted sarcastically assuming that was the spirit of the thing. Too easy to readily perceive sarcasm in this place.
  8. The music sounds like Williams pastiche to me. Doesn't seem to fit the Star Wars aesthetic, and veers off a bit into Harry Potter land. Also, I reckon the recording could well be produced from samples...? And if so, it surely wouldn't be a Williams original. That said - that melody has got itself stuck in my head - just caught myself whistling it.
  9. Some clips from the Fantastic Four soundtrack: http://www.juno.co.uk/products/marco-beltrami-philip-glass-fantastic-four-soundtrack/581330-01/ Sounds pretty cool upon first listen! Beltrami & Glass's musical sensibilities seem to blend well. Some cues have an almost Elfman-esque quality to them.
  10. Can't understand the attention this score has been getting. To me it's merely a whole load of clichéd, abrasive stock cinematic gestures repeated ad nauseam... Well mixed and produced, however. I suspect that for some, Junkie's name is influencing how the work is perceived.
  11. Gimmicky and shit. A montage of patronisingly curated edits of desperate, ambition-less pastiche. Holding truly to the requirements of the modern, greedy machine that is Hollywood. *tuts*
  12. Gimmicky and shit. A montage of patronisingly curated edits of desperate, ambition-less pastiche. Holding truly to the requirements of the modern, greedy machine that is Hollywood. *tuts*
  13. 'Composed by John Williams. Adapted by Michael Giacchino.' So I guess we'll be hearing Williams' theme(s) in this.
  14. I loved the inclusion of Mike's "the law =/= morality" lesson in the same episode as Chuck's super immoral "The law is sacred" tirade.
  15. Proving that Williams is a man with a great sense of humor as well as a truly genius craftsman! .. and who cares about Oscars anyway? Let it go!
  16. The Battle of Hoth, and Harry's Wondrous World.
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