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  1. Greetings, I have finally returned. Things have finally calmed down enough. Work has been extremely hectic, but since my project was released yesterday, things are starting to wind down for now. It's been so busy that I haven't done anything with music. How ironic, since I work at a music company. However, it appears that I might be getting some scoring work locally. By the way, I am going to be meeting with the guy who wrote the book "Film Music: A Neglected Art" this week. Turns out his son works for the same company that I do. Nothing too much going on though. I think that's all for now.
  2. I am sorry to report that I am leaving jwfan.net for an indefinite period of time. Someday I may return, but I dont know when. My reasons for leaving are personal and have nothing to do with anything or anyone on this board.
  3. They are sampled at no more than the minor 3rd, so far as I am aware. I still consider this acceptable for short time fourier transforms (which I believe is how they do pitch shifting, though they could be using linear predictave coding or some other technique like wavelets or AI). Beyond this point, however, I agree that is stretched too far. They could have sampled it at every quarter tone, but then the library would be like 200 GB like Vienna. Currently, a much smaller program is more commercially viable for them at the moment, but they are always improving their sample library. I am sendin
  4. I have now bought Notion. Since I work for them, I got it at an insanely low price. You cannot get it for that price, BUT, all of you can get it for $199 (about 150 euro I think) through the friends and family program since you are all my friends . I might be able to get it even lower, but that is on a person by person basis and I cannot guarantee it. Please talk to me if you want to buy it. Now that I have a copy at home I can make better demos than on their website. Any requests (ie Star Wars, etc.)? If you use Finale: Notion 1.0 has far superior playback to Finale 2006. It is far easier to
  5. I have been informed today that the demos have not been updated in MONTHS! I am hoping that this will soon be correct (ie within the week). As soon as they are, I will inform you and I do ask you to listen to them again. I was apalled when I heard the samples from the website as well. They are nowhere near the quality of the samples that we actually have in the software! Also, I can get employee pricing now. Competitive pricing (upgrade from Sib or Finale) is $299, but employee pricing is lower. Please email me if you seriously are considering this product. I might be able to get it for an ins
  6. I just need to know these things because your responses are the only two negative response I have heard from anyone ever, so I need to understand what is going on. If the demos do sound that bad, then there maybe is a problem that can be resolved. Everyone else, however, has been extremely impressed with the sounds. Also, the overwhelmingy majority of those who have been impressed are users of Finale, Sibelius, and GPO, so that isn't saying too much. If you use VSL every day, than I can understand your criticism. Also, if you conduct a live orchestra everyday, then your criticism is even more
  7. Really? I will have to check on this. I am very surprised by your comments indeed, so now I am led to believe that something is wrong with the samples. What sample set would you say is the closest but better to what you perceive? This will help me more accurately figure out the problem. If you say "It sounds worse than a DX7", then we have a serious problem. If you say "It sounds worse than GPO", then I know what the problem is and can easily fix it. If you say "It sounds worse than EWQL or VSL", then there isn't a problem because those libraries cost a lot more than Notion, so it is fair to a
  8. Go to http://www.notionmusic.com/downloads.cfm for the official demos. The official demos are way better than my Star Wars thing, because I only did that for my own enjoyment. If you don't think the samples are that good, then please explain to me why you feel that way. I really want to understand because that has not been anyone else's response ever, anywhere. It is extremely strange. I do not want to get into an argument like "this is better" etc., but I do want to understand why you feel that way. And if you continue to feel that way, that's your perogative, but I haven't met anyone else wh
  9. For those of you who haven't heard yet, there is some new music software that contains extremely high quality orchestral samples recorded with the London Symphony Orchestra. The software is called Notion. It is music notation software, and is great for composers and orchestrators. http://www.notionmusic.com The program contains approx. 4 GB of samples from the LSO; roughly 8500 files. All the LSO samples were recorded at Abbey Road studios. You can control the reverb of the samples to create very realistic results quite easily. The software is easy to learn and easy to use. If you are a compo
  10. I've got the conductor's scores for the concert suites of FOTR/ TTT, the ones you can buy for instance on musicnotes.com. I'd be glad to share them with you, but I doubt these are the ones you're looking for. Yes, those will do fine!
  11. I don't know how EW/QL works, but I know that programming with VSL is complicated. That's where Notion is different; it eliminates that middle layer of complexity and does away with the need for MIDI programming. I think I can safely say that, in ANY notation program, including Notion, if you just put the words "col legno" on to your string part with out any additional work, that string part will not play back col legno. Notion will make what I just said possible, however (but I don't know when the col legno samples are due out... but soon!). Sure, you can do MIDI mappings and route certain w
  12. Yes, I am looking for conductor's scores. Please tell me more! 8O The software I am using is called Notion http://www.notionmusic.com. It was released in April 2005. It is music notation software that contains ~4-5 GB of samples recorded with the LSO at Abbey Road studios. I am a software developer for Notion. My job right now is to develop MusicXML functionality. Finale has full MusicXML import/export (full on both platforms from 2006+, full on PC, partial on Mac for some eariler versions), and there is a plugin for Sibelius to export to MusicXML. My ultimate personal goal is to get these thr
  13. Yes I know that, but the reverberation is not as important unless I intend to do a direct comparison of "same group, same venue", which is only part of what I am looking to do. I am also just looking for things that sound good, so I can compare "real recording vs. sampled playback". The sampled playback isn't 100% the quality of the original recording, but I'd say my Star Wars mockup was already 90%+ there, and that was without tweaking.
  14. No, it's now open to all scores, but they must be clearly marked so as I can differentiate between music written for film and other media and music written for the concert hall (incl. opera, ballet, etc.). Multimedia compositions that involve film as part of a concert hall performance will be considered as concert hall music UNLESS the film presented during the performance and the music accompanying it are identical to how it would be presented as a film without the live orchestra. Film scores (or pieces thereof) performed in a concert venue will still be considered as film scores. Examples: -
  15. Ah ok good to know. I thought it was LSO that recorded it. Still looking for Shore's LOTR stuff though. I have a partial transcription of the opening titles of The Two Towers that I am working on, but that's about it.
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