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  1. It'll be interesting to see what they will be including with the UHD releases of the movies. Disney always ask a premium price for their releases, so $25 doesn't surprise me unfortunately.
  2. Got mine yesterday also. Sounds great to me. Reading the notes, it appears some restoration was necessary from analog backups to fill in some sample gaps in the digital source tapes, which degraded over time. I couldn't pick it up with my tin ears, so well done Neil S. Bulk and Company.
  3. Mine is still in "Awaiting Shipment" status. I think because the delay until the 16th.
  4. They were crossfades, and somewhat awkward ones at that. Another good reason to get this.
  5. I have to echo these sentiments, this release is about the closest to perfect I can possibly think of, and I have revisited this often.
  6. I've listened to the score a couple of times, and the film versions of the cues are interesting. I can see why they put certain versions on the album, bu as per my ways, I much prefer this complete presentation. There are some real gems in there, Langley being a really good presentation of the TV theme. Also really enjoying the mastering on CD 2, nothing sounds off or poorly crossfaded, with good separation between Zoom A and Zoom B in the track, for instance. For me, this score really flows well in complete form. Lots of fun, whimsy and tension at the same time. There's a groove that comes out in this score that reminds me a lot of Men In Black, and a couple of people said it reminded them of "The Simpsons", which made me chuckle. The artwork seems great, but I've yet to read the liner notes. "Good morning, Mr. Cruise..." made me chuckle. It appears the track breakdown is only for CD 2, and the score album is simply mentioned as being the original album presentation from what I saw on a quick skim.
  7. Verdict: this one sounds great, and is fantastically assembled. Really enjoying Elfman’s score.
  8. Just got my notice and tracking number. Really looking forward to this.
  9. Between this and Mission Impossible, I suspect I’ll be very happy.
  10. Given that this is apparently Elfman's socre without the Silvestri rejected material, do we know how much music is missing from the score album?
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