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  1. My copy arrived today, and it sounds great. Excellent early Horner. Now for Intrada to tackle the big one... BBTS.
  2. I might have to add this to my want list. I have Humanoids, and really am enjoying it.
  3. Samples sound interesting. Can't wait to get this one, good early Horner fun. Of course I'm really hoping they do a complete Battle Beyond the Stars.
  4. This looks really cool. I’m not a vinyl person, but these look fantastic. IMHO the LLLR vinyl with the Jim Titus artwork looks best.
  5. I hope some day soon we get a reissue of this score from this mastering. Even a straight re-issue would be perfect.
  6. The LLLR is like night and day compared to the OST. it also recreates the original album from the original masters, and it sounds superb.
  7. I held off the digital release because I want a physical copy of this score. This is an excellent and fun work and deserves the physical release.
  8. I swear by the LLLR version, and have passed on my Intrada copy for someone else to discover flipping through CDs. Sound quality there is a slight improvement (IMHO), and having the actual film version of the Main Title and The Ambush are the key reasons I upgraded.
  9. This is true, but as far as I can tell, the LLLR is mostly accurate to what is in the film. This makes it as close to definitive as we can currently obtain and I’m very happy with it.
  10. The Main Title, The Ambush and Truth Needs a Soldier are certainly different to the OST, and I think the Intrada release had the wrong takes for some of the film versions. It's a loooong score, and the synth / sakuhachi cues are not my favorites, but Woodroom / Finale is an absolute highlight. This score can certainly get the adrenaline pumping.
  11. I picked up the La-La Land Clear and Present Danger, and it seems to have improved audio from Intrada's release. I'm late to this upgrade, but it sounds great to my ears.
  12. My copy arrived, and it sounds fantastic. Improves on Intrada significantly. I suspect a better source has been found.
  13. No, I included Clear and Present Danger as an upgrade. Two Intrada upgrades in the same order.
  14. They are shipping early. Mine shipped yesterday, and the ETA is Saturday. I think it likely to be Friday.
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