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  1. Easily available on the secondary market ... https://www.amazon.com/Bourne-Identity-Original-Picture-Soundtrack/dp/B000068FWA
  2. The FSM Star Trek III excludes a cue created editorially in post production, as an example I know of.
  3. The samples sound great (as I expected with this score), and it's really great to see this released. I'd be curious to compare it to the OST (spreadsheet time @Jay ) ? This isn't a score I talk much about, but it is one I listen to a lot, especially on road trips. One of my favorites.
  4. The opening of The Bourne Identity shows a shot of Bourne floating in the sea. Great cinematography, IMHO.
  5. The Bourne Identity would be FANTASTIC !!!!! Talk about Instant Buy for me...
  6. Most of the film was regraded, since the original color grading was rushed at that point.
  7. The Earth is visible in more of the space dock shots. they also added more shots of the travel pod attached to the office complex.
  8. To my mind, it absolutely is the Gold Standard. The Alien Anthology set is also a Gold Standard in a similar way.
  9. There was a rushed post-production in 1978/79, and they didn't have time to do a propor sound mix, do all of the VFX they wanted, or have preview screenings that would have told them that the VFX were overwhelming the characters at the time. Money may also have been a factor, as the film was already frontloaded with money from the aborted Phase II, that provided the basis for designs, sets etc., including the Pilot script that turned into the theatrical screenplay. TMP theatrical release was essentially a late-stage workprint of the movie, and the only film Robert Wise was unhappy with at release.
  10. April 5th for Paramount+ premiere, May 22nd and 25th (I think) for Fathom Events theatrical presentation, and unknown date in September for UHD Blu-ray physical release (I assume a 4k/Blu-ray 2 disc set with new and existing features). I have the current Blu-ray of the Theatrical release, however I would hope we would get both the Theatrical and Director's Edition on disc. It may be just the DE however, and I can live with that given that the Theatrical edition is out in 4K and Blu-ray already.
  11. Well, good news all around: A theatrical presentation, streaming premiere and 4K announcement all this year. From the glimpses seen in the trailer, and what I've read in the articles above, I think this is going to be a fantastic release. A few things that really set this apart from the Star Wars / George Lucas enhancements: Although this is legitimately the Director's vision (a restoration of it anyway), the original theatrical cut is also easily available and preserved. No revisionist history. The standards for the effects on this are keeping in mind the style and what was possible in 1979, and not adding effects just to add them. Instead, much of the focus is on tightening the edit, tweaking and restoring character moments and development in the film. This is a win-win all around for me.
  12. I suspect it's timing. They likely want some specifically timed publicity to accompany the video. It is clear the Trailer was not meant to be "public", so there may be other elements tothe official annoucnement, and this foulup basically messed with their marketing plan.
  13. As is Jaws, Close Encounters and the 2012 3-CD set of this score. As was the last Home Alone release.
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