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  1. It is not his best film (maybe Aliens or The Terminator, or Terminator 2 would take that crown), but it has been underrated by some, and is one that needs a Blu-ray / 4K release with all the trimmings.
  2. Well I ordered this straight away, and this finally closes the book on The Matrix for me. One of those landmark innovative scores that stands as a true classic.
  3. I greatly enjoy Ghost and the Darkness, as well as Congo and The Shadow. For more action oriented Goldsmith, Total Recall is also up there, and The Edge is also one of his best IMHO. I'll likely be thinking of more, but I have to leave that for others.
  4. Fantastic. I hope they release it on CD as well. Unfortunately, I suspect they might not do this.
  5. I'll second on Brainstorm. The film recordings of the cues are a little different to the re-recording, and this is a fantastic score from Horner.
  6. For anyone here who does not have this one, I recommend grabbing it. To me, this is definitive.
  7. Casper is one of those scores that is full of wonder, whimsy and heart that are Horner's biggest strengths. This is going to be an excellent choice for listening to for Halloween.
  8. Most of the time, when I obtain a complete or near complete release, I tend to pass on or sell on the OST. In many cases, such as E.T. and Superman releases from LLLR, the OST becomes moot and is included in the package, in which case I include that OST arrangement in my digital extraction, and utilize the OST artwork in my digital version. I try, as far as possible, to have one definitive version of each score in the collection. For artwork choice, I use the expansion and alternate covers for the expansions, and the OST album art for OST if included.
  9. If Brainstorm original cues are being released, it'll be an instant purchase for me. We'll see what Varese are putting out this round.
  10. Including the OST may be the only way to make this release technically a reissue, and this might be the only way to get the Brian Adams song included.
  11. It’s all there. Jay’s spreadsheet is pretty comprehensive: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1SkAOjZN-WOO03rsafaw4nOo2rFALx7E0DVj5-ky7Zmw/htmlview The two your missing: R 2-1: Superman March (alternate) / LLL 2-12 Prelude and Main Title (Alternate) R 1-1: Prelude and Main Title March / LLL 2-17: Prelude and Main Title (film version)
  12. While the evidence is flimsy, it shows that at some point it was being looked at. Given some of the amazing Horner releases we've seen (Legends of the Fall, Apollo 13, An American Tail, Balto etc.) I would not be surprised to see Willow released at some point. My wish (ant it is a wish, not a prediction) is that we get something like Sneakers, Feivel Goes West or The Perfect Storm on the Horner side. There is so much in the Horner filmography that is worthy of release. It is also possible we may be getting Conan The Destroyer, which has been work
  13. Rambo: First Blood Part II. Right from the main title there is an instrumental flavor that evokes the Vietnam location.
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