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  1. No, it was listed but Lucasfilm only ever provided the 97 SE prints because that is all they had.
  2. The Blu-rays in the individual 4K and 6 film sets are all from the scans done for the 4K. The menus, mirroring the 4K disks, are simply the theatrical poster art for each respective movie. So the excessive DNR and Edge Enhancement from the 2009 Blu-rays are gone. All special features from the 2009 releases are carried over, with WOK containing the additional material added for the Directors Cut.
  3. Here's the thing, I have no issue with the Star Wars Special Editions. There are many things I enjoy about the additions. The thing I decry is that the original film was effectively destroyed and hidden from home video or cinematic viewing after 1997, compounded further by various DVD, Blu-ray and 4K additions and changes along the way. Blade Runner did it right by preserving the existing cuts as well as the enhanced version. And Star Trek TMP releases ALSO preserve history along with the original theatrical cut (and the SLV). The Alien Anthology Blu-ray set had both original and directors cuts of those films, preserving history and presenting eloved or director-preferred versions. The problem is not the presense or absense of new effects, it is the destruction of the history making original versions of the Star Wars movies that get my goat.
  4. I think Creature Features and Amoeba Records have good film score inventories. Dark Delicacies is also great.
  5. If anything it would be the other way around. Complete JNH score on 2 CDs and 1 CD for whatever HS recorded.
  6. The Promo Album I believe was a collection of MP3s Gabriel Yared put up on his site due to his frustraction at how he lost the job to James Horner after working on the score. Given the rumored circumstances, I don't blame him. He apparently wasn't told until very late in the game, and it was handled extremely badly by the director etc. If I recall correctly, the score files were only up a very short time before he had to take it down, and it may have been a ceace-and-desist type message from the studio. I also recall that he had trouble finding work for a while after that.
  7. I already have the previous releases (they are amazing). I might have to dig them out for another listed, since they are now on my mind ... If there is anyone without them, I HIGHLY recommend leaping on them. They are MUST HAVES and DEFINITIVE.
  8. Yes, they did issue Troy, a 2 CD set with 1 piece from the OST missing (apparently some kind of legal issue since it was based on someone else's music or something). They could tweak that setup to restore he one missing cue.
  9. Peraps a reissue of Horner's TROY on 2 CDs, then 1 CD with Gabriel Yared's famously rejected score?
  10. The 3 disks, 2 albums for Something Wicked also makes sense. Delerue release reissued, a 2 disc release for Horner's score.
  11. Wild hunch, but we may be looking at Something Wicked This Way Comes. 1. The George Delerue rejected score (released before) 2. The James Horner complete score 3. The James Horner score album previously released If so, this would be quite interesting.
  12. The TMP: DE approach seems to be successful, perhaps a model for how to finance DS9 and Voyager remasters? Make them Paramount+ exclusive for a period before releasing each remastered season so P+ can get positive cash and subscriptions, followed by the physical media releases.
  13. The SLV is not enough of an interest to me personally, so I'm getting the 6 movie set and gifting my current Blu-rays for I thru IV. V and VI are currently from the earlier TOS movie box set, and were signed by William Shatner (Trek V) and Cliff Eidelman (Trek VI, he wrote out the opening bar of the main titles). Which means they are for keeps. It would be cool to see a Trek V special edition, but probability is low at this point. My ultimate wish would be to have a HD or 4K restoration for DS9 and Voyager to match what they did for TNG.
  14. To my ears, this is a better sounding presentation, and includes more extras and the OST (with different edits / takes in some cues, very subtle). Not a huge leap, but the second disk allows for additional alternates, and the inclusion of the OST program. For example, the OST program includes the Spock vocals for the Epilogue, and the Score program on CD 1 is just the music.
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