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  1. My understanding of the events leading up to what we have: - LLL had a gap in their release schedule, and Neil chimed in with the idea of revisiting ST2, which everyone liked. - Once the contracts / agreements / process was started, Neil got the spreadsheet detailing available elements, and he picked what he thought were the previously used masters. - Upon hearing the elements, he realized what they were and the rest is history ...
  2. IIRC, Neil said he suggested Star Trek II to fill a gap in the release schedule, since he wanted to revisit the score and revise it, then came across the elements listed among the digitized resources on the spreadsheet of available elements. This tells me that Star Trek III is probably not planned for a revisit. This could easily change based on feedback from this release of course.
  3. One thing I'm curious about is why the new source was not used to recreate the OST programme. Why go back to the FSM tapes? Going back to the original tapes, then getting the Spock dialog from the same digital source as before I would have thought to be relatively trivial. I can only guess that there is material in the OST programme that could not be found on the disc one tapes.
  4. On the HP side, the ideal for me would be to have a box set for scores 4-6, followed by another one for both parts of The Deathly Hallows. I think Deathly Hallows deserves that treatment, and a box set (similar to the John Williams set for 1-3) would complete the musical picture for these scores, giving them a generous spotlight of their own.
  5. I'm tempted to separate out Kirk Takes Command and He Tasks Me, and it's something to ponder. Going with the discreet cues was an easy personal preference for me, and keeping separate cues separate is the most desirable approach for me. I'm really loving this release, and to my ears, the score sounds as it should. It's a subtle upgrade from the FSM, but a good one, actually a little more than I expected.
  6. I would be very happy to see JP3 released, both because it is a good score (from what I remember), and to complete the Jurassic Park trilogy musically.
  7. My CD collection would first go to my wife, but barring that, I would want it to go to a good Used CD store so that someone else can have their first exposure to this great music. Passing on the music keeps it alive and relevant. If someone has the same kind of revelation as to this amazing body of work, then that is the best outcome.
  8. Although impractical due to the costs involved in a more general release, I ideally would have these given more general releases so that others can discover these great scores. It should be noted that the OST arrangements of these scores are obviously more wisely available, and the albums actually do a good job as an introduction to each score, but that's a situational mitigation rather than the ideal and preference for availability.
  9. I used the Discreet cues in my digital rip also. I can simply play the CD as-is and it works great, but I prefer to have them as separate cues.
  10. I know it wasn't addressed to me, but I did the same thing in terms of selling my FSM release. You know, because it's fun to share views. I greatly enjoyed Jeff's liner notes, however I got $20 from a used CD store for my FSM release to offset the cost of the upgrade. I have a personal policy to have 1 version of any score on my shelf, and for the most part, the best version available of a score. I keep prior releases if they have something significant musically, or if it is signed. For me it is always about he music. I don't always read the liner notes, and usually I read them only once when I get a release when I do. I'd be curious if anyone else here has any kind of "policy" or practice like this regarding what is kept vs. what is sold. Might need a new thread for that one ...
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