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  1. I listened to the DE release, and really enjoy it. Pure Goldsmith action. I have no issues with the shorter tracks, TBH, it flows well enough for me.
  2. They might have two shipments from their plants, one to a UK based company and the other sent to the US. Another possibility is that an arrangement to the Colliseum Schallplatten releases of Varese titles in Europe (forgive the spelling).
  3. Twilight and Mist immediately preceeds The Ludlows.
  4. "we" didn't kill anyone. A callous cop did. We in the broad context doesn't refer to either cops or protesters or rioters, but followers of Candice Owens, who view the far left portion of celebrity culture to be virtue signalling hypocrites. The effect of celebrity adoption of this is obviously correct in a literal sense, and is the desired result. THAT is what the post was about. Now, can we get back to talking about film scores, or La-La Land records releases and announcements?
  5. Roger has done some excellent productions, especially with the recent Horner releases. Willow is an absolute grain for me. Waiting and wishing.
  6. I placed Twilight and Mist immediately before The Ludlows, since more is heard in the film than the snippet in The Ludlows. They are slightly different, so I think they are actually separate recordings, with Twilight seamlessly seguing into The Ludlows.
  7. Not sure, it depends on the math re: taxes, import fees (if applicable), and shipping cost of 1 title vs. 2 on an order for La-La Land Records. One would compare that total cost for both releases at normal place to the two separate orders, one with a base 30% discount before shipping and taxes applied.
  8. I think complete IJ editions are pretty much my biggest Holy Grail at this point. If they can get a treatment similar to the Superman releases, I would be pleased as punch.
  9. Given the nature of physical media market, this is a pretty good number. So glad I have my copy, and cannot do anything but love the set, music, presentation.
  10. It'll be interesting to see what they will be including with the UHD releases of the movies. Disney always ask a premium price for their releases, so $25 doesn't surprise me unfortunately.
  11. Got mine yesterday also. Sounds great to me. Reading the notes, it appears some restoration was necessary from analog backups to fill in some sample gaps in the digital source tapes, which degraded over time. I couldn't pick it up with my tin ears, so well done Neil S. Bulk and Company.
  12. Mine is still in "Awaiting Shipment" status. I think because the delay until the 16th.
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