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  1. I agree that the ghostwriters added 'enhanced' bling to make it all Zimmery. Variety says "portions" of the score were used. I think that's probably the most honest assessment.
  2. Goddamit, I am torn. I want that score NOW! Unpolished raw scoring sessions would be fine- I don't care! On the other hand, it is such a magical moment when you first encounter a great score accompanying a great film. We are dealing with music by the gods, after all...
  3. BRIDGE OF SPIES is being distributed in USA by Disney (Oct. 16). I'll bet Official Trailer 1 is on it. Trailer 2 will probably be on GOOD DINOSAUR.
  4. I wonder how many great cues are still out there unheard. I'll bet there's a treasure-trove of good stuff collecting dust on a reel in some studio warehouse... the original finale to AOTC comes to mind.
  5. Oh yeah. This reeks of awesomeness. Yes, indeed. This one shot outshines Hayden Christensen's entire performance in every respect.
  6. Supreme Booby... [looks over] What was your nickname in high school again, honey?
  7. Ian McDiarmid was pretty awesome too.
  8. OT score is an achievement. PT scores are excellent and outstanding but don't stand up against the originals. JW is the best thing about the prequels, by far. I never liked "Jabba the Hutt's Theme" though....drives me up the wall.
  9. I can't stop listening to this damn thing. Hope for TFA for sure. JW was scoring TINTIN around this time and this actually sounds and functions better as a theme for that! At the very least, Sean Murphy didn't fuck it up too badly.
  10. He might surprise us. JJ seems more enthusiastic about working with JW than anything else in the TFA production. JJ has no problem letting his opinions fly, especially about the prequels. There's was an article where JJ said that he simply showed JW the film and just told him to "do his thing". Despite that statement, I figure he has given JW plenty of instruction, opinion, and suggestions of tone, style, and flavor for the score.
  11. William Ross did a fine job with HP&CoS. I'm sure JW, although unable to physically conduct himself, is in the control room for every cue with pencil and notebook in hand to correct, mold, and adjust every note that the orchestra is playing.
  12. So who's going to tell Miss Morley that her boobs have fallen out? JW's voice was weak in the SDCC concert intro, btw. [....concerned]
  13. I am also a frequent "voyeur" of JWFAN forums, but have no interest in FSM's boards at all. I used to post quite a bit back in the day. This is a frat house. FSM is a lecture hall. There's the difference. I love this site.
  14. That's what I think. Some are jumping to conclusions that this is just a lift of "TIE Fighter Attack"- I'm crossing my fingers for a wonderful arrangement with the Rebel Fanfare at the fore, like the Sail Barge Assault cue. One could call that "attack music from the OT" but it was by no means a direct lift. It was a sensational action cue using elements from previous material. I'm hoping for something like that to appear in TFA.
  15. I'm going to break cover and actually post. For a kid growing up in the '80's, Horner's scores peppered so many good experiences. The gift he's been given and shared with us is timeless. To say he'll be missed goes without saying- I don't even care about AVATAR 2 anymore. Like previously posted, losing Jerry was sad- this is an outright shock. Mr. K
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