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  1. Although in some cases I do appreciate the remastered OST, I feel like that's the biggest gripe a lot of people have with releases lately is the presentation of the OST taking up space of unreleased material. Luckily re-building the OST with this release wouldn't be hard and to me its better to get new material.
  2. I mean, the sound they posted is literally heard mixed strongly at this moment: so it was at least used for that. There's a good amount of synth percussion in this cue
  3. such a COOL discovery! I've studied the score but I never quite knew what was going on at that moment. I'm also finding now comparing the original DTS that THIS sound is mixed MUCH HIGHER and earlier in the film at the cut to Nedry arriving at the main gate So cool to know what synth it was! Also i had noticed that the boom-bams are performed live too but thought i was going crazy. You can hear the stage noise of them being performer (which got claned out unfortunately in the '22 release) which wouldn't have existed if they were synth hah As for HOME ALONE, I can definitely confirm that the DX7 was used. i've used it to replicate the gold tooth sound and such. goldtooth.wav looking at the Synclavier, I'm also realizing this was probably what was used to perform some of the LADD Company Logo music too?
  4. I don’t generally watch Klaytons videos. I wrote the original articles explaining how both scenes worked heh The paddock scene isn’t so much inconsistent as perhaps visually not as clear as it could be. I have the blue prints for the set showing the hole the car was pushed into and the part at road level where the goat had been (between the cars) where the rex exist. With everything going on and the repetitious nature of the fence, not to mention the need to try and match it to an existing location they couldn’t do any real earth works to, it matches as best as they could at the time. The rex entering the rotunda… the only way it works is there’s damage to the freshly made facade on that side by the hurricane… otherwise… movie magic haha
  5. There’s was a notepad sold at auction with notes from Phil Tippet discussing the return of the rex. In earlier scripts the rex chases the cars to the helicopter and even attack the helicopter (you can see this even made it into the coloring book). With those scenes removed, there was this question of how to have the rex return one final time. There was discussion of having the rex attack the raptors outside the VC but by this point in filming they’d lost the location sets to the hurricane. Between Tippet and Spielberg or whoever the decision switched to have the Rex save them inside the VC and Rick Carter—the films production designer—even tried to figure out how the Rex got in but Spielberg was thinking cinematically, not in how it actually got into the building. And I think its important to remember the issue with the rex fence is due to the need to marry location with sound stage, and they did their best. This was pre CG environments. We didn’t really get those till JP3.
  6. Which may be why it wasn’t, but the performance is so different It’s something those of us in the JP community and many in the film score community have wanted. So I’m grateful for it. Yes please! I could give an itemized list… haha To my understanding they never filmed anything but the final ending. it’s worth knowing that it would have been one of the last effect sequences turned in because after they filmed the finale (a film wrap for Ariana and Joey), they cleaned the rotunda and the next day filmed the queue videos for River Adventure and then began tearing the set down. the final shots filmed were Hammond, Grant, and Ellie in the trailer as Hammond invited them. Williams would have had a locked cut but with no effects to score to. Also realize that Williams scored the film with almost NO alternates. He has unused cues, sure, but no alts. Any changes after the locked cut would have been a mix of work between George Lucas and Spielberg in Poland. So any changes—such as the shortening of Raptor in the Shed and making a new cue with tracked music or starting the credits a few seconds earlier and trimming some of the music—and the replacement of music 1:1 in the rex finale would have been one of their ideas
  7. Hey, look. I get it. You wanna be contrary. But for those of us who want to support music archiving… and future proofing of these assets… these releases are important. For one, its Mike. He knows what he’s doing. For two, the original is out of print and I don’t know many people who wanna spend close to $300 online for it. Then there’s the fact it finally includes the only real missing performance from the old set AND the corrected film mix of another. Add to it the fact that the 20th Anniversary set many people do have is deeply flawed. This corrects that too. It’s ok to not want it but it’s ok for others to want it. It’s at least not whole sale deception like some other labels do or including poorly done editing / mastering…. I’d be one of the first to say it if so. You should also know as well as I do that these separate re-releases are usually how they go about EXPANDING things (superman anyone?) and seeing as there are 5 other film scores that could be released… I think it would be ignorant to think this will be just a one off thing. So in the end I WELCOME this and hope that we continue to get more of the music from the series!
  8. I’d love for all those tracks to be released. one version was on the original IOA album, then the reprinted album replaced it with a version not using JW’s themes and there’s a whole other version too. I recorded all that too hah
  9. I think I’d recorded all this probably by 2009 at the latest so we def had it earlier than that! LoL The mixing of the music is hard to comment too much on cause technically I had to record the whole thing twice: once right channel, once for left. And then sync and mix them… there are for sure some alternate takes uses in the River Adventure exit store though… I do agree the mix feels different but I also feel the same way when I get use to hearing real channel rips and feeling like somethings off when we get the music officially released heh so it could just be that I’d love the iso percussion but I’m not sure if he’d ever approve it. It makes me think of “Anderton Runs” where Williams scored with a lot of percussion and synth that could be used or unused in the mix (as evident by three mixes of the same cue). I wouldn’t mind a full perc mix version of “The Hunt” so I can retire mine heh
  10. Universal Orlando’s Islands Of Adventure Jurassic Park island plays the iso percussion from “The Hunt.” The unused track for when ingen shows up to catch the dinos Its incomplete but it played in the Discovery Center outdoor area. I recorded it lol its at 2:56-5:49 in that video. Islands of adventure was in final development just after the lost world came out. A lot of the props and vehicles were sent to Universal Orlando to be put on display and remain there to this day (if they haven’t been thrown out…) The Jurassic Park island has some zones of music written specifically for it but is otherwise mostly music from “The Lost World.” Even the “theme from Jurassic Park” that plays at the entrances to the island is the version recorded for The Lost World.
  11. I’m not at home so I don’t have the information directly in front of me for time codes but based on what I have I can give some guidance. -“[3m2A] Entrance to the Park” the end of this cue on the 2013 release has a ‘clean’ (no chair creek) ending. I don’t mind because it’s what they used for the film edit ending of the cue “[10m3] Eggs in the Forest” -“[9m3-10mA] A Tree for my Bed” this has a slightly different performance in the opening and the ending if I recall -“[10m2] My Friend the Brachiosaurus” has an alternate take near the middle part when the tempo perks up. The ending especially is performed faster. -“[11m2] Preparing to Meet the Monster” I don’t quite recall the difference but I THINK it’s the cue up until the percussive chase moment. -“[11m3-12m1] High Wire Stunts” this has some slight performance differences but the biggest to ear is the final carnivore motif at the end being faster. Possibly because the next cue technically would come in VERY soon after and the album version is more relaxed and doesn’t quite get out of the way in time when synced to the scene. -“[14m2] End Credits (part 1)” If I recall the big difference was in the horn to piano pass off where they aren’t quite in step with eachother. -“[14m2] End Credits (part 2)” again I think the big difference were some edit points and the final part with the carnivore motif (the quieter moments) I can get more specifics later but these are the major changes on the 2013 set I’m really excited for this set! It perfects and finalizes this for me and I can’t wait to explore it again!
  12. I realize I was too vague: there were multiple backlot fires at USH. I'm speaking specifically of this one in which original reports were that original film stock dating from as early as 'I LOVE LUCY' up to films from 2001 went up in the fire, they THEN came back and did a second statement saying "No, it was COPIES that burned" which just seemed like playing PR to me. They had to admit to the film stock burning because of the color of the smoke which indicated certain chemicals which were present. And I wasn't speaking of LEGEND's score burning up but rather potentially film stock. Universal has been very hesitant to give much of a list of anything lost in the fire, again, claiming "nothing lost was irreplaceable"
  13. Don't forget this was a universal film and a large collection of theirs burned down in that backlot fire. Also don't forget the production issues with Legend. The 007 stage the forest was built on burned down during lunch. They hadn't finished or were nearly finished--forget which--with the Jack being forced to Dance by Gump scene and when they were on lunch the whole sound stage burned to the ground. The shots at the end of Lilly and Jack (depending on the cut) running away towards the sun was on a swing set because they had lost the main forest so there were certain things they just couldn't film. Further, if i'm not mistaken, when you watch the "directors cut" what you're seeing is a scan of the interpositive of the cut shown to test audiences. There's a title card that shows before it plays explaining it. So it had ALREADY been tinkered with. The original cut is missing or gone or not to be released--my guess is lost in the fire.
  14. The discussion of Lily Awakens alternate is interesting to me... but I disagree. There's the directors cut and the uk cut and they have differing ideas. -One has Lilly awaken and then they kiss and then its a montage to the end. -The other she awakens and has a conversation with Jack and eventually sings for him. It seems like there was some reworking going on as far as how the cut would be, if there would be a song, etc. Like a revision of the section because bits of each half are used depending on the cut. The Freeze is just a change to the way the track was presented on the album, yea. They cut the repeated section of the synth at the end / opening of the next cues. There's actually more to it than what you played (I edited it slightly out in that track you played...) The Unicorns is an extension insert with some repeated measures again. It does sound like it was re-recording of the section to be patched in if needed--edit dependant I'm sure. Fun talks about the score! I learned some interesting things i didn't know about the time frame in Goldsmith's life and a little more about the production. Thanks for sharing!
  15. Interested to give this a listen! Hopefully my order shows up eventually lol....
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