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  1. ok Luke, but it was named that because they don't have teeth. Other flying reptiles have been found and found to ahve teeth but yet pterosaurs show no signs of them... seems kinda..odd
  2. conceded. but the point still stands...they're toothless...and to bring it even further back, they ones in JP3 are mutants where as the "non-mutant" authentic Pteronodon Longiceps as seen in TLW finale do exist on the island along with Sternbergi. That's another point....there are about a dozen more species that we know exist but aren't seen in the films...
  3. Even if they had teeth that wouldn't fossilize, you'd find proof of structure to hold them. And the argument is moot... Pteranodon* means "Winged and Toothless." lol
  4. lol... I use to help run a Jurassic Park encyclopedia website. i know my shit! lol Not to mention I've made a fully realistic and fleshed out timeline of events in the JP universe (film universe) along with probably/possible events and alluded to events. I then took that and elaborated into the future and wrote a story based on that. Granted, it will never be a movie, but it's the definative JP4 to me lol
  5. The thing you're all forgetting is relevance: How do you keep it relevant? Whats the one thing that Jurassic Park is all about? Mans arrogance and belief he can control genetics. But whats the thing we haven't really seen in Jurassic Park? Because the films are attempting to NOT be monster movies, the animals are, for the most part, accurate. But at the same time, any genetic venture would have thousands upon thousands of duds and inbreeds and so on (Chaos Effect anyone?). JP3 hinted at this by the fact that Spino wasn't on the species list. It wasn't because they were 'hiding something' as Grant kinda alludes to, it's beacuse no one would have known what it was in the 80's when the dinosaurs were first bred! They would have assumed it was some mutant Baryonyx. Spinosaurus was discovered before WWII but all its remains were destroyed in the German Bombings. Even before this, the skull was extremely fragmentary and one need but look at the toy line to The Lost World to see that even up until then, we thought that the Spino had a Rex like skull. Not until just as JP3 was being produced was a nearly complete skeleton discovered and the true family of the species was ascertained. Also, the Pterosaurs are inbreeds. Pterosaur means winged and toothless. The Pterosaurs in JP3 have wings but have TEETH which no large flying reptile (excepting a rare one here and there) had. Pteronodon Longiceps (upon which it was based) certainly didn't have teeth. So the big thing that hasn't been shown are the rejects...those that couldn't make it in the park. There's even a line in the scripts about how only certain species that were recovered were even able to adapt to this world. So we have this whole mythos of animals created...monsters...that never really are talked about. On top of that, what makes a monster? The DNA being used is from Mosquitoes...how the hell would you know what you're bringing back? And fossilization is a RARE occurance. For all you know this "monster" that LOOKS like a smaller rex is a species undiscovered. Now to make it relevent...genetic ventures are some of the most lucrative businesses around. Everything from food to clothes has some benefit from this. So how do we make it relevant? Let's make a parallel between...lets say...engineering Dinosaurs...and oh I dunno...Engineering children perhaps? Or food...etc... Make a parallel. The technology used on the island was decades ahead of its time (we still haven't 'caught up'). The dinosaurs are protected. The island is isolated... but why would anyone go back? Not for the dinosaurs... not for the thrill... for the technology. To find that which was left to rot away in the Jungle. To Reverse engineer what Dr. Henry Wu did to create the dinosaurs...so that technology could then be used to make someone rich today in new genetic ventures. sorry... just had to say...there is a LOT to write about As for characters? Who were those most effected? Dr Wu: Single handedly bred over 30 species of dinosaurs, undoing extinction. Takes a boat off of Isla Nublar never to go to work again. A lifes work...gone Tim/Lex: Brother and sister, saw the islands first hand through different eyes... how might that effect their views? Eric Kirby: Having SURVIVED the island, what mysteries might he have seen? What secrets might he hold? Dodgeson: Need I say more? Hammond: What else can he divulge from the dark history of InGen? That's only returning characters too..
  6. I HAVE to get that CD...loved every song
  7. Yes... I actually began writing it and made fan trailers for it on my youtube but then the site I worked for and I had...creative differences... I could post a synop lol
  8. And I think this has far more to do with changes made by the conductor in rehearsal (i.e. the one run-through before the recording). Studio musicians are the best sight readers in the world. On the rare occasion that somebody misses an entrance, I'm sure Williams would not just let it go. I think Williams tends to over-orchestrate a little so that he has options for instruments to tacet when he wants to reduce the texture. There's that too but I've had instances where the winds might come in a little late or scoop into a pitch. There are instances where there are things dropped but I mean stuff that obviously wasn't or was performed wrong...heh
  9. gonna move this from PM to here I'm not saying it's not possible... but I'm not sure I'd go as far to be as certain as you are unless there's maybe a conductors score or something showing why this is a partial recording. Then to further say it's a proof of bad editing... I, again, dunno if I could say that. Mike is very capable and very honest with his work. We could always msg him too to see if there's some proof to there being more to the recording and even perhaps shed some light on why it sounds like the men may be continuing.
  10. The click is not present in my release. As for the mens choir singing, I hear breathy sounds... but its hard for me to leap to the conclusion that its the mens choir singing anything as the song to them is over... I always imagined it was Williams himself getting into it and making kinda breathy sounds as he conducted which I've heard before in other recordings. I mean, in Temple of Doom, "Strangle Hold" starts with an "Umph!" Literally heh
  11. I don't have that album to compare but I will say original album releases by Williams are never amazing. It's only when they do something special for them like they did for Home Alone II do they sound much better... hence why I spend so much time redoing all my album recordings. There are only a few Williams albums that sound amazing. Home Alone II, and despite its grevious flaws, I think that the UE of Episode I has an AMAZING mixing job...hell...amazing editing job (even though I hate that they edited anything at all lol). Those are the best ones... of ALL the works he's done...THOSE... the SE of STAR WARS is my next favourite... followed closely by the Anthology Box Set of the Original Star Wars scores.... but what do you notice in all these cases? They are NOT album releases...they are special edition releases... which, as you should be well aware of, is the nature of the "Album" beast... trying to maximize sound and balance to be able to be heard on most systems without clipping or crackling... most people utilize some sort of bass/trbl boost on their radio/iPod/etc so the albums automatically are lacking in these ranges... its kinda sad. makes me miss LP's.
  12. aha! So you're listening to the Album release... which I do not own. I only have the Expanded Edition which is a two disc set that has pretty much everything on it. It's been remixed and remastered and sounds BRILLIANT! They may also use different takes of tracks than whats on the album too so that could alleviate what you're hearing too. As for pops it could also be a cd rip error. I have a damn good ear and it drives people on this board crazy lol :-p...I think I drove Mike Matession crazy too when I asked why the expanded Home Alone set wasn't made from the original masters and instead is a hybrid of the Album masters and some secondary/tertiary copy of the masters. lol If I get my hands on the album, I'll give it a listen and let you know my thoughts :-) EDIT: Hang on... 19 tracks is the Home Alone album...I'm talking Home Alone II... or did I completely misinterpret this thread,...
  13. Perhaps we need to be more specific. I'm listening to "Star of Bethlehem," disc 2, track 14 from the Varese release at [2:43]... right after the cut off and the horns start up... Because the whole rest of that track no one sings...
  14. Have you listened to the Star Of Bethlehem as used in the church scene in Home Alone 1 recently? LOL...the poor Glock player is sooo bad they don't even include it in the album mix. 1 point for Griffendor--I mean Home Alone II Listen to the choir direction in "Christmas Star" from home alone II. Clean consonants. Very together. I don't hear the people singing at 2:43 though... I do hear williams "umphing" the horns though. 2 points to home Alone II But I think that all albums suffer from wrong notes. If you ever listen and compare to the actual score, I've found a myriad of instances where instruments come in late or don't play at all...things like that which vary from performance to performance. That's the BEAUTY of a live performance though. Its never the same.
  15. I've noticed that! I'd completely forgotten and Id on't watch tv much anymore, but Yea... whenever he comes out, it's Jabba the Hutts theme lol
  16. The stress of birth is enough to cause women to sometimes not survive. I always interpreted it as she was dying already so they had to take the babies from her because her body was shutting down. The force choke may have crushed more than just her throat...and I imagine it might be reasonable to say it cut off blood supply to the brain too. Doing that could cause a lot of weird things. It's vaguely anonymous and meant to be very...Greek epic poem like. Losing the will to live is great and all but that's only truly important if like... you're fighting to stay alive which I always interpreted that she was needing to because of what Anakin did. I made an edit of Episode III where I edited out a lot of the lines to just be "She is dying. We need to operate quickly."
  17. From my understanding Lucas saw the sequence to Minority Report and conceived of the same for Episode II heh
  18. Wasn't sure if this had been posted but its an AMAZING read: http://www.starwars.com/media/general/moswros_thefinalchapter.pdf
  19. Some of my favourite scores are from this genre/sound: 1) Battlestar Galactica (the Bear McCreary version) 2) Munich 3) Passion of the Christ 4) The Mummy (The Mummy 2) 5) Rendition The Duduk is such a warm and WONDERFUL instrument! Its technically Armenian but is used to add that Middle Eastern Flavour :-)
  20. Love it! Makes me want to watch the movie again hehe some notes: 1) The original Koepp script for TLW was almost identical to the novel except that it had to take into account Hammond being alive and a few other small details. It had Ian developing a group like in the novel and going to reconstruct his reputation. Hints of similar themes are used in the final script/film but his main motivation changes completely. The other major difference was Spielberg asked Koepp to write the script first rather than, like In Jurassic Park, having other hands (including Michael Crichton himself) have a go. Koepp had been the final writer of the script for JP (working from both Crichton's and another writers drafts) where as in The Lost World, Koepp never so much as phoned Crichton about it. They were developed separately. The evolution of the script to what we saw on the screen, however, I would argue, was mostly Speilberg who made a lot of interesting decisions during the production of the film. Despite having a massive budget, Spielberg didn't utilize a lot of it. Originally, New Zealand had been spotted for location filming but due to the expense was dropped and exchanged for locations in Northern California which, although they look great, came at a price--they were filming a "tropical island" in winter and many night scenes reveal puffs of "breath." The price of building a backlot "Workers Village" also must have changed his decision on building on the backlot, shrinking the town from being a massive pterosaur ending, to simply a walk though, exchanging the ending for the San Diego Sequence, an Homage to "King Kong" and maintaining the set for years to be utilized for other productions such as "Sliders" and a few others. The Main building of course still stands and was reused in JP3. 2) The Main Theme from The Lost World to me always felt like an adventure but one of the reasons I felt was because of its minor key scale ascension that almost built up the scale as one walking towards something. Not very technical I'm afraid but it gives the impression. 3) It may be worth mentioning that many references to the original JP themes were cut and the Theme from The Lost World was tracked into a few scenes to add to the sense of adventure. One such scene that you mention but didn't have the music used as intended was the finale to the film. The Triumphant Island Theme is utilized but was not written for that scene. 4) You do later mention the tracking, but one thing I would say is that for the most part, editing was done with respect to the score. For example, since "The Round Up" scene was extended and restructured which would have created major problems trying to edit the cue Williams wrote for it. In its' stead, they used edits from many other tracks (I imagine due to William's unavailability). Also, the usage of the Lost World theme in the finale (Ludlow's Death) is in a way, a continuation of a tradition started in Jurassic Park of showing the T-Rex in a triumphant hero sort of light. In Jurassic Park, the Rex's appearance was rescored with tracked music to make it heroic in the same way. 5) I would also mention that a lot of the 'motifs' are more percussive than melodic. For instance, each track seems to have a nearly unique percussion to it, with each instrument echoing the percussion at varying points. That's all I can think of now heh Great read!
  21. If it helps at all, i've made an edit before utilizing the scene from the Extras that shows most of that missing part of the sequence without dino sfx. There are slight other sfx, but you almost don't notice it. If you use that, plus a few rear channel rips, it's almost completely clean and IS completely listenable.
  22. I should have them remove those videos since they banned me lol
  23. I always thought the orriginal Star Tours music sounded like something from Star Trek rather than Star Wars...so no wonder Giacchino is more apropro.
  24. If I'm following you, it's similar but backwards? Nice catch... Also of note is how "Revealing the Plans" is like a diminished version of both the Island Theme and the Jurassic Park theme from JP which are melded together until it goes major and you hear the fanfare at the end. If I had more time, I would help you with your TLW breakdown. I've nearly finished mine for JP, even started a video series about it on YouTube. I had been contemplating doing one for TLW but until today, I hadn't had the chance to fully redo my TLW edit and finish studying the score but there are a lot of little things like that. There's also a page missing in "The Round Up" if I recall. Threw me for a loop a few times. lol
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