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  1. Just arrived back home in Wales, UK. What a fantastic way to end a five week trip on the west coast that was! I had a good seat both nights and what an atmosphere! I will never forget it. I got a lot on video too. Anyone catch it on Friday when that guy shouted out "we love you Johnny!!" and Williams went all embarrassed? Anyone else from Europe there?
  2. I will be there on Friday 13 (which is usually a lucky day for me) and Saturday 14. I think I have good seats for both nights. I will probably start the Friday with another tour at Warner Bros.
  3. I got my tickets and its going to be a great way to end my fly-drive trip to California! Anyone else going to be there from Europe?
  4. Damn shame! On the other hand, I don't have to feel pressured into booking a flight to L.A.
  5. JAWS 2 - arguably one of the best sequels ever made. JAWS 3 - miss it. JAWS 4 - Good drama. Watchable.
  6. No sir, I mean THIS show. http://wdch.laphil.com/tix/performance_detail.cfm?id=3052
  7. is the show sold out or what?
  8. I couldn't make it. It was on my mind this past weekend because I so wanted to go. 2003 was the last one I saw. It was awesome apart from this irritating giant I sat next to who liked to conduct the popular scores. Any chance of a CDR of this recording? I have a nice trade list.
  9. I love the Pirates Caribbean theme music. Great trailer music is that!
  10. Obviously CD's should be protected from humidity ( esp away from radiator and window ) and dust as well as possible, but does it matter whether they are stored vertically or horizontally? I am sure I read somewhere that for more than 5 years CD's should be stored vertically - like books.. how correct is this?
  11. any word on the DVD release of Amazing Stories in the UK? I see first season goes out in July in the USA
  12. a disturbing question, as the devil might hear you and think you're trying to wish him away.
  13. spr - One of my all time favourite scores. I like it better than the new StarWars movies by a long shot.
  14. TITANIC soundtrack went on release some months before the film came out here in the UK. I thought it was an awesome soundtrack then and still is now. Being the BIGGEST SELLING soundtrack of all time and falling into mainstream pop music it has definately made us film collectors snobbish towards it. Perhaps afraid to be affected by this score? There is no denying that it touched the audience like no romance score had done before. For a love story Horner produced a score that was as fitting to what JW's music was to Jaws, Superman and StarWars, etc. It will take some beating in that category
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