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  1. It is Luke haha, and thank you for the ears and feedback on it! Always want to be improving.
  2. A concept/demo I wrote for a cartoon/animated short following the adventures of the Tico sisters, introduced in TLJ. Inspired by the wonderful art of Nicoletta Baldari and following the lead of Ryan Shore (nephew of Howard Shore) who has written some great music for several fun animated Star Wars shorts. Hope you enjoy!
  3. Here is a cover/arr. I finished up with some friends of "Imperial Ceremony" (track 10 on the OST release). Great material from Gordy that is a cool amalgamation of nods to the Imperial March and the Death Star/Empire motif from ANH/Ep. IV. Thought this would be a good spot to share!
  4. Here is some Star Wars/Sequel Trilogy music I wrote! This is a mini-training/adventure montage with Rey + Leia before then events of tRoS, a Williams-y scene transition/wipe at the close. Hope you enjoy! Edit: fixed link
  5. Thought you guys might enjoy some Williams-y music I did for some personal/fan Star Wars projects. (ca. 1:46 to the recap of this one turned out cool) (a bit of Howard Hanson-like material ended up in there too)
  6. Don't want to get off-topic here, but very certain this statement on Haab's work on Battlefront I and II is untrue. He has some excellent memorable melodies/themes/motives that appear in, and continue through, both titles (alongside top notch orchestration on both scores - mixing suffers sometimes though), and the music to the BFT II campaign, generally cutscenes, had some great heart to it, as the story allows, if you've gone through it.
  7. Super pumped for Halo Infinite. Searching the boards for some talk about Kazuma Jinnouchi and couldn't find much. I thought he really nailed Halo 5: Guardians. Its become one of my favorites since its release. Looking forward to seeing what he does if he is on board for this upcoming one. If you guys haven't listened to it yet, the Osiris Suite is a good place to start. Or hit Worldquake and Advent (they go good as a pair). The announcement trailer music for Halo Infinite wasn't very cool, so I rescored it to add some wonder to it. Brought in some Halo thematic material (Master Chi
  8. I haven't dug through all of this thread yet, just about to so I'll delete (or mods feel free) if someone has posted this already. There is a Google Assistant ad is up, that has very awesome Williamsy music. Thought it might be cool to share in case it got lost in the excerpt/snippet hunt before the release.
  9. I always thought this version from Anakin is Free (TPM) was very beautiful, beginning at 4:44. (King Mark mentioned it as well, here is the snippet)
  10. Some score predictions in music form for you guys (tpt. and violin players please forgive me, chops are pretty sad) (this is kinda off-the-flow of this thread but wanted to share it anyway cause I thought guys might enjoy it). Super pumped for TLJ and to listen to what JW does with it! (mods feel free to delete this if this is in the wrong place)
  11. Every once and a while I find myself repeating this snippet, the horns bring me back each time. Great moment. 0:45 - 1:02 from A Thought for Marion/To Nepal
  12. Sweeeeeeeeeet, this is one of my favorites! Been waiting for it to be performed again, this was debuted at the 2007 World Series in Boston (can't remember the exact game) if I'm hearing it right. Looks like the MLB flagged it for U.S. people, was anyone able to snag it before it was removed? Selfish request: If so, could you PM it to me please? If not, totally cool, MLB will likely post it to their YouTube Channel at some point.
  13. Just wanted to make sure this was on everyone's radar - coming up at Tanglewood in July from Mr. Williams - is anyone planning on attending? http://www.bso.org/Performance/Detail/69844 http://www.bso.org/brands/tanglewood/features/2015-tanglewood-season/tanglewood-music-center-75th-anniversary/tmc75-commissions.aspx/MobileContentPage
  14. This is one of my favorite E.T. sub-themes! One might hear a parallel between Herrmann and Williams? Its a bit of a stretch, but the "Driving" theme from Herrmann's Psycho slightly resembles it, if only at the beginning of the ideas (See Attachment) (forgot to mark the B-natural there in the second bar of the Herrmann) Both are lovely though, and like DataMeister said, have that forward propelling motion about them.
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