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  1. It's sound incredible awesome dude! Grave Robbers might give me the creeps when I go and see the movie in the theaters.
  2. Just as I thought... Oh boy! How come there Mexican music in one of the samples? That's interesting...
  3. Is the Crystal Theme played by that continuum fingerboard?
  4. I'm optimistic. It took 15 years to come up with a story for Indy IV. Just how long did it take them to come up with the stories for Raiders, Temple of Doom and The Last Crusade?
  5. This is one of my favorite score from Jerry Goldsmith. It's a great score apart from a lot repetitive themes in it.
  6. Well duh..what did you expect from new Indiana Jones adventurous score, aye?
  7. I really like the sample clip for the "jungle chase". It really does sound something like from Empire Strikes Back.. even though its Indiana Jones.
  8. As far as I know, Shawn Murphy is John Williams's mixer for his scores and the soundtracks in music department ever since sometime around 1990s before the start year of 2000.
  9. I'm sure it would be in excellent quality. No doubt about that.
  10. The the percussion solo in Robber gravers sample clips sound something like you hear from Memoir Geshia or from Jurassic Park like someone already mentioned ... Sound really good. Especially The Jungle Chase. I can tell just from hearing these sample clips that this score has got classic moments in it and it is going to a be a memorable score.
  11. Of course. Better of buying the CD album from the store. Comes with great CD quality!
  12. I would not think so. Sound like a build up tension just like the ark theme from Raiders. You know like The Miracle Of The Crystal Skull.... like "The Miracle Of The Ark".
  13. I've been waiting for two years for this! Just how good is it?
  14. Same here. But I don't think there'll be another trailer. Just the two trailers will do for me. Since the movie comes out in the theaters in the next 14 days or so. There isn't much new footage really out of all new TVs spots that has been put up on the site. Just a bit of re-editing here and there with the same old footages played over and over again. Don't want them to reveal anymore more since I don't it to spoil the movie when I go and watch it!
  15. Awesome Trailer. That zombie look creepy. I'm gonna enjoy watching the scary moments in this new Indy movie. Especially what John Williams came up with the music....
  16. The 2nd Trailer is now up on indianajones.com in HD full glory! Enjoy!
  17. Speaking of the quality on youtube, of course it isn't great. Looking forward seeing the new TV spot and the new trailer in HD though.
  18. Here is new TV spot! On Youtube! http://youtube.com/watch?v=DQ4wlop7PWE As well as another trailer to come out!
  19. Good. Can't wait to buy the soundtrack album when it comes out in stores here. When they are going to put up the sample clips on the net? Are they just going to put it up around the time when they are going to release the album? Must be very close to hearing the samples clips soon. Probably be exclusive first listen on soundtack.net.
  20. Too late I didn't get to see it . Apparently that trailer was leaked onto Youtube somehow and It been removed from Paramount Pictures so I wait until they officially released the trailer on their official Indiana Jones site.
  21. Sorry yeah I mean't the 21st Century...Just a typo mistake.
  22. Yeah same here. Why would he go back to his old "80's sound" back into the 80s? His modern sound that hear in the 21th Century or today is better. Esepecially his work on Revenge of the Sith.
  23. I know. I noticed. Was there a cymbal clash in the old recording though?
  24. The first part of the music on that new TV spot....I can't tell really if there new recording there or not because how bad the quality is on YouTube. Just wait and see it again in Quicktime High Definition. Although it has that Raider March rhythm to it. It might just Raider March theme right through the entire TV spot. It could be the old recording but edited...
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