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  1. It is best NOT to read any spoilers for any movie...It just stupid to read them because when you see the movie you already what to expect considering you read the spoilers which is not good. Spoilers just ruins everything for you.
  2. Nice fan made tracklist and album cover!
  3. Not a doubt. This poster will be up on the cinemas theatres walls amongs other posters from other movies. Great background though with a stunning look of the crystal skull. It's a great poster.
  4. Okay. What the ****** are you talking about? Are you talking about Jerry Goldsmith, The film composer? If you referring to Jerry Goldsmith, then No. He is just a great film composer . Look his music for aliens does not mean anything that he a scientologist. You know that some of biographies of a person that you find can be bit false or not quite true. If Jerry Goldsmith was a scientologist he wouldn't be a film composer at all... or maybe he had some interest as a scientologist but he not a scientologist.
  5. What the bad news? The editing? Just because the schedule for John Williams in the production is in February doesn't mean there something bad about the editing... I mean they like already finished the shooting ages ago. They editing the film right now... They probably and I hoping that it will be finished editing the film by the time it time for John Williams to step in and to record the score..
  6. This is going to be another great action pack orchestrated score! can't wait!
  7. Damn it! What the heck is going with the plans for the trailers? Clicky It is even more delayed as it seems. Although these sources might be unreliable at the moment.
  8. I Remember that I heard that John Williams got really excited about this new Indiana Jones IV movie. So watch out.... he might go crazy about it like he did with The Phantom Menace.
  9. More I think about it the more I reckon that John Williams score for Indy IV will be a throw in of a bit of mixture of old 80 styles with the old themes as well using his modern style of his for the new themes as well... Just like what he did with the score for phantom Menace...
  10. the score will still sound modern though especially the new themes they he will come up for crystal skulls and other new characteristics in the new movie. it hard to say that it it is less likely that he will go back to his old style. Spielberg might probably ask john Williams to come up a new fresh score rather doing a rehash of the old 80s style.
  11. You know this what I been talking about before. The score for Indiana Jones 4 is just going to be like the score for the Phantom Menace with this period of timescale. 16 years later for star wars prequel and now 18 years later for Indiana Jones IV. The big different is that John William development or improvement in his style of writing over the years. I don't think you know won't hear that same old sound of his back in the 80s. Considering I think the Phantom Menace score sound different compared to the score in classic star wars trilogy, which I think it going happen the same here with Indiana Jones IV.
  12. Who knows...the official Indiana Jones website might put up a recording session video which I think it probably be likely that would be site they put it on....
  13. Interesting although i think this poll would of been slightly a bit biased on a John Williams Fan board considering this comparing the two different style of the two composer base on these two blockbuster movies between LOTR and the first three harry potter movies on which score is better. In way I would vote for Howard shore because who he his and he came up which such a great score for LOTR. However considering we know that John Williams is a better composer because of his style and his score for Harry Potter would make wonders in the movie, which is a great kick off for the start of the Harry Potter movie series.
  14. Finally about time there some news about what happening with next Indy score! Sound like they might use the hollywood studio orchestra again.
  15. Oh yes, it is legally released to the public on the net!
  16. I don't think they are leaked at all. They just stills pictures being released on the internet. Its even on www.spielbergfilms.com
  17. It's freakin Awesome man! I can't wait to see the teaser trailer which sometime around near Christmas time by the looks of it!
  18. Clicky Good luck with the online petition!
  19. No. I don't think it even near retirement for John Williams. It he just having a break. Anyway Its time to move on from Star Wars now ( since it history...) and continue on scoring on different kinds of movies, ... Given to the fact that somebody ask him to return to last movie for Harry Potter, does sound like a chance of returning. But I'm not keeping my hopes on it. In a way I agree with Marc about not counting him not returning Harry Potter franchise. It just that there a pattern where once John Williams leaves a series, he won't be returning back like with the Superman and Jurassic Park Series as an example.
  20. New Cloverfield Trailer is up on Apple In High Definition.
  21. Yeah considering he just had a two year holiday break from scoring music for films... Sounds like the teaser trailer is going to be delayed... http://www.indianajones4blog.com/
  22. I remember posting about that FULL transcription for that trailer.But I put a link to it instead ... EDIT: Yes I have Marc!!!!!! Where are you?
  23. This is old. However, do you mind not posting spoilers in visible text for people who does not want to be spoiled by reading it. According to fan people on Spielbergfilm.com that the 22 nd is a rumoured date considering it has not be confirmed. Althought the trailer is going to be released sometime or anytime between Thanksgiving and before Christmas.
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