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  1. At least Ed McMahon will come to your door and say it to your face. 8O
  2. "The rage that drove Anakin to kill all those Tuskens?" Anakin went after the Tuskens for a very specific reason. This wasn't just a random driveby. Not to mention Owen seeing how caring Anakin was when he brought his mother back. "The stories about Anakin killing throughout the galaxy (Jedi Temple, Mustafar, etc.)? There are many plausible explanations for that." Owen's attitude towards Ben shows no indication of mourning the Jedi's passing. They were branded as criminals, and no one even remembers them now. Oh, almost forgot: Anakin did this under the name of VADER. "Well, how do we know that "Skywalker" is not the "Johnson" or something of the Star Wars universe?" LOL. Actually, "Antilles" is the equivalent of "Johnson", as stated by Lucas. Not to mention the fact that the PT gives even more significance to the very name "Skywalker", since Anakin was born of the Force.....unless you think the Force goes around knocking up every other random slave woman. "Only new answers are legitimate? What do you mean? I've come up with many positive points. I don't think you understood my comment AT ALL." I understood it...I just found it to be ridiculous. Just because someone has the same beef with the films as other people on the internet doesn't mean the the first person's opinion is diminished. "No, YOU misname them now. Why does "Special Edition" all of a sudden equal "Definitive Edition"?" How special can they be if he changed them again? In case you hadn't noticed, he didn't repeat this faux pas with the DVD release. He simply called them "Star Wars". How quaint. "Because that's how they were announced by Lucasfilm back in 1997." I seem to recall the tagline "See them as they were meant to be seen" as well.
  3. "I love the fact that Owen turns out not te be Anakin's brother, and indeed hardly knows him." Care to explain, then, what Owen was afraid of? Of course, this was never a problem until the PT came along. "But even with certain changes made to the OT, there still excist a few very obvious continuity errors between what is shown in the prequels and what we can gather from the OT." See above. "I just ignore these things and enjoy the films." Which is apparently what Lucas did as well when he wrote the PT. "5 - It sure took a long time to build the first Death Star, didn't it?! (My answer - have you ever seen the government build something that worked quickly?) " He was doing it in secret. He hadn't even disbanded the Senate until his ultimate grab for power was ready to use. Diverting funds would be tricky. As for the DSII, he had all the money and manpower he needed under his direct control. "7 - So if the Jedi are all dead and the few (2?) survivors are hiding on remote planets, why does Obi-Wan Kenobi walk around in his Jedi Robes all the time? Good way to keep a low profile, old man. (My answer - don't have a good one...)" Not to mention letting Luke keep the family name, on a planet where an earlier Skywalker was quite famous. "Novels have never been a source for canon info. We're talking about the movies." Care to explain how this line from the novel contradicts what is seen onscreen in any way, shape or form? BTW, LFL considers the novels as canon second only to the films and screenplays. Anything in the novels not contradicted by the films is offciially considered canon, your own opinion notwithstanding. "But the answers to your questions have been all over the Internet for years..." So only new answers are legitimate? How many new positive points have you come up with recently about the PT? "That's exactly how George Lucas felt about the 1977 version of Star Wars." And apparently how he felt about the so-called 1997 "Special Editions". Too bad he misnamed those as well. I guess "Special Rough Cuts" wouldn't have sold so well?
  4. Hey, Stefancos! You still posting in the SW thread at Videohelp.com? I need to get back there and see what's been happening.
  5. Fair enough. Just for future reference, what should one do if one needs help identifying a song snippet? PM?
  6. Link Removed Was my link to this snippet not allowed? :oops:
  7. I know, I know. I've heard it somewhere else too, and I can't place the damn thing. I know I'll kick myself when someone figures it out. :oops:
  8. Can someone please tell me what song this is from? Link Removed Thanks in advance!
  9. "Please go back to decomposing like the deaf guy whose name you chose." "Chose"? I'd say more like "directly lifted"
  10. "Most of the viewing audiance wouldn't care who won the soundtrack award, Not worth getting angry about." Perhaps you missed the part where it stated this particular award would be presented. Why bother mentioning that prominently in the promos, if most people wouldn't care? But, I guess you are a such a high level of enlightenment that you can blow off any disappointments in your own life in a David-Carradine-Kung-Fu kind of way. Too bad we can't all be like you.
  11. IIRC, an SPDIF connection won't pass a 24-bit signal either. (Or maybe that was 24/96)
  12. Sam Rockwell as the Joker? I hope to God not.
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