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  1. Judgment Night Russkies Back to the Future In Search of Peace Transylvania 6-5000/Korgoth of Barbaria Innerspace The Fugitive Inglourious Basterds Sky Bandits Tango & Cash Terror Tract The Red Canvas Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer Up Thank you MovieMusic for the $1 shipping (except for Sky Bandits which I got from Amazon Marketplace, UP which was an MP3 download from Amazon and Inglourious Basterds which I got from Target bundled with the movie)!
  2. The last Chicago stop of the Nine Inch Nails "Wave Goodbye" tour. Amazing experience (although there were some songs they should have played). In any case, being able to hear "Heresy", "Reptile" and "I'm Afraid of Americans" was the tops.
  3. On Friday I got a chance to check out Peaches (she has a filthy mouth...and I loved it)! Then on Saturday, after waiting nearly three hours for these two DJs to finish their sets (boring after about the first hour), I finally got to see The Prodigy and they kicked my @$$! It was freakin' awesome!
  4. it may have occurred to most of you, but no one has outwardly stated it yet. so, in an effort to claim my stake as leader of the obvious, i will now say some things. i believe miles was right when he said that jack detonating the bomb is what caused "the incident". of course, if an H-bomb goes off in your vicinity, you'd probably be dead (so technically all the losties should be dead). but, just as desmond turning the key in 2004 was the fail safe for the swan station, the h-bomb in 1977 is the fail safe for the pocket of energy that was being drilled into. in other words, radzinsky and crew r
  5. Simian Mobile Disco at Metro. They rocked the place! It was awesome (as the title of the thread implies).
  6. I'd like to have that on there, too, but it's most definitely not the first time Ben's theme wasn't sinister. Here's a brief history of the theme, actually, since it's one of my favorites from the entire show. What we currently call Ben's theme was first heard in the season 2 episode "Three Minutes" as Michael prepares to run off to find Walt. That's the last episode of season 2 before the finale. In those last few hours of the season, the theme mostly represents Michael's betrayal; the Others were given a bouncy theme of their own in the same episode. That one always reminds me of siniste
  7. i got chills listening to some of those clips. hooray goosebumps! i really do hope they have the bit of score that plays when ben turns the wheel. i'm not entirely sure but i believe that is the first time we hear Ben's theme in a more heroic statement (as opposed to the sinister tones we are used to).
  8. Origin of Symmetry by Muse - was only really familiar with their Absolution album (which is amazing by the way) but then gave this one a listen and was blown away (even if they have a couple of songs that sound like RATM ripoffs) Music for a Darkened Theatre, Vol. 1 - haven't heard it yet but it's got a lot of nice selections so I figured what the heck Stargate (Deluxe Edition) - i had the regular edition but then this one came out and i figured i'd get it for the sake of getting it. haven't heard what's new on this one but i'm sure it's all good. still on the fence about getting mask of the p
  9. recently bought: Invaders Must Die (didn't like the first two singles but when you actually listen to the entire album and get a feel for it you see how awesome it is) Watchmen soundtrack (haven't listened to it yet but from what i heard in the movie there were some good choices made) got last week and listened to: Looney Tunes (as others have said, Car Trouble and The Bad Guys are standout tracks) Timeline rejected score (heard bits and pieces on YouTube but haven't had a proper listen yet) Star Trek: Nemesis (starts off good then kinda takes a bit of a dip in the middle and picks up near the
  10. any good? i've listened to bits and pieces and i get the impression that its going to sound like Proof of Life or The Kingdom.
  11. Uhhh I hate to break it to you but, Concord didn't do the initial releases of the original scores. The sound quality on those are inferior to the originals (maybe except DCC Raiders). It's worth to get the Concord box set even if you all ready own KOTCS. heh, that part was supposed to be a joke. sorry if it wasn't clear...or funny for that matter.
  12. ::sniff:: OMG you guys are so mean to me...AS IF! ::sniff:: seriously though, if concord didn't put the extra music on the individual releases then they obviously didn't want me to have it. no but seriously, i'll admit i screwed up. i remember reading about the extra cues when the indy box set was first announced. but when i saw that they were individually releasing them all my common sense and logic went out the window and i ordered them quick fast and in a hurry. i've got them now and i still thoroughly enjoy them (even with its problems). one day i'll get those extra cues. one day...
  13. Um, did you buy these separately or as part of the five disc Indiana Jones box set? separately. i already had KOTCS and while it would have been nice to get all the nifty extras, i opted to get just the three scores instead.
  14. i remember back in November of 2004 when John Williams was in Chicago conducting the CSO, he was commenting on Jerry's death. i can't remember exactly what he said, but it was respectful and admirable, talking about how Jerry always had the ability to find the emotion of a scene or convey the emotion of a scene (don't quote me on that). then they performed the Star Trek theme. i can't even begin to describe how awesome that was.
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